Overview of the best compressors for suvs


Every motorist knows that the road is full of unforeseen situations. Buying a car always entails a need for additional automotive products that will facilitate car maintenance. Any car owner with experience, probably at least once in his life, faced with a flat tire situation at an unexpected moment, when the closest vehicle service station is not a short distance, and you need to go urgently. And if for owners of passenger cars this problem can be solved with the help of a conventional automobile pump, then for the owner of an SUV this option is very problematic. For pumping wheels of impressive size and adaptation is necessary more seriously, otherwise this procedure will take a lot of time and effort, and the compressor will help to solve the problem. In this article we will tell how to choose a compressor for an SUV, given the technical characteristics of the device, we will review the best devices for inflating the wheels.

The best compressor for the SUV

Recommendations for choosing a compressor for an SUV.

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Criterias of choice

The range of products for pumping wheels in car shops is how diverse, which sometimes confuses even "experienced" car owners. They differ in terms of pricing and performance, so the question of how to choose a compressor for an SUV, so that it is reliable, durable and satisfies the requirements of the consumer, is more than relevant. When selecting a suitable product, it is important to take a responsible approach to the study of the range, take into account the criteria that will affect the functionality of the device. The first thing is to understand the form of a suitable unit for individual operation. Today, there are membrane compressor and piston class for sale. The first type is practically not produced, although it is found as a stale goods on the shelves of auto shops.

Their distinctive characteristic is a democratic pricing policy, however, the quality criteria are not at a high level. As a “pusher” of air in such devices, there is a membrane made of rubber, which is susceptible to temperature changes, which can cause its damage and failure of the device. The second type, piston, is characterized by increased wear resistance and a prolonged operating period, since air is supplied by such compressors with the help of a metal piston. In their design, there are no vulnerable rubber seals, which guarantees the reliability of the device in any climatic conditions and faster wheel inflation. Piston devices are now a priority for the purchase of compressors.

Membrane compressor automobile

Having decided on the type of desired purchase, you should also pay attention to the following fundamental criteria that determine the functionality of the device:

  1. Compressor performance. The capacity of the wheel inflation devices is measured in liters per minute. For owners of SUVs, the best purchase option will be a unit with a productivity of at least fifty-five units.
  2. Time of continuous operation of the device. For SUVs that are used in normal consumer conditions, it is enough to choose a compressor with a non-stop operation time of about forty minutes. If you are a professional, use the machine in extreme conditions, participate in competitions, then it is better to choose a more productive option with a time of continuous work from forty to sixty minutes.
  3. Extreme pressure that the device can provide. For passenger cars and some small SUVs, this parameter normally corresponds to two and a half atmospheres. Overall off-road vehicles and other heavy vehicles require higher atmospheric pressure in the wheels, which will affect the choice of vehicle.
  4. For SUVs, it is better to pick up two-piston devices, which, although having a price several times higher, are considered more suitable devices for vehicles of this category. In addition, two-piston compressors are less noisy at work and higher reliability.
  5. The material from which the body of the goods. This criterion does not affect the functionality of the device, however, determines the reliability of storage and operation of the compressor. Preferred are products whose shells are made of metal, or in extreme cases, of durable plastic.
  6. The length of the power wire and air hoses. The power cord must be at least three meters away for ease of use, and the hoses can vary considerably in length. It is more convenient if the air supply hose is enough to reach all wheels from one stationary point, however, such devices are ranked as devices of a more expensive category.
  7. When choosing a compressor, pay attention to the design of the nozzle. They are threaded and removable configuration. The former are characterized by increased reliability, however, they take longer to connect to the bus. The latter are characterized by ease of use, with more often fail and require replacement.

In addition to the main functional selection criteria, it is worth considering the presence of additional functions that will greatly facilitate the operation of the compressor. The priority is the availability of the following options:

  1. Pressure gauge. Each compressor is equipped with this device; however, modifications of devices with a digital, more accurate pressure meter are considered preferable.
  2. Automatic shut-off air supply. This function allows you to not stand near the car throughout the process of inflating the wheels, the compressor itself will turn off when the tire pressure reaches normal levels.
  3. Existence of the valve for descent of excess air from the tire. Such a function will reduce the pressure in the wheels, if there is such a need, for example, when leaving the highway with a different coating.
  4. The thermostat is a module that protects the compressor from overheating. It is desirable that the compressor was modified with such a module - this will significantly extend the service life of the unit.
  5. The presence of additional adapters, which will allow you to use the purchased compressor, not only for its intended purpose, to inflate the wheels, but also for other products, for example, will allow you to inflate a ball or an inflatable mattress.

It should be noted that the more functions the device has, the higher its sales price will be. Each car owner himself has the right to decide which functions for him are priorities, and without which he can do. At the same time, it is irrational to save on power and performance of the device; these criteria should be at the maximum maximum level. In most cases, the determining factor for the buyer is the price of the compressor. However, inexpensive is not always bad. We provide the consumer with a rating of the best low-cost compressors of the average price category, with decent technological and functional characteristics, as well as a list of elite devices for professionals who have proven their reliability during operation.

