Of the two "germans" the best: a comparison of the opel


If a modern motorist has a dilemma to buy a German car or a car made in any other country, then in 90% of cases, preference will be given first. As they say, the choice between “excellent” and “good” is obvious. And what if on both scales of the scales are excellent evaluation models, how to choose from the two “Germans” the best? Let's try to understand this in our material by comparing two popular cars that are firmly rooted in Germany. Opel Astra or Skoda Octavia - which car to choose?

Сравнение двух европейских авто - Opel Astra and Skoda Octavia

Сравнение двух европейских авто — Opel Astra and Skoda Octavia

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Of course, if you were interested in Skoda, you probably noticed that the Czech Republic is indicated as a country of manufacture in her passport. And therefore you can say: “What does the Germans have to do with this ?!” And besides!

Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Opel Astra или Skoda Octavia-->Такое дело, что правообладателем бренда Skoda является крупный германский концерн VW Group (Фольксваген). Более того, именно немецкие акционеры в конце 90-х приняли решение возобновить производство Октавии, которое по ряду причин было закрыто в 70-х.

Yes, the car is really going to the factory in the Czech Republic, but this only adds to it specific advantages. Here's your trump card: German quality at Czech rates.

Car model:Opel AstraSkoda Octavia
Producing country:GermanyCzech Republic
Body Type:hatchbackhatchback
Number of places:55
Number of doors:35
Engine capacity, cubic cm:19982998
Power, l. c./about min .:200/4200105/2750
Maximum speed, km / h:234194
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:7,810,8
Type of drive:frontfront
CAT:6 MKPP7 automatic transmission, 5 manual transmission
Fuel type:gasolinediesel
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​13.1; track 7.1city ​​4.6; track 3.5
Length, mm:42904659
Width, mm:17531814
Height, mm:14601461
Clearance, mm:130140
Tire size:215/45 R17195/65 R15; 205/55 R16
Curb weight, kg:13101305
Full weight, kg:18601855
Fuel tank capacity:5250

In ancient Greece and under the flower star

And who is older, more experienced - Octavia or Astra? The first model Skoda Octavia was released in 1959. Opel Astra was born at the end of the 20th century - in 1991. It was then that German Opel, working as part of General Motors, presented a new model, which replaced the famous Opel Cadet. Seven years later, Astra was reissued. The car went into circulation under the same name, but in modified forms.

By the way, both models have an interesting etymology of names. Both are ladies. So, Octavia is a female name in ancient Greece. And Astra is translated from Latin as a star. There is also a flower of the same name. Interestingly, 26 species of this plant grow on the territory of the former Soviet Union ... Well, our hero Opel with a flower-star name boasts an abundance of variations.

Looking for differences

Starting a sparring Skoda Octavia against the Opel Astra, it is difficult not to notice the difference in the exteriors.


Yes, both cars are worthy of attention at first glance, but the fact that they were “sewn for different collections” is obvious. So, Astra is distinguished by its elegance, smooth forms. Её кузов выглядит в стиле спортивного hatchbackа. Ну, и, конечно, одно из ключевых отличий — Astra трёхдверная.

The appearance of the car Opel Astra

And, for example, the Skoda Octavia A7 looks different, and the impression is completely different. So, Octavia is a five-door liftback, which, thanks to successful design and design solutions, looks like a stylish, representative sedan.

The appearance of the car Skoda Octavia


If both machines are equal in width, then there are differences in the other parameters. Skoda is longer and lower than the competing car. On the side of the scale, where the Skoda is, it turns out to be a bonus in the form of luggage compartment capabilities. So, Octavia is more capacious than the Aster - 568 against 370 liters.

The crew will not be crowded either in the cabin Octavia or in the cabin Astra. Although the Opel looks a bit smaller, in practice it does not affect the level of comfort.

Motors and appetite

To say who is more beautiful - Opel Astra or Skoda Octavia - is difficult. Everything here depends only on personal perception and individuality of taste. Maybe then open an account by comparing the specifications?

