Haima 7 and m3 fell until september 2015

H love horse 7 и M3 подешевели до сентября 2015 года

Another brand from the Middle Kingdom has joined the trend of a total reduction in the price of Chinese cars for the Russian car enthusiast. This is about Haima lineup. In our market, it is represented by only two cars - H love horse 7 SUV and Haima M3 sedan, however, in several versions, from budget to top. Announced discounts will be valid until September 2015. Sedan Haima M3 began to cost less by almost ninety thousand wooden rubles. Parquet SUV H love horse 7 save customers up to fifty thousand. According to the leaders of the Russian representation of the Haima brand, this special action will significantly increase the attention and interest of the Russian buyer to their cars, presented in several trim levels and, moreover, having a rich set of additional options that the client can choose when buying. H love horse 7 и M3 подешевели до сентября 2015 года Taking into account discounts on sedan Haima M3 as standard until the beginning of autumn it can now be purchased for 470 kilorubles. Comfortable version will cost 510 thousand wooden. The sedan has a 1.5-liter gasoline engine under the hood, paired with a manual transmission. The maximum that you can squeeze out of it - 112 horsepower. H love horse 7 и M3 подешевели до сентября 2015 года H love horse 7 crossover in basic version worth six hundred thousand rubles, the basic version of the discount is not affected. The Deluxe version will empty the customer’s wallet for 780 kilo rubles. The most expensive equipment H love horse 7 Navigation worth 870 thousand wooden. The Chinese crossover is equipped with a two-liter gasoline engine for a hundred and fifty horses, it comes with a manual transmission and automatic transmission. H love horse 7 и M3 подешевели до сентября 2015 года As previously reported, the Chinese automaker decided to expand on our territory, hoping to stake out the positions left behind by General Motors. First, they will expand the range to start by new model Haima S5and, secondly, they will increase the number of dealership points to fifty-two by the end of this year, and thirdly, the Chinese want to produce parts for their cars at our car factories or even build their own.

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