Soon the cars of russians will be equipped with "black

Russians will soon equip cars So heavy situation with accidents got our native government that it decided to start a fight with the "racers" in a radical way, which is to ensure total control over any car that moves through the territory of the Russian Federation. Some devices integrated into the electronic filling of the car directly at the factory will carry out surveillance, they will send navigation information about the nature of the movement of the machine through the satellite to the database EGGS (Unified state environment for transmitting navigation information). These data will be analyzed, compared with the mode of movement on each particular part of the route, and if the speed was exceeded, the driver will be fined. Can you imagine how much a law-abiding driver can see in a “penalty” payment, if on the way he exceeded the speed in one trip not one or two, but several dozen times?

Russians will soon equip cars Idea come up EGGS belongs to the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation A. Tsydenov. That's just the idea of ​​an idea, but how to implement it when there are four tens of millions of drivers in the country is completely incomprehensible. If you equip each car with a device called conditionally a “black box” by analogy with airplanes, how much money do you need to pay for it? But besides devices, you need EGNOS infrastructure, the most powerful servers for information processing, technical staff, etc., and so forth. And so forth. And where there is government money, there are kickbacks to officials. Because of this, the amount will generally become astronomical. During the economic crisis, we only lacked this. The Russian government hopes that the new motorists surveillance system will work in Russia by 2020. To this end, all the specialized ministries received an order to develop all the documentation as soon as possible.

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Herself the EGNOS system will be based on the existing one ERA-GLONASS, which by law must be provided every new car sold in our country, starting in 2010. Meanwhile GLONASS system operating normally since the beginning of this year. Today, a number of auto brands are already releasing new cars with integrated Glonass terminals: these are Lada, Mercedes, Ford, and Bentley. Russians will soon equip cars Government with the introduction EGGS would like the system to record everything traffic violations on the roadand not just speeding. But the fact is that this is impossible to do. There are forty two million machines in the country so that each of them is under interactive control, there is not enough for analyzing information and hundreds of atomic colliders. But all the same, it seems to the officials that they are not convinced by the conclusions of technical experts. Or maybe not weak kickbacks that will be provided for them in this project, do not allow them to sleep at night?

By the way, our road police will soon be able to turn off the engine at a distance at the car violator of traffic rules. This feature has already been developed in ERA-GLONASS.