Cheap models

The leading position in the rating in terms of price and quality indicators is occupied by a compressor for Chinese-made SUVs called Airline X3. Among the positive characteristics of the device, users call it compact, metal body and threaded fitting, which determine reliability and service life, the possibility of continuous operation for twenty minutes, protection from overheating in the form of special ribs on the device, good build quality and excellent performance. Among the disadvantages are the noise in the work, the absence of a compartment for the cord, which translates into some inconvenience of storing the compressor.

Airline X3

Отечественная модель автокомпрессора "Ducks K50" заслуженно занимает вторую позицию рейтинга благодаря достойной производительности, тридцать литров в минуту, на фоне демократичной цены. Этот компрессор имеет поршневую конструкцию и металлический корпус, что гарантирует его надёжность и износостойкость, а также компактные размеры. Из минусов потребители выделяют шумность и вибрацию аппарата в процессе функционирования, отсутствие отдельного отделения для шнура, что может повлечь его повреждения при частом сматывании, неудовлетворительную читаемость показателей манометра.

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Завершает рейтинг автомобильный компрессор бюджетной категории Skyway Buran-01. Главным минусом этого устройства потребители называют его потребляемую силу тока, в четырнадцать ампер, что требует для его эксплуатации замены кабеля питания в устройстве или наличие отдельной розетки в транспортном средстве для подключения аппарата. На этом недостатки компрессора заканчиваются. Устройство имеет достойную мощность, малогабаритные размеры, отличную производительность, модифицировано манометром хорошего качества.

Skyway Buran-01

The above-described devices perfectly cope with the tasks, are popular among the owners of passenger vehicles and small budget-class SUVs, thanks to the affordable price against the background of good characteristic indicators. Consider further which autocompressor is better to buy for massive off-road vehicles, with large wheel sizes, from premium-class vehicles that have professional purpose and excellent performance.

Premium devices

Достойным приобретением для накачивания шин грузовых автомобилей, а также средних и массивных внедорожников считается автомобильный компрессор Eagle R20. Пропускная способность аппарата в семьдесят два литра в минуту с возможностью беспрерывного функционирования в пределах часа ставят его способности на максимальные позиции. Корпус компрессора из металла обеспечивает ему высокие показатели надёжности в режиме эксплуатации, защиту от механических повреждений, а длина воздушного шланга в семь метров обеспечивает удобность подкачки шин без постоянного переноса агрегата с места на место. Подключается аппарат к аккумулятору, работает в любых климатических условиях без снижения производительности. Из минусов потребители выделяют только его ценовую политику, которая и стала причиной его спуска в рейтинге на почётное третье место.Eagle R20

Вторую позицию рейтингового списка среди профессиональных компрессоров занимает аппарат «Aggressor AGR-160». К его преимуществам пользователи относят возможность прокачки ста шестидесяти литров воздуха в минуту, что позволяет за короткий период накачать даже шину грузовой машины. Агрегат модифицирован точным манометром, практичной ручкой и удлинённым шлангом, что позволяет эксплуатировать его как в качестве стационарного компрессора, так и переносного устройства. Из недостатков пользователи отмечают непродолжительный период беспрерывного функционирования агрегата – не более двадцати минут, и габаритные параметры, которые выливаются в неудобства по его постоянному транспортированию в багажнике за счёт того, что аппарат занимает много места.

Aggressor AGR-160

AVS Turbo KS 750D is the best compressor of a professional rank in 2018, according to experts and consumer reviews. Adequate price on the background of high performance, the device pumps seventy-five liters of air per minute, makes it stand out from the range of devices similar in characteristics and qualities. The manufacturer guarantees the operation of the compressor with a wide range of temperature regimes, from thirty-five minus to eighty degrees with a plus Celsius. Compact size allows you to easily transport this device in the trunk, and a convenient connection to the battery is characterized by increased reliability and safety. An elongated twisted hose allows you to pump all the wheels of an SUV without parallel movement of the compressor around the car. The device simultaneously combines high power, excellent performance and reliability in harmony with the low price, which gives him the right to be called the best professional compressor for SUVs.AVS Turbo KS 750D

Let's sum up

A compressor is a device that must be present in the trunk of every car owner. And if the driver of a car can afford to buy an inexpensive device, due to the small size of the wheels of his car, then the owner of the SUV should approach the choice of the pumping wheel of the device more rationally. Low-cost low-power compressors will not always be able to cope with the tire pumping of a large-scale off-road vehicle, and operating the machine on lowered or fully deflated wheels threatens the car owner with significant financial costs. Do not save on goods for the maintenance of the machine of the first necessity - such savings are rarely justified, and may later lead to serious malfunctions and problems requiring substantial investments.