Best 7-seater crossovers and suvs for russia 2016-2017


  • Classification of 7-seater cars
    • Benefits and Convenience
  • List of the most popular seven-seater crossovers and SUVs in Russia
  • Rating of 7 local crossovers and SUVs for the price
  • What to consider and how to choose the right 7-seater car

Classification of 7-seater cars

The modern car industry produces cars taking into account the very diverse tastes of car owners. Virtually all brands can find any model: from a mini-car to a minibus. They choose a car not only because of the price and status, but also because of the purpose for which it is bought. For example, roomy 7-seater crossovers are suitable for family trips. In the modern market you can find crossovers of any price category. They will differ depending on the brand and configuration.

7-seater cars are divided into:

  • Comfortable;
  • Image;
  • Economical.

They are presented in the following forms:

  • Crossovers;
  • SUVs;
  • Compact set;
  • Minivans;
  • Minibuses.

The most popular are seven-seater SUVs and crossovers. Off-road vehicle from the crossover has a high ground clearance and high maneuverability. It is believed that the crossover is more suitable for the city, and the jeep is more passable, so the choice is to stop on it, if you often travel around the city.

Benefits and Convenience

The main and obvious advantage of the 7-seater “iron horse” is its capacity. There are 7 full passenger seats and enough space for luggage. If necessary, you can fold the rear seats, and much more space will appear in the trunk. Such crossovers and SUVs are suitable for family trips for near and far distances, comfortable for the whole family. Thanks to a wide choice in the modern car market, you can find both an economical, most inexpensive crossover and a premium model.

  • Mitsubishi Pajero IV. The most expensive "iron horse" in this list. Its cost is about 1.5 million rubles. The exterior of the car is very recognizable. Manufacturers were inspired by the army SUVs and tried to convey their power and brutality in the exterior. The decoration is made of quality materials, the interior is very comfortable and stylish. Inside the car is spacious, due to the high quality of the finish and pleasant to the touch materials in it to be very comfortable. For the convenience of passengers, many additional drawers and sections are provided. The back sofa is designed for 3 people. Chairs are ergonomic and comfortable, so that passengers do not get tired even on a long trip. Trunk volume, when compared with other 7-seater crossovers and SUVs, is small - only 600 liters. If you fold the rear seats - 1789 liters. But to accommodate all the necessary things is enough.


What to consider and how to choose the right 7-seater car

So, above is the top of the most famous 7-seater cars of different price segments. The choice is really very wide, so many car owners spend a lot of time on it. When choosing, it is worth considering, first of all, your goals - what do you want to get from the car?

If you plan to drive around the city - it makes no sense to take a huge jeep. It is better to stay on a compact and roomy crossover. If you live outside the city - the SUV will suit you more. Especially if in the off-season you have to go off-road.

7-seater SUVs and crossovers are taken by those who care a lot of space in the back. If it is necessary for family trips - pay attention to the fact that the rear passengers are comfortable and comfortable. If you need a place for a large number of things - pay attention to the amount of luggage.

As for manufacturers, each has its own characteristics. For example, Japanese brands emphasize quality and practicality. Korean manufacturers are becoming increasingly serious competitors due to the combination of low prices, a large number of options and build quality, which over the years is getting better. It is possible that in 2015-2016, it is Korean brands that will become the most sold. European manufacturers sell style and practicality. Cars from Europe are designed so that a person can get pleasure from a trip and feel real pleasure from driving his car.

We can not say which of the above crossovers and SUVs is better. The choice in any case depends on your goals, ideas about what should be the technical characteristics of cars, as well as preferences in terms of interior and exterior.