Land cruiser 300 may appear soon

The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is one of those cars that shape people's notions of “jeeps” for businessmen, bureaucrats and other rich and public people. Its price is high, but not exorbitant. The main task of such a machine is to provide comfort to the owners.

Land Cruiser 300

The appearance of this series is quite logical. Each generation stood the test of time, and during this time, Japanese designers looked for “shoals”, thought through a more up-to-date design, looked for ways to make the engines more economical and environmentally friendly.

By the way, sometimes Russian buyers are confused with markings, finding on European sites a Land Cruiser 400. The humor is that this series denoted the old LC70 sold in Switzerland, Austria and some other countries. Produced 400D and 450TDi. So, there is nothing newer than the restyled LC 200 and the expected LC300.

What will be the 300th Land Cruiser?

Если вам нравится продукция этого производителя, вы ездили на 100 и/или 200 «Крузаке», и ждёте, когда будет новая модель Тойота Land Cruiser 300, самое время ознакомиться с тем, что нас ждёт в новинке. Станет ли она ощутимо лучше предшественника? Пока что судить о перспективах этого автомобиля рано.

land cruiser 300

The first photos were leaked to the network a year and a half ago. On spy shots one could see that the headlights had changed noticeably. Now two-cluster optics. It combines LED and xenon elements. Lamps are powerful and bright.

The false grille has also changed. She looks more impressive, pleasing with beautiful chrome frames. Exactly the same with square fog lamps. Altered bumper and rims. Behind the install excellent LED headlights. It is also known that when the new Land Cruiser 300 is released, five variants of configurations will be available to buyers.

What is known about the characteristics?

The machine has dimensions D / Ш / В - 4760х1885х1835 mm, wheelbase 2790 mm. It will be equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine 4.5 - 4.6 l. In the basic configuration, you get a capacity of 235 liters. with., and in the top - 309 hp. Transmission - automatic. Maximum speed up to 210 km / h. acceleration to hundreds - 8.9 seconds.

Тойота Land Cruiser 300

Considering how actively Toyota is switching to electric motors, no one was surprised by the news that a variant with a hybrid unit is expected. Designers assure that the characteristics will not affect. Moreover, this option will allow the owner to regularly save up to 30% of fuel. Multiply the average consumption by 12 months, and you will understand the meaning of the "hybrid". Kruzak 300th with this engine will be equipped with reliable lithium-ion batteries.

Especially for the North American market, Land Cruiser 300 versions with a V-shaped gasoline engine of 5.7 liters and a capacity of 381 liters are offered. with. and a torque of 544 Nm. Leaked information that there will be a version for fans of diesel units. Engine 2.8 liters. will receive 177 liters. with. power and 450 Nm. Exactly the same diesels get the legendary Hilux.

Manufacturers have studied the shortcomings of the predecessor, and tried to eliminate them. For example, in the Land Cruiser 200 diesel was very noisy. Now this problem will not be. Also, the diesel modification will have an average fuel consumption of 11.8 liters, which is not bad for a huge and powerful SUV. Whether the automatic transmission has been finalized is still unknown. There is only information that the automation will be 6-speed, and the four-wheel drive is plug-in.

They promise that the new product will have a full climate control, stability control system, corrected shortcomings in the work of ABS, and sensors that signal an obstacle.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 salon

As for the interior, it has also undergone some changes. For example, if you look at the main console, you will see a new design of devices. Other trim options will appear. Also, the manufacturer promises that it will be possible to optionally order a separate multimedia system for passengers sitting in the back.

Prices for LC 300 and LC 200. Does it make sense to switch to a new series?

Are you already wondering how much the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will cost? Of course, we do not yet know the prices for all the options, but the preliminary cost of the basic version is already known. It will be 80 thousand dollars. According to the available data, the hybrid modification will have to pay back 100 thousand dollars. For comparison, the base Land Cruiser 200 costs from 66.7 thousand y. e. Total, we receive 14 thousand dollars of a difference. How important is it to overpay 800 thousand rubles for a novelty, if you recently bought a “two hundred”?

