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In case of serious damage to the generator, it is necessary not to repair it, but to completely change it. There may be no parts needed for repair, or breakage, in general, is not subject to repair. Meanwhile, the on-board voltage, the quality of battery charging, depends on the good performance of the power unit. It's a shame when with good motor electrical equipment does not work properly.

Generators for VAZ

And if you talk about cars VAZ, then sometimes the replacement is in demand because of the lack of power of standard devices. Modern automakers offer a lot of extras that increase the level of comfort when traveling, but also consume a large amount of electricity, and the old devices do not cope, you have to replace them with more powerful ones.

Читать далее о лучших генераторах для ВАЗ-->Многие интересуются: какой генератор купить, если у них ВАЗ? Здесь нужно рассматривать отдельно по моделям, потому, прежде чем ехать за покупкой, познакомьтесь с рекомендациями специалистов и соотнесите их со своими пожеланиями и возможностями.

Generators on the VAZ 2106 and 2107

The generator on the VAZ 2106-2107 is the same as on the VAZ 2101 - G221. If you additionally install non-current current consumers operating continuously, this will lead to undercharging, the current from the relay-regulator will not be sufficient. These additional devices include:

  • powerful audio systems;
  • fog;
  • television;
  • preheater;
  • additional heater;
  • fridge.

Any similar device will lead to greater power consumption and, consequently, to premature discharge of the battery, even when the engine is running at high speeds. Established devices for 2106 have been developed for a long time and are not designed for modern energy-consuming add-ons.

Generator G221 for VAZ

In this case, it is recommended to replace the standard generator with a more powerful installation.

What to install?

1. G 222

If you need to increase the power of the current, then, deciding which generator is better to put on the VAZ 2106 or 2107, instead of the standard, take G 222, which was placed on the VAZ 2105, Nivah. It would seem that he himself is not better than the staff on the "six", but you can take a modernized version that will be more powerful. In contrast to the 221st, this installation is designed with a built-in controller relay assembled in one node with brushes. D 221 returns 42 A, and 222 minutes returns 50 A. An increase in the cross section on the rotor winding increases power, although the design is completely analogous to D 221. However, to install on 2106 you will need a slight refinement. The easiest way is to put brushes from G 221. They are perfectly put in place of the relay. Such refinement is quite capable even for motorists who do not have the skill.

You can install on the VAZ 2106 G222 with a standard regulator, but then you need to change the connection scheme of the electric machine.

At 2107, everything is installed without problems.

Check the voltage at medium engine speed at the battery terminals, if it is 14 V at 2500 rpm, then everything is fine. You will be able to drive with a more powerful unit, connecting additional options.

Generator G222 for VAZ

2. Generator 2108

This installation has greater efficiency, producing a current of 55 A. It is put on both 2106 and 2107.

Mounting is identical to the standard, no problems arise during installation. Do not forget to remove the battery terminal. Here with the connection to the 2106 will have to tinker. On the standard device are 4 wires. On the "eight" - three, since the voltage relay is built-in. To get a good result, insulate the black wire, connect the rest to the standard system. Light bulb - the discharge indicator will light up when the generator is working, in the absence of charging it goes out.

It is useful to perform even minor improvements. Instead of the old relay, put the usual power. Then the light is on only when the engine is started and at low speed.

At 2107 you need to add only the power relay.

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3. 2107-3701010

Even more powerful installation - from the VAZ 2107i, issuing 80 A, which can also be put on the VAZ 2106-2107. With such equipment it is possible to put any electrical systems. At the VAZ 2106 only 2107-3701010; On the carburetor "seven" you can take any generator of this series.

When installing this equipment on 2106, it is better to modify it: replace the controller with a similar one from G 222.

Generator for VAZ 2107-3701010

Lada Priora - replacement of the generator

For Priory, a powerful generator is needed, there is a lot of electronics in the car and a weak installation will not cope with it.

Recommended for Priors generator with marking 5102.3771, giving a power of 80 A, on the luxury versions with even more electronics put the device at 115 A. Then which generator is better to put on Priora?

The generator for the Lada Priory 5102.3771

Car owners recommend the production unit of the Samara Plant KZETEtm plant number 9402.3701-14, giving 115 A.

Modifying it during installation is not required, you only need to find the connector, because there are differences from the standard. You can use the plug from the VAZ-2108 from the switch on the reversing lights, which cost only 20 rubles.

Next, you have to modify a little when connected to the power output "B +" to fit the desired size.

The cost, of course, of domestic units is higher than that of the Chinese or Bulgarian, sold for 2,200 and 3,000, respectively. About 4,000 are requested for Russians. But if you need repairs to Russian-made components, you can easily find parts.

KZATE 9402.3701-14 115А generator

Which generator is better to put on the VAZ 2110

At the VAZ 2110 factories, KATEK generators are installed, with a current of 80 A. The service life is 140,000 km, which is about 10 years of car operation. Answering the question, which generator is better to put on the VAZ 2110, experts recommend products from Russian manufacturers.

KATEK 80A generator

What to consider when choosing

  • Russian manufacturer or foreign? Of course, first of all, Russian manufacturers are preferable. If only because it is easier to find with minor damage to parts. If you purchase a generator at the WHA 2010 of a not so popular company, it may be difficult to search for spare parts and they will not cost you so much.

  • Current strength Factory models for VAZ 2010 - 3771 or 94.3701 - are designed for 80 A, this current strength is enough, even if there are additional devices that consume it. More powerful - at 120 A - are placed in the presence of powerful acoustics, no damage is caused to the battery, and you will provide all energy consumers with uninterrupted current.
  • It is better to purchase a generator with a guarantee for it. A defective product may well occur, and the guarantee will provide an opportunity to make a replacement with a new one.

Selection of generators in the auto shop

Generator manufacturers

It is best for 2010 to purchase a regular generator from KATEK or KZETEtm of the Samara plant, and about 50% of the owners do just that, according to statistics. They are reliable, cope perfectly with the functions, creating the necessary voltage.

From foreign-made generators, we can recommend Bosch, Delphi and Denso, which are also reliable and popular.

Generator company KZATE

Generators for VAZ 2114

Initially, the built-in generator in 2114 is low-power, and if it also breaks and you decide to purchase a new one, the question arises: which generator is better to put on the VAZ 2114? It is important that the unit was more powerful, but did not have to change the mount.

  1. The most successful option for replacing the VAZ 2014 - generator from Priory or Kalina with air conditioning. Such an installation has a capacity of 115 A, which is 35 A more than the characteristics of the factory, "native" units.

Installing these generators for 2014 usually does not cause problems, although it will be necessary to replace the pulley, but it costs only about a hundred rubles and it is not difficult to find it.

  1. Eldix brand generator, also with a capacity of 115 A, is good at work. The disadvantage is that it is almost impossible to find spare parts, and even with minor damage, you will have to change the entire generator instead of repairing it.

Please note that the lack of charging voltage can occur simply due to oxidation of the battery terminals, watch them regularly cleaning.

Generator for VAZ 2114 Eldix

Generators for VAZ 2115

VAZ 2115, created on the basis of "nine", took over from it the main components and assemblies. Accordingly, there are also many problems with the equipment. If the car is with a carburetor engine, it can be equipped with a 37.3701 generator at 55 A, which differs from the above-mentioned method of fastening. However, this voltage is not enough for the constant operation of modern audio systems, protivotumanok and other energy-consuming options. Which generator is better to put on the VAZ 2115 - it is definitely recommended that car owners put at least 80 A capacity. Now at the VAZ 2115, as at 2113-2114, three-phase 94.3701 are installed with a return of 80 A.

For more power, you can put on a priorov generator KZATE 9402.3701 at 90 A, which is suitable for mounting, a pulley. A reliable unit will provide you with the necessary energy for any number of energy-consuming devices.

KZATE 9402.3701 90 A

Summarizing what has been said above, it can be noted that when buying a generator for a VAZ to replace a broken one or to increase power, it’s better to choose Russian models, since they are the most suitable for the design, you don’t have to spend an expensive revision. In addition, you will always find the necessary