After restyling, opel zafira has lost its individuality of

After restyling, Opel Zafira has lost its design identity The Germans have upgraded their popular minivan Опель Zafira. Now the updated car has changed significantly in appearance, having merged completely into the style of the new corporate design of the German auto brand, which is given by the appearance of the last Oplay Astra. Кроме причесанного "под Астру" экстерьера, рестайлинговая Zafira получила дополнительный электронный "обвес". Бумерангообразные лобовые фары и противотуманки, ставшие в свое время главным отличием модели в дорестайлинговой версии, сегодня сменились на оптику современного дизайна, такую как у Опеля Астра да и, собственно, у остальных опелей. Есть такое понятие - "стилистика бренда", из которого старая Zafira somewhat beaten out. In the restyled version, the Germans fixed this mistake.

After restyling, Opel Zafira has lost its design identity

Дорестайлинговая Zafira

The frontal optics has changed not only externally but also qualitatively: today Zafira It has adaptive LEDs that "turn night to day", according to the poetics of the redesign of managers. As is usually the case in restyled versions, both the bumper and the radiator grille are redrawn, retouching is applied to the rear optics.

If you look into salon Opel Zafira 2017, will attract the attention of the first new steering and tidy. The multimedia harvester is now emblazoned with a seven-inch touchscreen, which has dozens of buttons that control the optional features. Multimedia finally made friends with the software of smartphones running IOS and Android, now these mobile devices are easily synchronized with it. In addition, multimedia can be used as a wireless Internet access point, of course, only in the immediate vicinity of it, it will be bad to catch outside the car. If you significantly pay, equipping Zafira will add a modern navigation system. After restyling, Opel Zafira has lost its design identity Minivan is realized both in five-seater and seven-seater versions. Пятиместная Zafira provides for loading 710-liter luggage compartment, and if you add up the second row of passenger seats, you get almost two cubic meters of space - 1,860 liters. Drivers who like to take out bicycles to nature will be pleased with the fact that the FlexFix, which existed in the previous version, has been left unchanged by the restylers.

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To equip restyled Opel Zafira can adaptive suspension flexride, panoramic roof. The availability of adaptive cruise control and the newest security system, called the Opel Eye, makes you feel relatively comfortable on the road. Especially if citizens with purchased driver's licenses did not leave for the road with you. In the "Opel Eye" includes a frontal camera that recognizes road signs, markings, pedestrians and other attributes of the road, there is a system to prevent frontal impact and emergency braking. After restyling, Opel Zafira has lost its design identity Under the hood at Zafirathere seems to be little change. At least, if the Germans had installed there something radically new and better, they would have trumpeted about it first. And they are silent. They said only that under the hood at Zafira there will be gasoline engines and diesel. As if this is not clear.

In Europe restyled Zafira will begin selling in September 2016. About the prices the Germans are also silent. Yes, and we probably are not very interesting, because Opel has not yet resumed supplying its cars to us after leaving the Russian market.