Removing the front bumper on hyundai solaris

At present, most cars have plastic bumpers. If you look at the positive side of the plastic, then if it is damaged, the plastic bumper can be repaired easily enough by the car owner himself. What about the metal bumper hard to say. If you become a party to an accident in which the front bumper was damaged, do not rush to go to the car wash, you yourself are able to repair it and replace it with individual parts. From the material of this article, you can learn how to independently remove the bumper on the Hyundai Solaris.

It should be noted that the Hyundai Solaris has a low landing, there may be some difficulties, if of course there is no inspection pit in your garage. If the pit is missing, then you can jack up the front of the car, and install the support to ensure maximum safety, and prevent the car from rolling.

Removing the front bumper on Hyundai Solaris

From the tools you will need:

  1. - Wrench on "10";
  2. - Phillips screwdriver;

You will have to work with plastic accurately and accurately, this will allow you not to damage the fragile plastic caps that fix the bumper on the outside.

If you still want to save on car service, follow simple rules:

  • - Upon completion of all preparatory operations, disconnect the “-” terminal on the battery;
  • - Unscrew the two fixing caps from the right and left sides on the inside of the bumper;
  • - Under the headlights also unscrew the bolts from the inside, you need to tinker a little here. If you turn the wheels to the right, then to the left, the task is made easier;
  • - Remove the fog lights, and open the six clips under the hood:
  • - After that, unscrew the mounting bolts, and that's it, the bumper can be removed.
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From all this it can be seen that the task is quite simple. The difficulties lie only in the approaches to the fasteners.