Czechs with might and main to work on a compact crossover

Чехи вовсю трудятся над компактным кроссовером Skoda Fabia Following the Skoda Kodiak, the Czechs began developing a subcompact crossover for the Skoda Fabia model line. But despite the class of crossover, they are going to make it spacious enough, because many customers scold off-road subcompacts for the lack of cabin volume and external dimensions. Information about the new development of Czech auto builders is still very little. The Czechs have not yet come up with names for the novelty, but there is a provisional name - Skoda Fabia SUVwhich is still called new crossover. On the question of the volume of the subcompact crossover, which is extremely small for most car enthusiasts of this particular brand, the developers think  Skoda  fit, as they say, with a twinkle. Recall liftback Skoda Octavia, which clearly made in terms of the size of all its competitors in the segment. From the same series, an example is the Skoda Superb flagship sedan, which is “stuck” on the transition from the D-class to the business class. Moreover, including due to the volume. Therefore, compact Skoda parketWithout a doubt, will not disappoint lovers of small but spacious cars. Чехи вовсю трудятся над компактным кроссовером Skoda Fabia The Czechs haven’t decided yet on which of the available platforms to make a new product. Experts are confident that the only suitable platform for the new subcompact Czech crossover today will be the modular MQB-A0 trolley. By the way, the power module, the module of the steering system with EUR and all the electrics from the MQB platform completely migrated to it. This means that the ground clearance, axle spacing and track of the car on this platform can vary significantly from model to model. Чехи вовсю трудятся над компактным кроссовером Skoda Fabia The only thing about which so far you can be almost one hundred percent sure is that Fabia SUV crossover all-wheel drive will not receive. It will only front wheel drive. The fact is that the Czechs analyzed the demand for cars of the same model with 4x4 drive and only with the front one. They investigated the model Nissan Juke. The number of citizens who chose to buy all-wheel drive juka it turned out so little that it can be completely neglected. There is no demand for all-wheel drive! It was for this reason that the French did not invest in the production of all-wheel drive Renault Captur. As mentioned above, the official name of the new crossover has not yet been invented. But there is information that the patent office received applications for several names for the car. Among them, the "Skoda Aratan" and "Skoda Airon". Another possible name sounds like a Skoda Polar.

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Примерно так будет выглядеть new crossover Шкода Фабия

There will be a novelty in the dealerships of Skoda only in 2018. It will be a competitor to the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur, VW based on Polo and Seat Arona. Seat Arona will be available in a couple of months.