Tuning vaz 2111 - the elegance and comfort of the car

At the end of the 20th century, the world saw the new car VAZ 2111 with a universal body type. This update has made the car even more attractive. The wagon looks elegant sedan body. Due to the greater mass, this model has become smoother in control and movement. VAZ 2111 was comfortable and higher quality compared to previous models of the car.

Tuning VAZ 2111 фото

This car is an excellent choice for those who prefer a comfortable ride through the city with many features. If we talk about tuning VAZ 2111, then it has similar moments with tuning 2110 (but not all). It is thanks to the station wagon styling of this car model that is more interesting and original.

Car tuning in general

For styling VAZ 2111, you can choose one of the options: 1. The classic design style when the car looks more solid. 2. Sporty appearance when styling is more dynamic and youth.

Thus, those who have previously done tuning the VAZ 2107 know that for tuning the VAZ 2111 you can use the installation of body kits, air intakes, fender, spoilers. Installation of a new form of headlights and fog lights will not be superfluous.

Tuning VAZ 2111 своими руками

Salon is also worth finalize. Especially if the owner of the car likes to participate in races. To do this, changing the upholstery, seats, increases the comfort of the cabin. Also for the VAZ 2111 interior tuning involves an improved steering wheel and the installation of additional devices.

Also tuning the VAZ is exposed and the car engine. If the VAZ 2111 is transformed into a sports car, it is recommended to install stiffer springs and shock absorbers. Along with this tuning of the brake system and transmission of the car. In fact, this is a fairly brief overview of the possible tuning of this model.

Tuning the appearance of the car

First of all, let's talk about the bumper. By choosing a suitable model, you can significantly change the appearance of the car, especially since the choice of this part is quite wide. There is an option to install along with the bumper and body kit. Each type of bumper carries its specific style decision. Therefore, before the choice is to determine the overall styling appearance of the WHA.

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tuning vaz 2110 2111 2112

You can also install tinted deflectors for auto windows. It is not only fashionable, but also practical. Anyone who seriously and thoroughly makes tuning for the VAZ 2111 with their own hands will appreciate such a decision. These additional details will increase the comfort of a trip in a car for passengers with the windows ajar, and also help the driver to improve the view of the road in bad weather. Similarly, you can do in the process of tuning the VAZ 2106.

Another functional element of tuning can be the installation of a rear view camera. This device will help the driver to easily cope with parking his car, as well as act as an excellent DVR in case of accidents and other controversial situations on the road.

Tuning VAZ 2111

Perfectly change the appearance and give it a customized tuned air intake. There are excellent options for this device for sports cars, which will give it even greater dynamism and aggressiveness. This is a true transformation of the VAZ 2111. The same thing is great to do when tuning the VAZ 2109 - the nine immediately look cooler.

In addition to all of the above, you can do tuning VAZ 2111 (deflectors, body kit), replacing the hood and fenders. These stylized elements quickly change the look of a car beyond recognition. And this is only a small part on tuning the appearance of the car.

Tuning salon VAZ 2111

After the look of your beloved VAZ has changed, it is worth going to the changes in the interior of the car. Here the most important thing is convenience and comfort for drivers and passengers during the trip. This should be sought in the implementation of tuning. First of all, it is worth thinking about how the interior of your favorite car seems to be and after that you can proceed to action.

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You can start tuning VAZ 2111 (video below) from the dashboard and replace the steering wheel. The wheel is actually not very comfortable and needs some work. You can cope with this yourself. The task is simple, so we will not paint the details. Everything is the same as when tuning the VAZ 2109.

Vaz 2111 tuning salon

It is also worth thinking about covering up the seats or installing new ones (but this is expensive). Here the choice depends on the capabilities of the host. If the wearer can handle the strap yourself, then it’s worth removing the seats and wrapping them in the fabric you like.

And if there is no time and desire to mess with this, then you can buy comfortable chairs from foreign cars and install them in your car. For those who decided to tune their salon without working on the seats can not do, since they are not the best cars and require improvement for the convenience of the driver and passengers.

However, the refinement and tuning of the VAZ 2111 is not limited to this. You can easily and quickly using a special self-adhesive film, for example, under a tree, radically change the interior and make it more representative. This is one of the most popular methods. Do not forget about the pedals and styling gear knob.

Car engine tuning

From tuning this car parts will ultimately depend on its technical and power indicators. Tuning VAZ 2110, 2111, 2112 has similar features. And let the processes are not identical, but nevertheless similar.

In general, the car goes well, and the engine copes with the task. But still the desire to increase the power arises. To do this, you can conduct a simple tuning of the engine VAZ 2111, replacing the native camshaft with a sharper, tuned camshaft. It will help increase the amount of fluid, and the car will accelerate faster.

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Engine tuning VAZ 2111

You can also make a chip-tuning of the engine, namely, install an injection controller under the new shaft. It is necessary to install a wider throttle nozzle. After that, you should replace the rather large air filter with a more compact filter cylinder.

All these manipulations will help to feel the comfort while driving. After tuning the engine, it will become easier to pick up speed, the number of horsepower will increase. Be sure to replace the shock absorbers, as native parts leave much to be desired. After improvements in the brake system and transmission of cars, VAZ 2111 change beyond recognition.

And a small video about tuning VAZ 2111:

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