How to change the brake fluid in a car with and without abs

The driver is obliged to monitor the performance of all systems responsible for vehicle safety. This will help prevent most accidents on the road. Many works can be done independently. It is especially important to monitor the state of the brake system.

This requires regular replacement of brake fluid with your own hands or at a specialized station. The frequency of the procedure is set by the vehicle manufacturer.


  • 1 The need for surgery
  • 2 How to change brake fluid
  • 3 Step-by-step brake fluid replacement algorithm
  • 4 Rules for replacing brake fluid
  • 5 Recommendations for correct operation with brake fluid
  • 6 Conclusion

The need for surgery

At any station for car maintenance, you can order this type of work. However, the cost of different service companies can sometimes be from 1000 rubles and above, plus the cost of the TJ itself. It all depends on the car model, the equipment used, the brand of material, the level of qualification of the contractor. Often have to wait in line to serve cars.

Before you change the brake fluid, you need to clarify the necessary brand for the replacement and buy enough volume.

Since over time there is a loss of properties as well as accumulation of moisture inside, the further exploitation of poor-quality hydraulic material for the brakes will lead to an increase in the stopping distance on any surface. The approximate frequency of replacement of brake fluid is about 30-40 thousand kilometers, or 2-3 years when used in time.

how to replace the brake fluid with your hands

Often, more expensive car models need this operation at shorter intervals. So in premium Italian stamps it is often possible to see a recommendation of 10 or even 5 thousand kilometers to replace TJ. Whether this is a reasonable decision, you can check with the automaker.

However, the fact of reducing the temperature of boiling when water enters the system is undeniable. It is estimated that if the moisture is 3-5% of the total fluid in the brake hydraulic system, the boiling point is from 200-250C drops to 30-50C. Such a decrease is fraught with a decrease in work efficiency.

The main sources of moisture or condensate are sealing elements: the gland or cuff, as well as the ventilation system of the expansion tank.

How to change brake fluid

На специализированных станциях для такой операции используют приспособление для замены тормозной жидкости. С ним уходит около получаса времени на всю процедуру. Аппарат нагнетает давление в системе 1,5-2 атм., благодаря чему никаких пузырьков воздуха внутрь не попадает. Такой факт особенно полезен для автомобилей с антиблокировочными системами. Ведь перед тем, how to replace brake fluid with ABS, надо постараться избавиться от воздуха внутри, не допуская попадания его во время замены.

The operation will be simplified if, on a car with ABS, the hydroaccumulator is combined into one unit with such elements as a hydraulic pump and a valve unit. If the design has an integrated ABS, then it is preferable to contact the station or to someone who has a special installation for replacing brake fluid.

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It should be borne in mind that in the design of the brake hydraulic system, there are several circuits distributed over different wheels through a system of tubes. The car’s instruction manual has a detailed description of the main wiring in each car brand.

what is the installation to replace brake fluid

To perform correctly, it is necessary to observe the established sequence of settings. Usually it is customary to start from the place that is most remote from the brake cylinder - the right rear wheel.

There are two types of contours:

  • parallel;
  • diagonal.

Each one has its own fluid replacement procedure. You can find out about the layout of your car from the documentation for the car or on the official website of the auto company.

The most convenient way to change the fluid with the wheels removed. This is usually done either on an overpass or over a viewing pit. If this is not possible, it is allowed alternate removal of the wheels in a given order to work with TJ.

You need to know that the convenience of independent work on the replacement of brake fluid depends on the structural location of the fittings of this hydraulic system.

You will need several hoses with a length of 4-6 mm in diameter, keys for 9-11, a transparent tank for discharging the test. For those who are interested in how much brake fluid is needed for a replacement, we advise you to stock up on a full liter bottle with a new TJ.

Before work it is worth blocking the pressure regulator on the rear brakes. We distinguish between the control drive and the regulator by any available rigid insert. After completion of all procedures, it is necessary to remove such self-made blocking.

Brake fluid replacement algorithm

In the tank for brake fluid pour new TJ. From the master cylinder, unscrew the cap. Before that, under the threaded connection we put a rag. Further it is possible to distinguish the mechanism of the regulator. We clean the fitting of the rear right wheel.

It is necessary to do the cleaning with a rag that is not smeared with oil, otherwise, if mineral oils get into this hydraulic system, intensive wear of the sealing joints, cuffs and glands will occur.

The protective cap is removed from the desired valve, and in its place we put on a transparent plastic or rubber hose, the second end of which is lowered into the drain container.

how do you change brake fluid with your own hands

The assistant makes 4-5 strokes in 4-5 seconds with the brake pedal by agreement and leaves it in the lowest position after the last push. Only after that the key makes a half turn on the fitting. On the transparent tube must flow working out. As soon as the process is over, we immediately return the unscrewed valve to the closed state.

The assistant repeats the inflation again in the same quantity and with the same frequency. Release the valve again in order to see the flowing liquid. Repeat the cycle until a clean TJ comes out of the hose, and air bubbles stop appearing in its flow.

During the procedure, it is necessary to ensure that the level of new clean liquid in the tank does not fall below the minimum mark. To do this, regularly pour the desired amount.

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So we repeat on each wheel, according to the layout of highways. After removing the tube from the valve, it is necessary to return the cap to its place.

how to replace brake fluid with ABS

The quality of the work performed is tested empirically. If the free stroke is small and the brakes react evenly on all wheels, then the work is done correctly.

Do not reuse brake fluid!

It is necessary to store TZh in closed form, as it quickly absorbs moisture into itself and becomes unsuitable for use.

Rules for replacing brake fluid

It is necessary to apply in the car that TZH which the manufacturer recommended. Also, when topping up, use exactly the brand that was originally infused, as the chemical compositions for additives or other additives may not coincide or enter into an undesirable reaction.

what is the frequency of brake fluid replacement

We must work very carefully, because the material is toxic. In no case can the mouth with the slimes help pumping out the liquid. During operation, only clean rags should be used. When liquid enters the vehicle body, it is strictly forbidden to rinse it with water. For cleansing use a clean cloth.

It is necessary to observe the frequency of replacement. It is desirable to carry out the operation after the completion of the cold season. Do not pour out mining in open ground. It must be taken for disposal.

Recommendations for correct operation with brake fluid

It is believed that the fluid in this system circulates in a closed loop and can not interact with the environment. Such an assertion is erroneous, as a small amount of air enters through the compensation inputs. In the process of pressing the pedal. When it is released, the gas goes out. At this time, fine particles of liquid can penetrate inside.

how to quickly change brake fluid

Due to its hygroscopicity TJ easily absorbs moisture. Also, during the operation, the additives are gradually developed and become ineffective.

Some drivers when refilling are guided only by the fact that the substance has a standard DOT-4. However, substances on the mineral and glycolic basis equally correspond to this quality, but cannot be complementary, since even the manufacturers of this “chemistry” prohibit their mixing. This fact is indicated on the packaging.

Non-professionals argue that water that has got into the brake hydraulics does not harm, because it is also an incompressible fluid. But it does not take into account the fact of changes in the physical properties of brake fluid. She significantly lowers the boiling point, and this has a negative effect on the process. After all, when braking sharply in the system, the temperature can quickly rise up to even 200C. Therefore, the old TJ should be replaced regularly.


It is necessary to pay special attention to systems providing safety and to keep them in perfect condition. Since it affects the life and health of many road users. You cannot save on security.