Justice on wheels: the best cars of law enforcement

>The first police cars appeared in the United States — in 1899, an electric vehicle made in a single copy entered the service of law enforcement officers. Subsequently, almost all areas in the country received their vehicles, which were Ford T.

Power, strength and durability - a list of non-killed cars

>Based on the peculiarities of the Russian roads, more and more of our citizens are in active search for really unkillable cars for daily movement about their business or entertainment. Each of motorists wants to spend as little time as possible

Ranking of the best electric cars in 2018

>The demand for electric cars is gradually increasing, therefore, more and more new electric-powered machines appear on the world markets. In many ways, this can be explained by the constant increase in fuel prices. And since electricity is still

New cars up to 500 thousand rubles: rating of 2017

A vehicle is not a luxury for a long time, but a means of transportation, so many people tend to buy a car for themselves. At the moment, manufacturers offer a fairly wide range that allows you to purchase new cars up to 500 thousand rubles. However,

Choosing a reliable car for domestic roads

Our climate can rightly be called an impartial judge who leaves on the side of the car with weak characteristics. If in the summer only bumps on the roads appear in the list of obstacles, in winter ice, low temperature and heavy snowfall are added to

The fastest trucks in the world

>Not only sports and racing cars are designed to set new speed records. There is a whole galaxy of riders and professionals who are trying to set their own unattainable speed records on trucks. Making a really fast truck is incredibly difficult.

Rating of the best new cars up to 400 thousand rubles

>400,000 rubles too little for a new car that meets all the requirements and wishes of a modern motorist? Ready to argue. For this money you can buy a car from the passenger compartment, at the wheel of which no one has previously sat (and has not

New cars in 2015

>Every self-respecting driver wisely chooses his car, based on preferences and goals. To do this, it is important to familiarize yourself with the new market and pay attention to the new cars in 2015, since it will surely amaze with its variety of

The best cars with a coupe body shape

Coupe refers to the closed body type of the car. When the concept only appeared in the automotive industry, it was strictly regulated: the cars had two doors, one row of seats, a trunk without a lift door. Unnoticed, but every year cars became more

Rating the best used cars for 400 thousand rubles

>Each car buyer has its own selection criteria Most rely on the best combination of price and quality. With a budget of up to 400,000 rubles, you can find good copies. Choosing a used car is not always worth chasing the freshest for the year of
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