What does a series change mean? The new Toyota Land Cruiser 300, which will replace the already become legendary 200th series, will differ even in dimensions. For example:

  • The length of the LC 200 is 4950 mm., and the LC 300 is 4760 mm.
  • LC 200 width - 1970 mm., against 1885 mm. LC 300;
  • The height of the LC 200 is 1910 mm., and 1835 mm. at LC 300.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

That is, the car has become noticeably shorter and narrower. A completely logical question arises - will it be convenient for passengers in the cabin, is there enough legroom? Yes, and there are questions in height. People with growth of 190 centimeters or more will become less comfortable.

If the size of the Toyota 300, is inferior, then under the hood, the situation changes dramatically. Depending on the engine, 200-ka accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.6 - 8.9 seconds. Power from 183 to 227 hp The maximum speed is 205-210 km / h. Immediately noticeable increase in power of power units LC 300. Still, 235 - 309 l. with. It looks more impressive.

We make an uncomplicated conclusion - if you are not satisfied with the power of the units on the series 200, then with the release of the novelty the situation will noticeably improve. For those buyers who are interested only in reliability and comfort, there is no reason to buy 300-ku.

Of course, there is a separate category of car owners who simply change cars upon the release of a new version, or restyling. Some of them are “car iPhones,” who are interested only in the prestige of the car, and nothing more. Others are real fans of the brand.

There is nothing wrong with constantly driving new cars if you have time to buy and sell them and you are not limited in finances. In addition, the Land Cruiser 300 2017 really deserves to be bought by people who like good modern cars.

Новый Land Cruiser 300 2017

Main competitors

С кем будет соперничать на рынке новый Land Cruiser 300? Машин, способных бросить ему вызов много. Но они относятся к разным по назначению типам внедорожников и кроссоверов.

So, we choose in the price range from 3 - 4, to 7 million rubles. What can you buy with this money? The choice is great and varied.

клиренс nissan patrol

  • For example, you can take the basic equipment of the brand new Range Rover Velar. It is completed with an economical 2-liter gasoline engine of 250 hp. If this is not enough for you, then a bit more expensive you can take a V6 for 3 liters and 380 hp. at 6500 rpm. There is a two-liter diesel for 180 "horses" and its turbocharged fellow, issuing 240 hp The base Velar is 3.8 million, and the available top-end equipment will cost 7.178 million rubles.
  • Mercedes G-class. Legendary Gelendvagen does not lose popularity. On the official website of the manufacturer in Russia, you can order G350 d - diesel 2.98 l. / 245 hp for 6.7 million rubles. This is a great all-wheel drive car. Jeep is not only status, but also reliable, powerful, able to accelerate to a hundred in 8.8 seconds on the base engine. Fuel consumption in the city - 11.1 liters.
  • If you like big jeeps, pay attention to the 4th generation Chevrolet Tahoe. Depending on the configuration, the car costs from 2.9 to 4.185 million rubles. In the top configuration it has adaptive shock absorbers, which will greatly simplify your ride on uneven pavements. Plus, overclocking to 100 in 6.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 180 km / h. Four-wheel drive plug. Hydromechanical box.
  • Chevrolet Trail Blazer II. The new generation of the popular car debuted in 2016. So this is a “fresh” novelty. Off-road emphasizes clearance of 255 mm. The length of the car is somewhere in the middle between the dimensions of the 200th and 300th Land Cruiser series and is 4878 mm. Width - 1848, height - 1902 mm. Engines - 3.6 V6 277 hp and turbocharged diesel 2.8 l. / 200 hp
  • For those who are interested in premium class, there is an option - Infinity QX80. It is longer than the Land Cruiser, wider and taller - 5290x2030x1925. Clearance Nissan masterpiece - 257 mm. Under the hood he has a 5.8-liter V8, 405 hp. The drive is full, with an electromagnetic clutch. Acceleration to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, maximum speed - 210 km / h. Minus - a large fuel consumption in the city - 20.6 liters. It costs an average of 4.7 - 4.9 million rubles.
  • Stylish 2017 Cadillac XT5 with two engine options - 2.0 l. petrol 269 l. with. and 3.6 l. 310 hp aspirated The cost, according to preliminary data, from 40 thousand dollars. Not so much for a great inside and outside car.
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Also have similar characteristics Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Pathfinder, Kia Sorento. What can you say about these machines?

