Bmw x3 of the third generation turned out more than the old

The third generation BMW X3 has turned out more than the old BMW X5

The Bavarians made an official presentation of the third-generation model of their mid-size crossover. Selling will begin the new generation of "X-third" next fall. All key dimensions characteristics of the new BMW X3 the engineers decided to increase: the distance between the axles added 6.4 cm and reached 2 m 86.4 cm. The length of the car increased by 5.1 cm - now from the bumper to the bumper - 4 m 70.8 cm. The X-third width I heard one cm, reaching 1 m 89.1 cm. But the crossover height was two millimeters lower, it now stands 1 m 67 cm above the asphalt. It is interesting that new generation "X-third" surpassed even the BMW X5 of the first generation in terms of key dimensional characteristics, whose wheelbase is 2 m 82 cm, and its length is 4 m 66.7 cm. Why did this happen? The fact is that there is a trend towards an increase in the volume of cars of this class, this trend has developed due to the growth in demand for more massive off-road vehicles. The second reason lies in the fact that after the BMW X1 moved to a UKL “cart” with a transverse engine, it became larger than the “X of the third,” and buyers began to take more of the newly-generation BMW X1. The third generation BMW X3 has turned out more than the old BMW X5 Therefore, in order to return the buyer, the new BMW X3 was given increased volume. It can be assumed that the fourth generation, preparing for the X-series, will not fall out of the trend either and will become noticeably more massive than its predecessor.

Externally, the crossover has not changed much. Branded "nostrils" of the radiator are enlarged and separated from the headlights. Fog changed the form: from round to hexagonal, elongated to the sides. And they are now LED. The body was slightly redrawn in order to improve aerodynamic characteristics. Weight distribution turned out perfect - fifty to fifty. The car "lost" fifty-five kilograms. The luggage compartment in the volume has not changed, despite the increase in the size of the car, with the rear seats unfolded it is 1600 liters, with the folded - 550. The clearance is 20.4 cm. The third generation BMW X3 has turned out more than the old BMW X5 Tidy in the cabin has become more "elegant", a multimedia touchscreen tablet with a diagonal of 10.2 inches is inserted into the central panel on top. The driver can control it and gestures. You can purchase a projection display, by the way, a color, digital instrument panel, a three-zone climate system and many different other previously unavailable options. Air suspension new BMW X3 no and never will. After paying, you can get a system of adaptive shock absorbers, or completely change the suspension to sports. The third generation BMW X3 has turned out more than the old BMW X5 In the fall, Bavarians will start selling. new generation BMW X3 in three trim levels. The first will have a 360-horsepower gasoline turbo engine under the hood, the other two - 190 and 265-horsepower diesel engines. All engines are paired with a hydromechanical eight-speed automatic transmission. And in a few months, most likely, by the beginning of 2018, there will be another equipment with a 252-horsepower gasoline engine. A little later - with 184-strong. The latest version will have rear-wheel drive and will sell it exclusively in the United States. The third generation BMW X3 has turned out more than the old BMW X5 Prices are not known yet, but the fool is clear that the new generation model will be more expensive than its predecessor. Today is the cheapest BMW X3 the second generation is worth in our market 2 million 780 thousand rubles. Last year in our country BMW X3 bought 2824 times, and the flagship model BMW X5 - 5203 times. This is still the best-selling model of the Bavarian auto brand in our country. The third generation BMW X3 has turned out more than the old BMW X5 Most recently, BMW held a presentation of the sixth series of the new generation of the Gran Turismo liftback.

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