Stages tuning salon vaz 2109

The desire to make tuning the cabin VAZ 2109 appears at a time when the driver wants something new and looking more aesthetically pleasing. And here you have to decide who and how will do everything: a specialist in the cabin or the driver will take up the cause himself.

Tuning salon VAZ 2109

If you decide to customize the cabin VAZ 2109 yourself, then you need to buy new instrument scales of the desired color, special automotive LEDs for all devices, self-adhesive film, fluorescent paint, Vibroplast M2, bases and sockets, wires, new steering wheel and the like and the tools. When all gathered, you can proceed.

Tuning instrument panel VAZ 2109

That dashboard that is installed in the car, remove with glasses and inserts. After that you need to expand the holes under the arrows of the speedometer, dismantle the board with backlight. After that, boldly install new neon bulbs, place the control unit, make the missing holes in the partitions, carefully make all the measurements, and pass the wires, insert the arrows, cover plate and glue.

Interior tuning: insulation and trim on the VAZ 2109

After the dashboard began to look like it should, you can proceed to the organization of noise insulation, which is an important step in tuning the VAZ 2109. To do this, you have to disassemble the entire cabin and remove the trim. Cover the vacated space with sheets of “Vibroplast M2”.

They will need fourteen pieces or more with a thickness of 0.6 millimeters and a length of 0.9 meters. When complete this difficult procedure, you can proceed to an even more difficult process - trim the cabin. The first thing you need to sheathe the ceiling. Immediately, we note that the ceiling professionals glue twice with an interval of five minutes, and then leave to dry until the next day. Further, taking into account the color scheme, sheathe the dashboard, doors, the area next to the checkpoint, sun visors and more.

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After plating, proceed to the installation of the steering wheel, replacing the gear knob, pedals, buttons, rugs. In other words, do not forget about all the little things in the cabin, since it is they who can eventually spoil the overall impression. Look at the tuning of the cabin of the VAZ 2109 photo to see how important small parts are, which help to create a certain style of car.

Completion of the cabin design VAZ 2109

The final stage will be the installation of new seats: ordinary or equipped with heating and massage, sports seats or any other option that fits into the new salon.

You can install a new audio system, speakers and amplifiers, GPS, an LCD screen from a vehicle into an updated cabin, and place a subwoofer in the trunk if you really want to. Here it is already a matter of what needs you have and what you generally expect from an updated auto salon.

You will spend a few days on all this work with the support of assistants, but the result will pay for all the work. If, looking at the tuning of the cabin of the VAZ 2109 photo, you understand that you can hardly cope with the work yourself, then you should entrust it to the real experts in your field. Yes, they will do everything faster and better, but it will require more money for labor than if you carry out all the work yourself.

As an option, to learn at least something, you can watch a video about tuning the interior of the VAZ 2109, how everything is done. We offer you one of the options for this video, but this is not limited to this. It is necessary to enter into the search engine the phrase “tuning the cabin of the VAZ 2109” in order to get a huge number of possible tuning options.

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And here's a video about how to make the highlight: