New dongfeng ax4 - dongfeng ax4 2017–2018: the beginning of

In September 2017, sales of a new generation of Dongfeng crossovers, the miniature AX4, were launched in the domestic market of China (photo below). The Dongfeng Company, or Dongfeng (East Wind), by paradoxical coincidence of circumstances, is known in Russia directly bordering China with much less than in European countries. So, one should not expect a particularly successful start of sales of a new car in the first months. However, AH4 is a worthy competitor not only for domestic, but also for a part of foreign products. Making the necessary adjustments over time, Dongfeng is likely to be able to firmly gain a foothold in the Russian market in the niche of budgetary crossovers.

Photo: the new Dongfeng AX4 2017-2018

Photo: the new Dongfeng AX4 2017-2018

Of course, there is no need to talk about any premium class: although the approximate price of a mini crossover also exceeds the cost of many products of thought of domestic engineers, the 2017-2018 Dongfeng AX4 (photo below) is positioned by Chinese developers as a car intended for the general consumer and by default devoid of luxury items.

A potential buyer from Russia, initially doubting the quality of products from the Middle Kingdom, will be useful to learn a little about the history and reputation of Dongfeng: this will allow an unbiased assessment of the prospects for acquiring a new AH4 without wasting time on unproductive doubts.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation - one of the oldest and most influential Chinese automakers, existing since 1969. The method of managing the company is semi-state, traditional for China: in terms of commercial issues, management retains full independence, but the state makes the most fundamental decisions that affect the organization’s fate.

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