Diesel suvs are beneficial in operation.

For those who decide to mix the dirt, conquering off-road is a great opportunity to stay on diesel SUVs. What is good for a diesel engine is that it is economical, because diesel consumption per hundred km. the ways are much less than gasoline, and the price of diesel is not much higher than gasoline, so it is not a secret to anyone that diesel cars are extremely profitable to operate. This is especially true for SUVs, since they consume a lot of fuel because of their mass, but thanks to a diesel engine, the total money spent on fuel will eventually be less when compared with gasoline counterparts.

Diesel SUVs

Besides saving money diesel SUVs They have the following advantages:

  • The efficiency of a diesel engine is much higher than that of a gasoline engine;
  • The torque of a diesel engine is greater than that of a gasoline engine, at low revs including;
  • Diesel engines are more environmentally friendly and safer;
  • Less maintenance costs.

Used SUV cars

If there is a possibility of buying a new diesel SUV, then it is necessary to take advantage of it and choose a car in the salon from an authorized dealer that matches your preferences and desires. Buying an SUV in the cabin can not worry about the technical condition of the car, because it will be excellent. Also, you will be given a warranty on the car. But buying a car in the cabin - you overpay, because a new car, in any case, will cost more than a used car, even if it has driven very little.

Therefore, to save money, it makes sense to look at a diesel SUV with mileage, but you need to understand a little about cars so that the market does not slip off low-quality goods, and you have to be ready for a difficult choice. Once decided on the purchase - it is desirable to take the car to the service station, so they checked the condition of the body, engine and everything else. And only then, if no serious problems were found in the car, go to the purchase.

There is such a rule that it is better not to buy diesel crossovers or SUVs that are older than 10 years, because they may have hidden flaws, which at first glance and you will not see. And also it is better to buy a car not from dealers, but from the owners, they will make a discount and more reliably, because dealers are cunning people, but then, as lucky, good cars can happen, and sometimes they are dead, but you can't tell. But in any case, who does not risk - he does not drink champagne.

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А сейчас рассмотрим новые экономичные diesel crossovers-внедорожники, которые представлены на рынке.

Economy SUVs

The best diesel SUV will be considered the most economical, so it is important to pay attention to fuel consumption. To date, there are many models of diesel crossovers, which have low fuel consumption. Let's start with the famous Ford.

Ford Kuga

Ford Kuga

Equipped with a Ford Kuga 2.0-liter engine with a capacity of 136 liters. with., its fuel consumption is only 5.9 liters of diesel fuel (in mixed mode) per 100 km. The Ford Kuga has a relatively good acceleration dynamics - in 10 seconds it gains 100 km / h. The price of the new Ford Kuga is approximately 940000 rubles.

Hyundai ix35

Hyundai ix35

Korean Hyundai ix35 crossover has a compact size and efficiency, because its diesel consumption is 5.7 liters per 100 km. This car is completed with a motor with a power of 136 horsepower, and the first hundred ix35 is gaining in 10.2 seconds - not bad, as for such a kid. The price of the Hyundai ix35 is 1115000 rubles.

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

Premium class from the English manufacturer - Range Rover Evoque - a car with four-wheel drive, copes with off-road easily, there is a 2.2 liter diesel engine under the hood, its capacity is 190 liters. with. Fuel consumption can be safely considered small - 5.6 liters of diesel per 100 km. of the way. The price for the Range Rover Evoque is not so small - 1,700,000 rubles, but this car is reliable and fairly status, it is completely worth the money.



And now the German compact car BMW X1 with a 20d engine and all-wheel drive xDrive AT will show what it can do. Firstly, this car has a 2-liter diesel engine, which consumes only 5.4 liters per 100 km, its capacity is 184 horses, and the price for this best diesel suv is only 1,500,000 rubles.

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Renault Duster

French Renault Duster is considered the most economical diesel SUV, which only happens. Due to the weak 90 strong engine, whose volume is 1.5 liters, its consumption is only 5.4 liters per 100 km, and the price of the Renault Duster is only 600,000 rudders, which is more than 2 times less than the price of BMW X1. Therefore, for those who have a limited budget - you should definitely look at Duster, perhaps this is your car.

Renault Duster

Of course, in addition to these models there is a huge variety of other economical SUVs, because nowadays every car manufacturer necessarily has in its model range a diesel economical SUV-crossover, and every year technologies are improved and these economical SUVs become more economical. It is difficult to even imagine what will happen next, or vice versa easily, all-electric SUVs, such as the Tesla Model X, will continue to be produced, they are generally super-efficient, but when these cars enter the market en masse is not yet known.

New SUVs annually fill the market

The number of new cars every year, with a high rate of dynamics increases. Automobile giants continue to produce new models, study the market, the demands of consumers, and create new cars that are becoming better, faster, more reliable, and so on.

Among the new diesel SUVs there are several interesting options: Ford Kuga, about which we have already mentioned, Chevrolet TrailBlazer, Chevrolet Tracker and others.

Many car enthusiasts are looking forward to the new generation of Ford Kuga, which will soon fill the European and then our automotive market a little. Kuga is quite a dynamic and yet economical car, visually the new Kuga generation will be similar to the Ford Focus 3, but unlike the Focus, the Kuga is an SUV that will be equipped with all-wheel drive, without which it is almost impossible to conquer the roads.

Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Chevrolet TrailBlazer is a new and powerful enough SUV, its 2.8 liter diesel engine has a capacity of 180 horsepower. With such power, this crossover can easily drive in a sporty style, at the traffic lights from the start, this car will do any pelvis, so you should definitely take a closer look at this car.

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In addition, he looks very confident, like a real jeep, and even he gets on a country road, he will be able to get out of there without any problems, and you won't even have to follow the tractor. But if the weather is damp, it is possible that the wheels will slip a little, but this is not a problem for the Chevrolet TrailBlazer.

This diesel jeep even has competitors for today: the Nissan Pathfinder and the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, which have long been on the market and many people love them very much, but the Chevrolet TrailBlazer has great chances to beat the competition due to its cost and novelty.

Chevrolet Tracker

There is one more novelty - the Chevrolet Tracker, it is already successfully sold in Europe, but it will soon appear in Russia. The Tracker does not look as impressive as the TrailBlazer, but it’s very economical: its diesel engine has a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine (by the way, there’s also a 1.8-liter engine, but it doesn’t have a turbine), it produces a lot of power - 140 horsepower . Another good thing about this car is the all-wheel drive, which will help a lot on slippery roads and off-road.

Today, due to the serious growth of the automotive market, the number of diesel SUVs is growing every year, so there is plenty to choose from for motorists. But before you buy, you should definitely take part in a test drive, because when you go behind the wheel, everything becomes more understandable.

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