Rating the best cars up to 450 thousand rubles


For many, buying a car is not an ordinary event, and you need to approach it with full responsibility. If your budget proposes to spend up to 450,000 rubles to buy a car, then the choice you will have is quite large. The following groups of machines can fall into this price range:

  • new cars of domestic and imported, related to the economy version;
  • used cars of a higher class.

You will have to determine when buying a car for 450000, which is better - used or new cars.

The best cars up to 450,000 rubles

Rating cars up to 450,000 rubles.

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New cars for 450000 rubles

In that case, if you have little experience in choosing cars or you basically want a new car, then you need to understand that choosing cars up to 450,000 rubles will need to be among the new cars of budget options. All inexpensive cars can be divided into cars of domestic production and foreign cars.

Domestic cars

In this group you can find almost all products of AvtoVAZ cars. Lovers of "native" cars say that in recent times there has been a tendency towards continuous improvement of models. The build quality has changed quite a lot, and the manufacturer has presented a large number of model variants. The most popular models include Lada Grant, Lada Priora and Lada Largus. Also in good demand are Kalina Universal and Lada 4x4.

  1. LADA. The cost of new cars of this brand starts from about 350,600 rubles. But the basic equipment will be pretty "poor." Here you can find the front electric windows, one airbag, power steering. If the model will be equipped with another pillow, music system, parking assistant and alloy wheels, the cost of the car will rise to about 420000. You will have to pay at least 20,000 for the air conditioner. Unfortunately, it is worth noting that some modern models under the Lada brand will not be available for 450000 even in the basic configuration. LADA
  2. Kalina 2. This model will have the same equipment in the database as other Lada models, but in the luxury version you can order navigation and a stabilization system. Unfortunately, it is hardly necessary to rely on the luxury option in the presence of 450,000. Kalina 2
  3. BAD 4x4. Этот отечественный внедорожник тоже может попасть под категорию до 450 тыс. рублей, но это будет только базовая комплектация. В текущем 2018 году стартуют продажи новой модели кроссовера, который был создан на базе Renault Duster . Производители обещают снижение шумности автомобиля, улучшенные двигатель и подвеску, модифицированную систему торможения, полную замену экстерьера и интерьера. В салоне владельцев порадуют подогрев сидений, кондиционер и электропривод зеркал. BAD 4x4 Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru
  4. Datsun Sedan on-DO. This car is made at AvtoVAZ and only the name resembles a Japanese car. The model is very similar to Lada Grant, but still it has some improvements. Owners say better sound insulation, high ground clearance and roomy trunk. Like Lada Grant, Datsun on-DO has a very modest basic equipment, which has an anti-lock system added with increased emergency braking. Datsun on-DO

Low cost foreign cars

Almost all the major manufacturers of low-cost cars in the world tend to get into the Russian market, and today we can count a lot of completely different models. Let's try to deal with the most popular cars in our market.

Renault Logan

Renault Logan 2 in the basic configuration is quite possible to buy by investing in the amount we need. This version of the model appeared in our markets in 2014 and has a modern design. In addition, manufacturers note improved driving performance. With 450000, you can afford only the basic equipment, which includes only one airbag, immobilizer and audio package. If the car will have ABS, central locking, power windows for the front windows and an improved interior décor, the cost of the car will rise by about 50,000. Another 60,000 will have to pay for the full electric package, audio system, air conditioning and adjustable driver's seat.

Renault Logan

Daewoo Gentra

This car was developed on the basis of Chevrolet Lacetti and appeared on our market since 2013. The manufacturer offers us a basic version for 450000, which includes quite a lot of different equipment - airbag, all power accessories, power steering, audio package, central armrest, fog lights, immobilizer and central locking. For air conditioning, regular sound and automatic transmission you need to pay extra.

Daewoo Gentra

Kia Picanto

To invest in the amount claimed by us up to 450,000 rubles, this car can only be purchased with a manual transmission and only as standard. Here we will be offered two airbags, height adjustment and power steering, audio package and immobilizer. This car has a very compact size and is perfect for getting around the city. All other "buns" will need to be set at an additional cost.

Kia Picanto

Chinese cars

In the event that you do not have a bias towards the Chinese auto industry, then it is quite reasonable to pay attention to such brands as: Lifan Solano, Faw Oley, Geely GC6, Chery Indis, Geely MK. All the cars of the brands listed above fully fit the amount of 450,000 rubles. According to the reviews of the owners, all the brands are reliable enough, and all the flaws begin to manifest themselves even in the warranty period and are eliminated free of charge at dealerships. An important disadvantage that will need to be borne in mind is that it is not always possible to find the right part, and you will have to wait for a rather long time, sometimes several weeks, for a replacement. The strength of these budget models is their stuffing. Basic equipment often offers leather seats, 2 airbags, alloy wheels, audio system, parking sensors and very decent optics.