Let's start with the motors. Opel Astra and Skoda Octavia compare interesting for the “strong points”. Well, in this respect neither the Opele nor the Skoda engines are inferior to each other. But in fact - there is a difference. Volkswagen supplied its Octavia engine with direct injection system. Unlike the standard injection motor in Astra, it is more economical and reliable.

Inside the car Opel Astra

If in more detail, the situation is as follows. The simplest engine in Aster versions designed for 1.6 liters and produces 155 "horses." With such a motor on the mechanics, you can take a little overclocking in less than 12 seconds. In Octavia there is a similar, but already 1.2-liter turbo engine. Such a "heart" allows the car to go into the "sotochku" in 10.5 seconds.

What will Opel answer? There are in the arsenal of turbo engines for 1, 4 liters, issuing 140 liters. with. And in the Skoda 140 "horses" designed modern Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru turbocharged gasoline engine also 1, 4 liters. The engine on the Octavia is higher, so it develops speed more quickly: “a hundred” in the sleeve in 8.4 seconds (from the Aster it takes almost ten seconds).

The most "cool" engines in both models are designed for 180 "horses." In Astra there is a 1.6-liter engine, and in the Octavia - a turbo-engine by 1.8. But here, too, the owner of an ancient Greek name has more traction.

Diesel engines in the Opel line is not. But Skoda offers customers a two-liter turbo diesel for 143 "horses." Such a machine "goes into the gap" in less than nine seconds.

Inside the car Skoda Octavia

По расходу gasolineа средняя «смешанная» цифра и для Астры, и для Октавии приблизительно сопоставимы: порядка семи литров на 100 км пути. Что касается шкодовского дизеля, то он гораздо экономичнее и «кушает» порядка пяти литров.


We go further. Skoda Octavia vs Opel Astra can present and advantages in the transmission. For example, if we are talking about a manual transmission, then in Octavia it is six-speed, whereas for the Aster is available only a five-speed version. Plus, the manual transmission is available in a duet with any Skoda engine. In Opel there are restrictions: only for the 1.6-liter atmospheric engine.

Well, when we talk about the automatic box, there are rivals in equal weight categories. Yes, Octavia can offer seven ranges, not six like the Opel, but the Asters checkpoint has been tested by practice and has not been criticized like the Octavia.

Safety and additional "stuffing"

In terms of "stuffing" neither opelevtsy nor shkodovtsy were stingy. The airbags are sewn into the cars (both front and side), there is ESP and ABS, and the EBD and HHC systems are installed. The interior uses high-quality materials, leather. Many options can be controlled from the steering wheel. There are Conder and climate systems. In general, I do not want to choose. It is clear that the more lotions the client wants, the more expensive the car will be.

How are we going?

Of course, one can not say about the ride quality. Opel - the car is nimble. No wonder that her corporate logo is lightning. The car moves around the city confidently, maneuvering in the stream at a time. Only now experienced note that at low speeds the car becomes heavier, makes noise and shakes. But the speed - yes, her horse. Give by gas and do not recognize the dull car on a quiet run.

Test drive car Opel Astra:

Skoda, in turn, is not as dynamic. Yes, “light” Octavia too much, but it is excellent and without the whims behaves and with a relaxed driving style.

Issue price

In general, the cost situation is as follows. The base of the Octavia can be bought for approximately 770 thousand rubles, and the price of the car in the deluxe version reaches 1 million rubles.

Test drive car Skoda Octavia:

Opel, depending on the modification and year of release, you can take on average from 650 to 900 thousand rubles.


What do we have in the end? Who is cooler - Octavia or Astra?

Despite the fact that Octavia’s car is not a full-blooded “German”, it’s Shkodovsky’s product that won the match against Astra.

So, Skoda Octavia can offer a good assortment of engines that are more powerful and more economical than the Opel. Plus, this car has a more capacious luggage compartment.

But Astra is not very far behind. And for those who welcome sports features in cars, fast travel and a more modest budget, Opel is a good option.