Choosing the "right" tires for cars uaz


Some motorists are accustomed to ride not only on small maneuverable cars, which are ideal for driving in a large metropolis. A small car is easier to park, as it does not require too much space and is cheaper to maintain (a small engine size), but, having in addition such a car as a UAZ, there are great opportunities before the car owner. Such a car, as a domestic UAZ, can rightly be called a machine-beast. Not stock properly pumped cars that have tires of normal terrain, able to cope with any bad roads.

Rubber "Goodrich", which is chosen by many owners of the car UAZ, of course, has excellent characteristics, however, these tires are quite expensive. In turn, in the car market you can buy various Russian tires that are no worse than foreign ones, especially since the rigid design of the UAZ suspension can withstand different loads. However, like any other product, the rubber on the UAZ has its advantages and significant drawbacks; in the material below, the principle of the correct choice of the optimal rubber for the domestic car UAZ is considered.


UAZ "Patriot"

Features that should be considered when choosing tires for UAZ

Naturally, the main criterion according to which the choice of tires for a UAZ vehicle will be made is the conditions under which the vehicle is operated. It is no secret that tires that are ideal in conditions of strong off-road, helping the owner of the car to overcome any obstacles during the trip to the hunt or fishing, will be different from a regular rubber. In the first case, you may need tires of special terrain, while in the second case, fairly simple regular tires.

Читать далее секреты выбора покрышек для УАЗ-->Как показывает практика, на автомобиль УАЗ, который сохранил свой первостепенный облик (заводское авто) и впоследствии не подвергался переделкам, устанавливается резина высотой 29–31,5 дюймов. Чаще всего, на авторынках и в соответствующих магазинах можно встретить покрышки, которые имеют размеры:

  • 215/90R15;
  • 235/85R16;
  • 240 / 80R15.

It should be remembered that the "dress" wheel UAZ stands wisely. In the event of even minor overloads and while driving at high speed, the suspension of the car touches the arches. In connection with this feature of a domestic car, when operating a UAZ in conditions of average off-road, it is advisable to worry about raising the suspension by 6–8 cm. Thanks to this simple maneuver, the car owner will be able to “shove” his car into rubber with greater traffic, for example:

  • 265 / 80R15;
  • 265/85R15;
  • 265/90R15;
  • 285 / 750R16;
  • 290 / 80R15;
  • 290/80R16;
  • 320 / 70.15.

Among other changes that may overtake the UAZ, regularly operated in conditions of strong off-road, may require trimming arches. It is worth noting that those car owners who will later drive their UAZ through the wilds of impassable mud will have to redo their car, first of all, global modifications will be exposed to: body, suspension and transmission. If the owner of this large-sized ubiquitous car correctly makes all the changes, he will be able to equip his vehicle with tires of 35–39 inches.

Rubber, which is suitable for a UAZ car, like other cars, can be summer and, accordingly, winter. In turn, these types are divided into the following types:

  • universal (can be operated in almost any conditions);
  • mud (ideal for off-road);
  • extreme (as the name implies, can be used on any off-road, where there are no paths or trails).

Rules for choosing tires for cars UAZ

Любая резина как грязевая, так и универсальная, должна соответствовать нескольким взаимосвязанным между собой факторам. В первую очередь необходимо учитывать модель внедорожника. На практике для разных моделей авто оптимальными будут совершенно разные покрышки, размер которых будет напрямую зависеть от угла поворота колёс, хода подвески, подарочного пространства, прочности и мощности КПП. На практике многие автовладельцы УАЗа стараются сделать всё возможное, чтобы снять предусмотренные заводом-изготовителем ограничения, правда, для этого может понадобиться внушительный капитал. Например, проще всего модифицировать UAZ "Patriot", так как именно на него легко и просто можно установить шины большего размера. Вместе с размером резины одновременно увеличивается клиренс машины, ввиду этого обстоятельства целесообразно «обувать» своё транспортное средство в шины самого максимального размера.

When choosing tires, especially mud, it is very important to pay attention to the level of preparation of the car to the road. The car owner should prudently consider the design and tread pattern of the tire, since these factors depend on the “strength and depth” of off-road, through which the car can continue to travel. It is advisable to choose a larger tread pattern (most experienced drivers get a Christmas tree drawing, considering it as the most suitable choice). For example, for driving through marshland and mud, it’s best to buy the softest mud tire. This type of tire facilitates the movement, because it does not tear the turf and easily overcomes bumps, using the possibilities of additional grip. A good choice can be called such tires, which are equipped with diagonal grooves, which are able to remove dirt, "pushing" it out while the wheel is rotating.