  • Cherokee is expensive to maintain, but better off road;
  • Nissan pleases comfort in the cabin;
  • Korean car, except for the price, there are no advantages.

And 300 will also compete with their own brethren. You can buy TLC Prado. In the configuration "Standard" it costs from 2.38 million rubles, and the "Suite" - 3,308 million. The same cost is the seven-seater diesel LC200, also in the luxury configuration.

It is possible that when the Land Cruiser 300 comes out, the market situation will change a little and other cars will appear in this price segment.

Когда выйдет новый Land Cruiser 300

For what and for whom is this car?

Who is the target audience of the LC 300, and for what purpose would the car fit?

  • Question one - for what age is the 300th Land Cruiser? The first who pay attention to such a machine, it is wealthy people from 35 to 60 years. Young people prefer smaller cars and more sporty cars, people under 30 also rarely buy such cars. Behind the wheel of the 300 series it is easier to imagine a successful businessman who already has 16-year-old children.
  • The second question is - can a car be considered a full-fledged SUV? The first mistake is to consider such a 200-ku. This machine, though capable of driving off-road, is actually designed for urban conditions. The last true “gryazemesom” was the 80th series. With each update, the Land Cruiser becomes more urban. Luxury premium jeeps should drive on normal roads and not knead the clay somewhere along the way to the lake where you fish with friends.
  • Question three - how old will it be? Let's count. The first serial LC 200 released in 2008. A novelty was created in 2016. Between the 100 and 200 series there was a time span of 10 years. So the LC 300 has at least eight years. By this time, if there is a desire, one can raise money for a new model that is relevant for 2024.
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toyota land cruiser 300

In total, we have a prestigious car with modern characteristics that will enjoy success over the next 5 to 10 years, regardless of the output of competitors. To buy it, or not - the personal choice of each. If you are a big fan of the Land Cruiser, drove several series cars, then you will most likely love the new one.

Buyers give advice - do not rush. Time will pass, the price will drop a little, and machines will appear on the market in which the manufacturer will eliminate the detected defects. There is a situation like with Windows. Until several updates and service packs come out, the product remains raw.

How suitable is the Land Cruiser 300 for Russian conditions?

Этот вопрос интересует всех, кому приходится ездить не только по центральным улицам Москвы, или Санкт-Петербурга. Ведь в мире выпускается очень много красивых, но совершенно не практичных для нашей страны кроссоверов и внедорожников. Станет ли новый Land Cruiser 300 2017 года исключением?

Land Cruiser 300 off-road

In his defense, we immediately say that the suspension and braking system here are very reliable. But the car is not insured from dirt, small stones that can penetrate the exhaust system, rapid temperature changes, poor quality gasoline and oil. Survival depends on the place of residence, the features of operation, the frequency of preventive inspection. Specialists have already found the flaws of the new machine. In particular, they believe that the braking has turned out too sharp. As a result, if the pedal is pressed too abruptly, the car rolls forward.

Also leaked information that in the stated characteristics underestimated the actual fuel consumption. This can be unpleasant news for thrifty car owners. Especially noticeable overrun on a rough road. If you want to reorganize in a row, it is unlikely to succeed. Although the 300-ka has become shorter, it is still very large. The weight of the machine is not well distributed. You may notice that in some situations a noticeable roll is formed. By the way, the same problems as the new Prado.

It is possible that the settings of the suspension and steering will be improved, and by the time mass sales begin, we will get a completely different machine in terms of its characteristics. In any case, we can be sure that the new series of Toyota Land Cruiser will be as reliable and high-quality as its predecessor.

Further comparison of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Lexus LX 570, they are built on the same base: