Selection of janitors by car brand

High-quality windscreen visibility is maintained during bad weather with precipitation with windshield wipers. To remove snow or raindrops in cars, you can set different modes of intensity of the wipers. Splashing glass capable and passing oncoming cars.

In all cases, such external processes are an increased risk factor. It is especially important to be extremely attentive to the driver in such situations on the road with heavy traffic.

how to carry out the selection of janitors for car brand

Cleaners do not always cope with increased load. Also, the elastic material from the work surface gradually wears out and needs to be replaced. The culprit in this case would be an abrasive in the form of sand, dirt, small pebbles. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right car wipers for cars.


  • 1 The right choice.
    • 1.1 Frame
    • 1.2 Frameless
    • 1.3 Hybrids
  • 2 Overall parameters
  • 3 Features of choice
  • 4 Conclusion

Right choice

On the market there is a fairly large number of models and varieties of janitors. The differences between them are both in price and the manufacturer, as well as in the quality of goods and overall parameters. The main classification by which wiper blades can be divided includes three varieties of this automotive device: frame, frameless and hybrids.


Traditionally, models of frame construction are put on cars of domestic production. The working rubber strip is placed on the rocker system with several hinges. In the past, the metal base was made of steel elements.. It is quite heavy in the whole structure. Now more applied light-alloy materials.

how to pick up car wipers for cars

New wipers that do not have steel components, got rid of the old "sores", characteristic of the majority of unreliable structures. In the updated frame, the wear of the rubbing and moving elements has decreased significantly. Also in the past there was a backlash, negatively affecting the operation of wipers.

New materials are not quickly covered with corrosion, as steel predecessors do. The degree of frosting also decreased. Largely benefits come from plastic parts. At the same time, the rigidity of new products is quite high, which allows for a reliable fit to the windshield.

There are also disadvantages that budget models suffer to a greater degree. Often, low-quality plastic is used for them, which does not tolerate various weather conditions. Subsequently, it collapses due to shells and cracks. Such a state can lead cheap wipers to the occurrence of backlash and possible squeaks during operation.

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The appearance on the market of frameless models saved car owners from many traditional "diseases" of frame analogues. Some copies of these janitors are similar to spoilers. At the heart of their design are two metal plates that are embedded in a molded plastic module. Plates securely fix the working rubber tape. In the middle is the mounting bracket, and the edges are covered with plastic shaped cups.

how is the selection of janitors for car brand

The main The advantage of frameless models is excellent low temperature tolerance., because they practically do not freeze at this time. Due to the minimum number of components and removal of devices from the device by the designers of friction hinges, bushings, axles, all negative factors are reduced. Making the selection of brushes for the brand of car, car owners choose this type of wipers.

The service life of frameless pairs is higher than that of the frame. During operation, they move almost silently, providing a quality fit over the entire surface of the glass.

However, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of such a design. They are not universal, you will need to decide on the bend and mounting design to the bracket.


Proper selection of janitors for the brand of car can be made among the types of designs that combine the qualities of the two previous types of wipers. This type is called mixed or hybrid. Traditional wipers handed over their frame with a yoke and hinges. From frameless type came plastic casing in the form of a spoiler.

how to perform the selection of brushes for car brand

The quality of cleaning obtained after the work of these wipers is noticeably higher than that of the classical model, and they also have a longer period of effective operation. These properties increase the final cost of the product. However, it is compensated by the performance characteristics due to the use of high-quality materials in the manufacture.

Overall parameters

After the car owner has decided on the type of product, you need to choose a model in length. Sedans have a pair of brushes, and for wagons, crossovers and hatchbacks there is also a third wiper located on the rear window. Do not leave it "native." For each product, automakers calculated a certain length in order to most effectively handle the largest area.

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how to choose the right car wipers for cars

The manual has a car janitor length guidelines, but no one forbids to try to find the most comfortable parameters by yourself. It is only necessary that the following parameters be respected:

  • the length should not go beyond the dimensions of the glass;
  • brushes must work so as not to cling to each other;
  • Preload need one that will ensure a snug fit to the glass.

what the wiper blades look like

An example would be Daewoo Lanos, for which the auto company recommends using a pair of brushes of the same length of 475 mm. In this case, car owners, ignoring such a recommendation, put diversified copies of 500 and 450 mm.

Selection features

Having understood the intricacies of popular designs, you need to live to make the right choice. To do this, you need to carefully look at the products offered by the seller. Be sure to open the sealed box and view the product for the absence of factory and other defects:

  • We control the degree of uniformity of material texture and color along the entire length of the working surface. The rubber blade should not have any cast burrs or scuff marks. The working edge must be sharp without any rounding.
  • During bending, touching elements must move freely. No backlash should be.
  • Some cars may have a rare design of locks, brackets or the entire janitor. Universal models for replacement in this case will not go. For such machines it will be enough to change the working rubber or look for a similar mount. The length in this case is adjusted independently.
  • There are several traditionally used fixing wipers. These include the side pin, hook, button, side clip, bayonet. On classic vases there are bayonet fastenings. For modern domestic cars used hook.

how to pick up car wipers on cars


Poor cleaning forces the driver to buy new wipers. If the old wipers begin to appear frequent stains, it means that the rubber blade has lost its properties. Such a condition can lead to scratching the glass with too hard rubber or abrasive grains that collect in the gaps. No need to save on wipers, so as not to have to buy a new windshield.

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