Far from the last factor to pay attention to when choosing tires for UAZ is the cost of the product, which, in turn, will depend on the manufacturer (brand promotion), tire size, design and tread pattern.

It should be noted that it is better to take care of the purchase of an optimal pair of tires in advance, as practice shows, quite often only the most popular models are on sale, many tires in stock may simply not be, as they are sold exclusively by prior order.

Buying tires for UAZ "Loaf"


UAZ "Bukhanka"

Many years ago, the UAZ “loaf” car produced by the domestic auto industry belongs to the class of Russian SUVs. During its existence, the car fell in love with many car owners. Even now, the car enjoys a well-deserved popularity. Most likely, the attention to such a vehicle was drawn not only by private drivers, but also by large organizations, because of the good "loaf" and its non-failure operation. You can meet such a machine with the forestry staff, use a "loaf" in agricultural work, it helps the Emergency Situations Ministry and the ambulance service. These cars do an excellent job with the lack of roads on country paths, where it is especially important to choose the “right” rubber, which depends on the season.

Choosing winter tires for UAZ "Loaf"

If the priority of the car owner to purchase winter wheels, it should proceed from the technical characteristics of the car. Such rubber should be universal, on it the vehicle owner should easily pass and off-road, and impassable dirt, and smooth sections of the road covered with asphalt.

Most often, car owners UAZ "loaf" stop preference on domestic tires, for example, such as I-192. This rubber belongs to tires of military type which have an aggressive protector. True, in severe frost, such tires begin to slip, depriving the car owner of safe movement. However, I-192 perfectly show their characteristics on sections of the road with deep mud in the spring and autumn periods.

The K-151 tires, which belong to all-season tires, have a good quality. They have an aggressive protector, however, such rubber is relatively soft, so that the "loaf" will be able to drive on it even in the cold.

When choosing winter tires for a “loaf”, it is necessary to proceed from two criteria: firstly, the car should be easy to drive, and secondly, it should not slip on the icy road surface. Greater stability in the winter period is provided by a small patch of traction. When you buy studded tires, you should choose those models on which the spikes are arranged in a chaotic manner. It is not excluded the possibility of self-sticking tires, however, not all tires are suitable for this manipulation.

Winter tires

Winter tires

Selection of mud tires for UAZ "Loaf"

UAZ "loaf" is considered to be the ideal car for a trip to the hunt or fishing. This helper will be indispensable for those who often go to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries. In addition to the fact that the car itself can accommodate about 5–7 passengers, the car will easily deliver everything collected by these people to the house. All-season tires Kama-219, which is equipped with a car at the factory, is not suitable for driving on a complete off-road, it is impossible to drive it with complete confidence and on the highway in severe frost.

If the car owner plans to travel on off-road or snow-covered forest paths, he should know how to choose the right mud rubber for his “loaf”.

A good option for mud tires are Cordiant Off Road tires, which are universal tires from the lower price segment. A little more expensive tires Contyre Expedition, which has the same tread pattern with the previous version. The advantage of Contyre is their lightness and softness. You can opt for the Cooper Discoverer STT model, which is owned by an American manufacturer. However, the cost of such tires is much higher than other options.

Mud tires

Mud tires

The choice of summer tires for UAZ "Loaf"

Choosing summer tires Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, a car owner who is looking for rubber for a “loaf”, should take into account the characteristics of such tires. Summer tires somewhat tougher winter. This type of tire is able to withstand high temperatures, providing the driver with good handling on hot roads. It is preferable to stop your choice on models with an asymmetric tread pattern, thereby ensuring good grip. The depth of the acquired rubber will affect solely the level of grip on the wet road. You should carefully study the tire markings to learn about the quality of the rubber and the properties of the tire.


When choosing a rubber for a UAZ car, there are many factors to consider. First of all, you need to make sure that a particular model of tires is suitable for the car. The correctness of the choice made will also depend on the selection of the optimal width and tire size. Before buying, you need to read the information provided by the car manufacturer in the documents, and in accordance with the recommendations to purchase the necessary pair of tires.