What is a spoiler and what is its role in a modern car?

Spoiler. This word, although it comes from the English word “spoil”, meaning “to spoil,” does not constitute anything bad. Today we will talk about what a spoiler on cars. Speaking of spoilers and rear wings, we mean the parts that are installed on the car in order to influence the aerodynamics when driving and change (increase) downforce. All this significantly affects the speed and dynamics of movement.

It is necessary to strictly distinguish between spoilers in sports cars and serial cars that drive around the city. If in the first case, the manufacturer to the millimeter calculates the size and shape, and also carefully distributes the mass of all such elements, in urban cars it is just a decorative element.

What is a spoilerSpoiler on the roof of a rally car Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Here he performs his main function - increases downforce. Spoilers can be mounted both on the bumper skirt, side skirts, roof and are divided into factory and "custom". Custom (manual assembly), these are additional elements that give the car a new look, style.

Sports cars and spoilers

When it comes to high-speed sports cars, spoilers, rear wings and air intakes are set here not only for design, but also for improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the car.

spoiler what is it

Also, spoilers differ in the material from which they are made. On expensive sports cars, such as the Porsche 911 Turbo, carbon-fiber (carbon fiber) or fiberglass (fiberglass) spoilers are installed. Both materials are quite expensive and difficult to manufacture. Because of their massive use at the present time is not too cost-effective. Also, high-quality spoilers are made of aluminum alloy.

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Некоторые автолюбители устанавливают spoiler on rack своего авто. Это просто дань моде на красивый элемент, но не более того. На городские легковые автомобили из Германии, например, ставят пластиковые и силиконовые спойлеры. ABS пластик – самый популярный материал спойлеров для городских авто.

spoiler on rack

The service life of inexpensive plastic spoilers is much less than that of their fellows made of fiberglass, carbon and aluminum.

  • The spoiler on the car must be installed only by professionals.
  • An improperly mounted spoiler can adversely affect fuel consumption, vehicle speed and handling, especially at high speeds.
  • The best option for a spoiler is a device that automatically changes the angle of inclination, depending on the speed of the vehicle.

Spoiler: what is it - a luxury, or a necessity?

If you are the owner of a regular city car, then your car does not need to install a spoiler. Some companies install small design elements in the form of a spoiler, as an element of the corporate design of specific models. However, these details do not affect driving performance.

When it comes to car racing, there are very different rules. The spoiler creates favorable conditions in which the car, which, at speeds well over a hundred kilometers per hour, slightly lifts above the track, receives additional downforce.

what is a spoiler

A good example could be any car Formula 1. Here, aerodynamics and downforce are just as important as a powerful and reliable engine. No less important is the spoiler in the American races Nascar, in which a huge number of American cars of different brands rush at great speed.

Nascar - one of the fastest and dangerous races of the world. Every year, many cars because of high speeds and dynamics take off from the road. Because manufacturers are very concerned about the aerodynamics of such cars was as good as possible.

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