"forester" subaru equipped with starlink

"Forester" from Subaru survived another restyling. Next year’s model was equipped with an integrated electronic system called Starlink, which includes a multimedia subsystem and a set of modules responsible for traffic safety and the life of the driver and passengers. The updated SUV price list will start with a million two hundred and thirty-eight thousand rubles. Today's Forester (translated from English "forester") was updated with the equipment and design not so long ago, it was for this reason that the restylers did not interfere with the body design, but stopped only on the introduction of changes in the electronic subsystem of the car. The cabin immediately attracts the attention of a new multimedia touch screen, which has a diagonal from 6.2 to seven inches, depending on the configuration of the SUV. It is clear that the largest display is installed in the most sophisticated version of "Forester". Starlink is a modular system that includes not only a multimedia center, but also software that addresses security issues. "Forester" has today three configurations: Premium, Limited and Touring. All of them are equipped with a quick help system, activated by a conveniently located SOS button, a warning module about a possible frontal collision. Starlink monitors all the vital systems of an SUV and in case of any problems, immediately notifies the driver, as well as the need to pass the next routine inspection. Customer updated Subaru Forester may additionally order modules that allow the headlights to turn on in remote mode, as well as to signal and block the control of the car. Starlink, by the way, will instantly warn the driver in the event of a threat of theft of the Forester.

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Forester has a modification, equipped with smart foglights, which look around the corner when you turn the steering wheel. This system is called EyeSight.

The current version of Subaru Forester I started selling in Russia somewhere in the middle of spring 2015. The SUV is equipped with two two-and 2.5-liter boxer engine versions for 150 and 171 horsepower, respectively. Basic "Forester" with a two-liter engine will cost six million six hundred, and more sophisticated equipment with a 2.5-liter engine and a CVT on board - one hundred fifty thousand more. At the time of buying Subaru Forester You can get substantial discounts from the manufacturer.