Should i choose climate control instead of air conditioning?


Modern motorists have become accustomed to comfortable movement - almost every new car is now equipped with air conditioning, which complements the heater.

Climate control car

This allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin at any time of year, regardless of weather conditions or the time of day. However, some manufacturers offer such an option as climate control, which is most often installed on expensive vehicle modifications.

Читать далее,что лучше - климат контроль или кондиционер-->Его принцип действия очень похож на работу кондиционера, хотя они различаются некоторыми важнейшими нюансами. Поэтому нам стоит рассмотреть, что лучше: климат-контроль или кондиционер, и в чём заключаются отличия между этими системами.

What is climate control?

Under the loud name of climate control hides an automated control system that is responsible for the functions of the air conditioner and the heater in the car. Unlike simpler systems, where the driver simply regulates the force of the flow of hot or cold air, trying to achieve an optimum temperature setting by such manual adjustment, here you can simply select the desired indicator.

Having set the desired temperature level on the climate control, the driver gives the command to maintain it for a long time. Depending on the change in temperature, humidity and the level of atmospheric rarefaction, the system will issue a command to turn on the air conditioner or heater, which will help maintain comfortable conditions in the car.

4 zone climate control

Climate control can be both semi-automatic and fully automated. In the second case, the system controls not only the activation of the air conditioner or the heater, but also the adjustment of the air flow intensity and the direction of its distribution. Automatic climate control is better for those who want to enjoy maximum comfort, without making any effort to adjust the basic parameters.

As an example of his work, one can cite the situation when, after opening a side window, cold air enters the car - according to the laws of thermodynamics, it goes down, creating a considerable difference between the temperature in the legs and near the human head. Sensors detect this difference and give the command to strengthen the supply of hot air to the legs - climate control levels the temperature in the car and then returns to normal operation.

Climate control air flow

In addition, climate control can extend its effect to several zones in the car. If the air conditioner always supplies air of the same temperature to all parts of the passenger compartment, then in this case its microclimate can be maintained in each separate part of it. There are the following types of climate control:

  • Single-zone - the simplest option, which differs from the usual conditioner only by automatic temperature control;
  • Dual-zone - allows you to select different microclimate settings for the first and second row of seats;
  • Three-zone - sets separate parameters for the driver, front passenger and rear passenger compartment;
  • Four-zone - this climate control is installed only on the most expensive cars with four individual seats (for example, on sports cars or representative sedans).

Of course, climate control systems, which can set individual settings for each part of the cabin, are quite expensive, so it is almost impossible to meet them in cars worth up to 35 thousand dollars.


Unlike conventional air conditioning, climate control does not require constant adjustment. Consequently, the driver is less distracted from the road, which provides a greater level of traffic safety. In addition, the use of an automated system provides much greater comfort.

Air conditioning supplies cold air

The air conditioner cannot work in automatic mode and maintain the same temperature in the cabin.

It is worth noting that climate control makes it possible to set the exact temperature in the car with an error of no more than 1-2 degrees. This opportunity gives him control of two systems at once - a heater and an air conditioner. Therefore, an automated node will be better for those who have difficulty choosing the optimal parameters for themselves and have to spend a lot of time searching for them.

Also, climate control can significantly accelerate the warm-up of the car in the winter. The automatic distribution of air flow makes it possible to heat all parts of the cabin evenly, preventing the formation of a temperature difference between the upper and lower zones. Similarly, the air conditioner operates in the summer, which is controlled by an automated system.


Climate control cars are best not to buy for those who want to choose a simple and affordable vehicle. Installing such an automated device automatically increases the cost of the machine by approximately 1-3 thousand dollars. In addition, many manufacturers include climate control in other option packages that may be useless in this car. In addition, many people who are not too sensitive to small fluctuations in ambient temperature do not need climate control at all. For them, an expensive automated site will be nothing more than a marketing ploy. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% manufacturer.

Climate control panel

In addition, the use of modern electronics also makes it difficult to repair a car. If in a conventional air conditioner most of the parts can be replaced independently, and the rest can be handled in the “garage service”, the work with the automatic installation will be very complicated. You also have to face large expenses, for example, the climate control unit costs about $ 500, and servos, which are responsible for controlling the heater and air conditioner, cost about $ 200–300.

At the same time, the air conditioner can be installed independently - all you need to do is to know the device of the car and have basic technical skills. The installation of the air conditioner even on old domestic cars is offered by numerous companies that give a guarantee of quality and are ready to serve such units in the future. The automatic system on the car is installed exclusively by the manufacturer, which is associated with the great complexity of such a system, as well as the need to purchase special components.

Work separate climate control

Work separate climate control

Of course, a heater and an air conditioner can always be equipped with adjustment actuators connected to sensors installed in the cabin, and an improvised climate control can be obtained with their help. However, it is better not to deal with such modifications, since they will require a lot of time and will not allow obtaining more or less reliable results.

Climate Solutions

The use of climate control is fully justified in cases where the cabin needs to maintain a comfortable temperature with an accuracy of a degree and instantly restore it when the situation changes. In addition, this system helps to warm up or cool the car interior faster depending on the current time of the year, which also contributes to increased convenience.

Climate control setting

However, this has to be paid for by increased costs for the purchase of a car, as well as the higher cost of repairing the vehicle. Therefore, for a car of budget or middle class air conditioning is a good alternative to the automatic system. Despite the fact that it requires manual adjustment, this unit is quite easy to manage and does an excellent job without creating any additional problems.