Ssangyong actyon: dimensions, specifications, photos

In 2006, the Korean company SsangYong, presented a model that combines the advantages of a comfortable sedan and all-wheel drive SUV, and also had excellent dynamics and low fuel consumption. The concept of this car was described as accurately as possible in the title “Actyon”, which is consonant with the word “action”. This machine is great for lovers of outdoor activities and adventures, since it behaves in the same way both in the city and on the roads.

SsangYong Actyon

Фактом, достойным упоминания является то, что для разработки внешнего видаSang Yong Aktion, технические характеристики которого мы рассмотрим в этой статье, привлекли британского дизайнера Кена Гринли. В результате получился стильный, гармоничный, и при этом полноценный пятидверный внедорожник с рамной конструкцией.


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    • Specifications of SsangYong Actyon 2.0 TD 4WD
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Specifications of SsangYong Actyon 2016

Of course, over the past ten years, the technical characteristics of SsangYong Actyon have changed several times. Currently, all manufactured Sang Young Aktion models are equipped with engines running on gasoline or diesel fuel, and with different types of transmissions (mechanics or automatic).

  • Dimensions - 4410x1830x1675 mm;
  • Wheelbase - 2650 mm;
  • Clearance - 200 mm;

Fuel consumption for this car is on average 6.8 liters on the highway and 9.8 liters in the city.

Sang Yong Aktion

For the convenience of passengers and drivers, many additional functions have appeared, in particular, the ability to control the pressure level in tires, indicators of actual transmission (only in models with manual transmissions), engine start with a button, heated steering wheel and much more. We should also mention the speaker system from Harman.

It is also necessary to note the fact that if earlier the internal space of SsangYong Actyon was distinguished by simplicity and even asceticism, then more expensive and high-quality materials were used in modern models.

Sang Yong Aktion

In the basic configuration, this model is equipped with an onboard computer, air conditioning, rear and front electric window lifters, heated windshield, alarm with central locking. In the maximum configuration there is a leather interior, electric sunroof, rain sensor, electric driver's seat, climate control.

The important point is that in comparison with previous models, the SsangYong Actyon, produced from 2013, reduced noise and vibration from the transmission and engine by 10%. For this, a more rigid subframe was installed and engine mount pads changed.