Replacing the cabin filter do-it-yourself

When the windows often mist up in the cabin, the air is poorly ventilated, the stove does not heat efficiently at maximum conditions, then attention should be paid to the cabin filter. Already all modern cars are equipped with such an element of the air system. However, before changing the cabin filter, it will be necessary to find its structural arrangement.

Sometimes engineers install it unnecessarily deeply, but in most cars the filter can be replaced by the car owner itself within 10-20 minutes. Replacing it once, the driver next time will spend much less time searching and disassembling it. Visit the station for such a procedure is hardly worth it.


  • 1 Cabin Filter Design and Function
  • 2 Terms of operation
  • 3 Independent replacement
  • 4 Conclusion

Cabin Filter Design and Function

The first such filters appeared on foreign cars in the 80s. Such barriers prevented dust and large particles from entering the cabin. Non-woven filter material satisfactorily coped with its responsibilities, although the replacement of the cabin filter was carried out often.

how to quickly change the cabin filter

The location of the cabin filter in foreign cars

The modern device of this element of the air system involves several layers that serve as a barrier to garbage. It is considered normal to block particles up to 5 microns in diameter.

An additional layer in the design is activated carbon distributed over the area. Its task is to prevent soot particles and soot from entering the cabin, as well as blocking certain types of gases.

Hybrid models have maximum efficiency. In addition to the coal layer and mechanical protection, such filters have antimicrobial protection and blocking from electrostatics. In some cases, there is an additional aromatization of air.

No self-cleaning of such air cleaners occurs. They should be replaced, since the passageways become clogged with dirt, the effectiveness of the remaining filter layers decreases with time, moisture is retained, and an unpleasant odor forms in the cabin.

Terms of operation

It is recommended to change the most popular simple paper filters in the form of a corrugated cassette after an average of 5000 km of run. If the operating conditions are extreme, then inspection and replacement are carried out at a more frequent frequency.

You need to know that regular trips on a dusty primer lead to quick clogging of the filter.

how to change the cabin filter in the car
Step 1. Unscrew the mounting bolts
how to change the cabin filter
Step 2. We remove the screws
Where is the cabin air filter in a foreign car
Step 3. Remove the protective plastic
how to change the cabin filter
Step 4. We get the old filter
Can I make my own replacement cabin filter
Step 5. We put a new one and collect everything in its place
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City roads with a high concentration of exhaust gases and polluted air also do not contribute to the long life of such a cleaner. If the car is operated in a more benign mode, then the question of how to change the cabin filter will arise soon.

Signs to replace are poor efficiency performance stove and air conditioning. You also need to check the condition of the filter with a long lasting unpleasant odor when the cabin is turned on. On the low performance of his work says high humidity in the cabin and strong fogging of the glasses.

Self replacement

It is possible to find out where the cabin air filter is located in the VAZ family of vehicles with the help of an automobile atlas. Indeed, on the “old” “dozens”, produced before 2003, it has a vertical location, and on later machines, the designers installed it horizontally.

To replace, you need to take the key for 10, unscrew the nuts. Then remove the screws and remove the latches. The washing system does not have to be affected, it is enough to loosen the plastic to release the passage. Next, push the hand into the heater, and, turning the corrugation, we get it out. Now we put the new filter back, checking the density of the installation. After that, fix the plastic cover.

In foreign cars, such as the Nissan Tiida, it can be positioned in such a way that its replacement passes through the salon. To do this, remove the glove box and change this item.


The operation to replace the cabin filter does not require highly skilled performer. Everything can be done independently. For proper selection of the filter cassette, you need to rewrite the label from the original product, and then select the appropriate replacement for it. Sometimes externally similar products have different properties.