The right choice of the best navigator for the car.


Recently, hybrid devices, which combine the functions of two or even three devices, are becoming more and more popular. One of the typical representatives of this category of car devices is a navigator with a DVR. He has his pros and cons. Before you make a purchase, you need to thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of the device and figure out how to choose a navigator with a DVR from most of the proposed models, as well as what nuances you should pay attention to.

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Features Navigator with DVR

If the driver decided to buy a navigator with a built-in recorder function, then you need to understand that navigation will be the main function of the device. DVR is used here only as an additional option. If in the first place the requirement for the device is fixing everything that happens on the road, then a hybrid for this is clearly not suitable, if only because the quality of shooting with it will be noticeably worse than that of a regular DVR.

Choosing a navigator is better to pay attention to models that use the Android operating system. They are much more powerful, and still have a number of additional options, such as Wi-Fi, 3G, FM modulator and so on.

Any hybrid, or as it is also called a combo device, due to the combination of two necessary devices in one case, will significantly save space on the windshield. Navigator and built-in recorder in one device will be much cheaper than each of them separately. At the same time you should not rely on the fact that for a relatively small cost you can get a cool device 2 in 1. There is one trick here. The cheaper the device costs, the more likely it is that the power of the device will be cut, which means that one of the components of the combo device will work worse.

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Evaluating the device before buying, you need to pay attention to such parameters as:

  • Accessible and intuitive interface;
  • The presence of anti-reflective coating on the monitor;
  • Transmission of clear images in the light of the sun;
  • Sturdy case;
  • The possibility of calculating fuel on a given route.

If we are talking about the characteristics, then when buying a navigator with a DVR, you need to pay attention to the screen. The most popular are devices with a monitor from 5 to 9 inches, and the optimal resolution of the display will be about 800x400. If the choice fell on the tablet navigator, then, accordingly, it should have more resolution.

Cameras in inexpensive navigators with a DVR are removed with a resolution of only 1 megapixel. Therefore, to see the faces and numbers of cars will be quite difficult. More expensive devices have cameras with a resolution of two, or even three megapixels, and the quality of shooting with them will be noticeably better.

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How to choose the best navigator with DVR

The first step in choosing a device such as a navigator and DVR 2 in 1, will be to determine the budget that car owners can spend on the purchase. A device that is too expensive may not justify the money spent on it, if only because not all its functions can be used in the future. Buying a device that is too cheap can result in insufficient quality of the device. Therefore, you need to find a middle ground and choose the best option at an affordable price.

When buying a device you need to pay attention to the processor and operating system. As mentioned above, navigators developed on the basis of Android work better. They are much more powerful and have more RAM. Using the operating system Microsoft Windows CE allows you to install many navigation systems such as GLONASS, Navitel, iGo, also used in the CIS.

The power of the processor will depend on how well the whole device will work. Less powerful navigators with a video recorder can provide excellent navigation performance, but at the same time the quality of the DVR can be "lame": a fuzzy image, poor quality of shooting and problems with playback.

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Choosing a device you can turn on the presence of such functions as voice control, smartphone compatibility with Bluetooth, informing about the proximity of radar, etc. Due to the additional options, the price will increase, but if they are so important for comfortable driving, then you need to look for a model that will match the request. When purchasing certain models, the downloaded map of the Russian Federation can be updated for free, it can be an additional incentive when choosing a navigator Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% .

As practice shows, a navigator with a built-in recorder will not equally well perform navigation functions and record everything that happens near the machine. Virtually any manufacturer is trying to achieve the perfect balance between the two options of a combo device, but the shooting still remains worse in quality than that produced by a regular recorder.

Before buying, you also need to familiarize yourself with the technical specifications of the product, find out whether it will work equally well at high and low temperatures, whether it works on a battery or only on mains, if there is a night mode, etc. If the issue of video recording is very important, then you need to clarify what kind of resolution the camera has in the device. It depends on how well the numbers of cars, people and road signs will be recognized while driving on the road.


Opinions about how useful a navigator with a DVR is usually disagree. Some say that this is a very useful device, others consider it absolutely unnecessary gadget. Everyone in this case is right in their own way, but if the car owner still decided to buy such a hybrid, then you need to remember a few selection rules in order to buy a product that will last a long time and efficiently.

If you focus on the budget, then too much to get involved in saving is not worth it. The cheapest models may be less powerful. They can serve for a long time, but will it be good for them if the navigator hangs all the time and the video is not clear?

It is better to choose those models that are based on Android or Microsoft Windows CE. They are more powerful and various navigation programs are installed on them, including those operating in the CIS.

Before you buy, you must make a requirement for the device, in other words, understand what functionality it should have in the first place. Taking a device with a lot of options for a lot of money, and then using only a part of them - it will be at least just an unreasonable waste of money.

Having defined the functionality and model of the navigator it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the product. Further operation of the device at different temperatures will depend on them, and it will also become clear whether the device is able to operate from a battery or is powered only from the network. Almost all manufacturers make instructions for navigators, including in Russian. Be sure to check its availability in the kit, so that you can figure out the settings yourself, and not overpay for other services to other specialists.

Knowing all the subtleties of choosing a navigator with a DVR, you can profitably buy the necessary device that will become a reliable assistant when traveling by car.