Replacing the clutch on ford focus 2

Any, even the most reliable, car needs periodic diagnostics and maintenance. It is for this reason that Ford Focus 2 owners sooner or later have to deal with clutch replacement. The frequency of this operation is affected by the operating conditions of the vehicle. In most cases, clutch replacement is required no sooner than after 150 thousand kilometers. If the car owner prefers aggressive driving, then this figure will be much less.

Замена сцепления на Форд Фокус 2

System design and reasons for repair

Like all cars equipped with manual transmission, the clutch block on the Ford Focus 2 includes:

  • release bearing;
  • drive leading;
  • drive slave;
  • hydraulic drive.

Замена сцепления на Форд Фокус 2

Any of these elements can fail, which in turn will lead to incorrect functioning of the entire system or complete cessation of its work. The main features of the upcoming replacement include:

  • clutch slip;
  • gear shift difficulties;
  • dropping the pedal to the floor or pressing it hard.

When the above symptoms appear, the car requires diagnostics to detect the extent of damage and immediate repair with replacement of failed components.

Замена сцепления на Форд Фокус 2

Replacement Algorithm

Of course, it is more rational to trust the replacement of units on modern cars to professionals. The availability of appropriate equipment and tools allows auto repair specialists and service stations as quickly as possible and is guaranteed to perform the entire required set of works with high quality. Some car owners with the necessary knowledge and tools can replace the clutch themselves.

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Regardless of the option chosen, this algorithm includes the following steps:

  1. Dismantling the battery shelf (it is necessary to unscrew 4 nuts).
  2. Unscrewing the bolt securing the electrical wiring to the gearbox.
  3. Removing the transaxle mountings to the power unit (unscrew 3 bolts).
  4. Removing tube clutch hydraulic drive mechanism.
  5. Raising the car on a lift or a jack (in the case of self-replacement clutch).
  6. Disconnection of cables and full draining of transmission oil from gearbox.
  7. Dismantling the lower support of the power plant of the car.
  8. Loosen ball nuts and remove actuators.
  9. Hanging the engine and gearbox.
  10. Dismantling the gearbox.
  11. Removing the clutch basket (unscrew 6 bolts).
  12. Disassembling the basket and the driven disk (it is necessary to hold the flywheel using a screwdriver, preventing it from scrolling).

Замена сцепления на Форд Фокус 2

The next step will be the direct replacement of the broken and worn clutch elements of the Ford Focus 2. Then it will be necessary to replace the basket, having first centered it on the flywheel pins. The final stage is the execution of all the listed operations in reverse order. Competently executed manipulations will ensure the maximum lifetime of the clutch, so it is best of all to trust such work to proven experts.