The instrument panel vaz 2114 (price) is 15,000 rubles

VAZ 2114 is equipped with a convenient and informative dashboard that perfectly copes with all the functions assigned to it. It attracts many motorists, as well as tuning enthusiasts VAZ 2114 due to its excellent performance and spectacular appearance. This europanel is successfully used not only in the native car, but also in previous models of VAZ for them tuning.

The instrument panel VAZ 2114 (price is 15,000 rubles) is considered affordable and will be affordable for many motorists. Usually, when tuning VAZ 2109, then go to put in the cabin nines dashboard from VAZ 2114 (europanel). There are some nuances when installing the panel VAZ 2114 VAZ 2109.

sale of the instrument panel VAZ 2114

Many spare parts for VAZ can now be easily purchased at any store or workshop. Their wide selection allows you to experiment with the refinement of cars and their tuning. The sale of the instrument panel VAZ 2114 is implemented in workshops and specialized stores. This panel is popular and in demand among car owners. Very often there is a need to refine or remove the panel. How to do this, tell below.

Removing the dashboard VAZ 2114

Often there is a need to remove the instrument panel, and accordingly its lining. Make it pretty simple. First you need to unscrew the screws with a special Phillips screwdriver. After the pad is removed and a ledge is removed from the bracket. Then the right pad is removed (five self-tapping screws are unscrewed). More information about this can be found in the diagram of the instrument panel VAZ 2114.

instrument panel vaz 2114 Price

The battery must be disconnected from the right terminal. If a radio is installed in the dashboard, it must also be disconnected. From the cigarette lighter remove the wiring harness. Also remove the ashtray lights. Now you need to unscrew the screws above and below the devices.

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If the instrument panel has to be removed for the first time, then it is necessary to remember the order of removal. It is advisable to take photographs in stages. The trim panel of the instrument panel VAZ 2114 is removed after unscrewing the steering wheel, heater and other devices that hold the instrument panel, elements. Now you can remove the panel. Installation in place of the panel is exactly the reverse order.

Alternative dashboards

Many car owners often wish to change the factory details of their cars to alternative, upgraded parts. So it is with the dashboard. There is a wide range of modified and upgraded options for the VAZ 2114.

alternative instrument panel VAZ 2114

Alternative instrument panel VAZ 2114 in one of the options has an additional indicator of oil pressure in the engine. Such a panel arose due to the need to measure this indicator.

There is also a more sporty version of the panel, which uses the same sensors, but the backlight looks more voluminous. In this case, you can adjust the brightness.

instrument panel cover VAZ 2114

Another sports version of the instrument panel involves the installation of a tachometer in the center, which creates a great sportiness. The scale of the instruments is white. This makes it even better to see all the readings.

You can also implement an alternative dashboard by changing the colors, without changing the location of the sensors. It turns out quite effective look.

The operation of the instrument panel fuses VAZ 2114

Very often, the owners of cars are faced with malfunctions of electrical equipment, which is often caused by blown fuses. To quickly replace broken fuses, you need to know where they are located. Most fuses are located under the hood and under the dashboard.

instrument panel cover VAZ 2114

Each instrument panel fuse VAZ 2114 corresponds to a specific electrical equipment in the car. If the latter fails, it is necessary to open the fuse box and find the corresponding fuse by the symbol on it. Then we check it for serviceability.

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There are two options here. The first option involves an eye test. This method is not entirely accurate, since you can not notice minor faults. You can then check the fuse by checking the voltage at its ends. If there is voltage on one terminal and not on the other, then this part has failed and needs to be replaced.

But if problems with fuses occur frequently and they burn out, then you should look at the problem more globally. This means that there are problems with the wiring and it is worth checking out.

And here is a video about how a VAZ 2114 instrument panel can look even on a Niva: