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Residents of the capital are interested in what gas stations are better to refuel in Moscow. Presented rating of gas stations focuses on quality, as well as additional benefits offered by the station.

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The role of fuel quality

The durability and serviceability of the car depends on the quality of the fuel, so car owners need to think about which refueling they should better provide the car with fuel. It is no secret that even the far from the best gas stations claim that they have excellent fuel levels, and they have no equal. These are promotional tricks and attempts to win the trust of customers. But often promises disagree with reality.

For some reason, many drivers do not think about which gas stations to fill in the tank with gasoline or diesel fuel. Some do focus on the most affordable prices.

But, saving on gasoline, you gradually go to the inevitable costly repair of the machine. If you regularly refuel at bad quality gasoline stations, it will provide the following problems:

  • problems starting the engine;
  • premature wear of candles;
  • damage to the fuel system elements;
  • engine pollution, etc.

In many ways, the quality depends on the octane number. But unscrupulous gas stations in Moscow and other cities increase it by adding additives. So, magically, the usual A92 is converted into an A95, for example. But in fact, the characteristics of such an artificially raised to 95 octane number of fuel will be lower than that of a real A95 without impurities.

The main problem at domestic gas stations, including Moscow, is a large amount of impurities, which should not be in the fuel. These include various acids, alkali, garbage, organic components, etc. Refueling with such fuel, you cause serious damage to the entire car.

Low-grade fuel at the gas station

Appearance of low grade fuel

If necessary, fill the tank of diesel fuel or gasoline, the car owner must call at the gas station and pay for the service.

Not always, even gas stations with a good name provide customers with high-quality fuel. There are several reasons for the appearance of such a fuel.

  1. Attitude of leadership. Even the highest quality gas stations can spoil the bad bosses. Negligence and irresponsibility lead to the fact that the head simply does not follow the rules of storage, transportation of gasoline, and sometimes just steals, pouring some cheap impurities together with stolen fuel. Or it is a common practice to use a tank from a diesel engine to transport gasoline without prior cleaning.
  2. Pollution. Yes, dirt can get into the fuel at the production stage. But there are also gas station wines, which do not provide proper conditions for storage or transfusion from a tanker truck to their own containers during deliveries.
  3. Non-compliance with the stated characteristics. Sick place of our gas station industry. Often under the A95 icon is A92, but just with added impurities. And sometimes even 92 give out for 95, without changing the characteristics even of special chemistry.
  4. Composition. Even high quality additives can provide good fuel characteristics. But this is not done at many gas stations, using the cheapest chemistry possible. As a result, the quality drops noticeably, the cars refueled at such stations break.

The best gas stations

Now to the question of which gas station is still the best in the capital.

As you can see, the fact that you refuel and what the quality of diesel or gasoline plays is very important. Because we have collected for you the best gas stations that operate on the territory of Moscow.

The quality of the proposed fuel, the level of trust and the reputation of the company are taken into account. Yes, there may be exceptions due to unfair direct management of individual stations. But in the majority on these gas stations the most optimum fuel is offered.


Rosneft in Moscow

Good gas station with good fuel

Included in the number of good gas stations. Many people call these gas stations the best quality gasoline. Confident leader of the Russian market, which offers constant availability of fuel. One of the few gas stations where fuel is supplied uninterruptedly, so you can hardly see signs of the absence of gasoline.

In addition to gasoline, they offer diesel fuel, gas, engine oils. Plus, the network of gas stations have their own branded goods of their own production. It satisfies the need for diesel, delivers without problems and interruptions.

They have about 2 thousand gas stations across the country. In Moscow, there was a place for an impressive number of gas stations, so there will be no problems with finding them.


Lukoil in Moscow

АЗС Lukoil занимают прочное второе место среди АЗС Москвы

Large network, which can give second place. The company has won many awards and quality marks, including environmental.

An important advantage of these gas stations is the proposed fuel that meets the strict standards of Euro 5. Fuel is relatively affordable in terms of quality and is excellent for domestic cars.

Foreign cars are also recommended to fill here, because the manufacturer is trying to make high quality fuel without additives. But they are, and everyone understands this. Although the fuel system Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% there is no negative impact, as at many cheap dubious gas stations.

The quality is fully consistent with the cost, because then refueling is profitable and rational.


Gazpromneft in Moscow

The fuel sold at Gazpromneft meets Euro 4 standards

Another major player in the gas station market. Realized fuel complies with Euro 4.

A couple of years ago, this gas station in Moscow might not have given such high marks, but everything changed for the better.

The subject of network pride is G Drive 98. This is a relatively new type of fuel offered at gas stations, which has excellent technical characteristics and an octane rating. A great fuel option for expensive cars for which the car owner does not spare money.

Customers note that the presence of such gasoline in the fuel system has a positive effect on the dynamics, engine performance and accelerator pedal responses during acceleration.


shell in Moscow

One of the best gas stations of the capital

Gas station in Moscow, which can be called, if not the best, then one of the best in the capital. Shell itself has a big name and an excellent reputation.

While there is no reason to doubt the veracity of these statements, the network of petrol stations did not give. It really offers high quality fuel with excellent performance.

Fuel fully complies with strict international quality standards, is the best choice for domestic cars and expensive cars. Plus, all types of fuel are environmentally friendly, its production is carried out in compliance with the state standard.


phaeton in Moscow

Phaeton - one of the leaders of gas stations in Moscow

Remains among the leaders. One of the networks of gas stations, which bring imported fuel of the highest quality.

The supplier is StatOil. NRG 95 deserves special attention. This is gasoline that meets the highest German quality standards. At the same time, the price remains at an affordable and democratic level.

An important advantage is the use of a minimum amount of impurities. And the company does not hide it. The composition is environmentally friendly, which allows to extend the life of the engine and ensure maximum performance of its work.

A distinctive feature of the network is the fact that three factories act simultaneously as suppliers.


TNK in Moscow

A large and sought-after player among gas stations in Moscow

Although a little scandalous, but a very large and sought-after player in the Moscow gas station market.

Если вы хотите относительно недорогое топливо, которое полностью соответствует стандартам Евро 5, выбирайте TNK. Такая жидкость для заправки автомобилей благотворно влияет на технические характеристики, повышает производительность мотора и обеспечивает сохранность узлов двигателя.

The advantage is that quite a lot of these stations are scattered around Moscow, so there are no problems with finding them.


bp in Moscow

BP ranks among the best in Moscow

One of the most famous networks of gas stations in Europe. This is British Petroleum.

The entry of gas stations in the number of the best in Moscow does not surprise anyone. Many would give her first place, but the rather high cost still makes it drop in the rating.

But if you take into account only quality without relation to price, then you have the best fuel in the Russian capital. The supplier is the largest oil refining company in the world.

For impeccable quality you have to pay. But with such gasoline, you can be sure that the car works perfectly, the engine gets perfect power and performance shows its maximum.


gas station track in Moscow

Young network of gas stations

A very young network of gas stations, which appeared in Moscow relatively recently.

But in a short period, the network of gas stations managed to gain enormous popularity. The quality is not standard, but it fully satisfies the average consumer.

Recent studies in the laboratory allowed us to determine the high level of quality and environmental friendliness of fuel. It was not an advertising move, but a real test, which was crowned with success for the network.

The advantage of the company is regular self-improvement. They have competently organized teams of employees, always polite attitude towards customers, a range of additional goods and services.

Не так давно появился новый вид топлива, который назвали Премиум Спорт. Заправлять им можно не только спортивные автомобили, но вот на динамику бензин влияет действительно хорошо. Потому для машин с большим количеством лошадиных сил мы рекомендуем именно этот тип горючего, если собираетесь заправляться в московской сети Track.


Tatneft in Moscow

Tatneft очень распространенная сеть АЗС

The network of petrol stations that is very widespread not only in Moscow, but throughout the country. Largely due to the availability and the ratio of good quality with the price is among the leaders.

The supplier is a local oil refining company operating in the territory of the Russian capital.

The advantage is constant quality control. All batches of fuel undergo a thorough laboratory analysis, the results of which are easy to learn.

In terms of additives, everything is fine here too. The company adds them, but uses strictly high-quality additives that can, without prejudice to cars, positively affect the mixture, the octane number and protect the engine from premature wear.

Also, customer reviews suggest that they are not trying to increase the octane number by adding chemistry. Refueling with A95 gasoline, you can be sure that it was you who were filled in with A95, and not the chemically improved A92.

There are no facts of underfilling or deception, which, by the way, is rare for many Moscow automobile gas stations.


If you need almost an ideal ratio of price and quality, choose this Moscow network. Of course, any fuel is far from ideal, but serious intentions in this direction are clearly visible.

An important aspect is the fact that this network acts as the only one on the territory of Moscow, which is controlled by the government.

The proposed gasoline and diesel fuel meet the stringent standards of Euro 4, and their quality is checked by laboratories.

With all its advantages in terms of quality, prices are surprising in a pleasant sense of the word.


Sibneft in Moscow

Muscovites have no complaints about the quality of Sibneft fuel

A company that has an extremely powerful technical base. Due to this, the production of oil is carried out from great depths, when compared with key competing companies.

The company developed rapidly and in a short time became one of the leaders. There are no complaints about the quality of their fuel on the territory of Moscow filling stations. All on high quality. Largely due to the widespread use of advanced technology and the use of high quality additives.

Because the technical base remains relevant, here you can and need to refuel.

Only you decide where you will fill your own car. But to save, trying to fill the cheapest gasoline, definitely not worth it. This entails many problems.

And which gas stations in Moscow do you think are the best and why? Be sure to write your opinion in the comments and argue.

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