Used cars

In that case, if you decide to buy a used car, counting on 450,000, here you can choose two options:

  1. You can opt for budget cars of the recent year of release, but in the most complete set. For these purposes, you will need to consider all the listed early car brands.
  2. Choose a car of better-known manufacturers with a slightly higher mileage and an earlier model year.

Let's look at the second option in more detail. The market for used cars offers a fairly long range of cars up to 450,000 with mileage.


This type of body is most common in the production of cars. In such models, the trunk is structurally separated from the cabin. In our market you can find a large number of sedans of different price categories, completely different configuration and with different technical characteristics:

  1. Among the most popular sedans you can confidently choose Toyota Corolla. This is a sedan "C" class, which began to sell in Russia since 2008. In favor of the acquisition of this car say affordable and cheap service, a good security system, which includes two airbags, ABS system and fog. In addition, the car will have halogen headlights and LED daylight. Will delight and powerful, but quite economical engine. Here you can choose a model with mechanics or automatic. If you really try, you can find a car with almost full minced meat - adjustable steering wheel on the corner and departure, electric drives of all windows, heated mirrors, windshield and front seats, audio system.Toyota Corolla
  2. Volkswagen Polo Sedan. This car is somewhat inferior in popularity to Solaris or Rio, but in the used car market they can also be found in completely different trim levels. This is a very reliable German car with a somewhat restrained appearance. For the amount we have, we can easily get a five-year plan with a simple bundle, or we can look for an older car but with full minced meat. Many note the good build quality and inexpensive repair. The engine is quite economical, which is also important. The cabin is spacious and comfortable, not only for the driver and front seat passenger, but also for the rear-seat people, as well as a rather roomy trunk. In addition, you can find a car with heated front window, with windows, with foglights and other additions.Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Budget hatchback version

These are cars that have a door in the rear wall and a shortened rear overhang. These cars allow you to carry more cargo compared to sedans and, in addition, they have greater maneuverability in relation to the station wagon.

  1. Hyundai Solaris - this car has become a real bestseller of our automotive market. Especially attracts a very nice and modern look. A pleasant feeling remains from the interior trim. For 450000 rubles, you can find a fairly fresh and well-equipped cars. Although the restyled version is unlikely to be available. Solaris has a clear orientation to the Russian market and has gone through special improvements. The car can have two types of engines - 1.4 liters. and 1.6 l. Gearboxes are also available in two versions - a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual gearbox. In favor of this car say good build quality, economical fuel consumption, roomy trunk, cheap and affordable parts. Inside, you can find adjustable steering wheel, heated seats, several options for illuminating the panel and many other nice additions.Hyundai Solaris
  2. Renault Sandero. This car can be purchased with very low mileage, since its initial cost starts from 490000 rubles. However, in this embodiment, you can find only power steering, ABC, one airbag and engine protection. Everything else will be for an extra charge. When buying a used car, you can buy a car that already has two pillows, fog lights, steering wheel adjustment, power windows, an audio system, air conditioning and other options. Pleasantly please roomy trunk. A car can have two types of engine and both a manual gearbox and an automatic one. Plus will be the high ground clearance of cars - 195 mm., Which is extremely important for our roads.Renault Sandero
  3. Ford Fiesta. This five-door hatchback has a fairly presentable appearance. Its manufacturers have not foreseen the minimum configuration, and you will always find the adjustment of the steering wheel, front and normal airbags, seat adjustment, ESP, air conditioning, audio system, remote control key and power windows. With 1.6 liter engine. may be a manual or automatic transmission. In addition to the Fiesta, you can consider a variant of the Ford Focus.Ford Fiesta
  4. Kia Rio. This car is quite popular in Russia, so there is also a fairly wide choice on the used car market. Over 450000, you can search for the most “fresh” cars with a 1.4 liter engine, with a five-speed manual transmission, air conditioning, power steering and adjustable steering wheel height, airbags and power lifts. If you agree to a more “old” car, then you can look for additional options such as a 1.6-liter engine. with “hydromechanics”, multifunction steering, navigation, ЕSP, etc.Kia Rio

Comfortable and inexpensive generalists

All versatile persons assume an opportunity to transport dimensional cargoes with preservation of qualities of a sedan on transportation of passengers You can buy a car of this group with a minimum mileage of the following brands:

  1. Chevrolet Lacetti. This wagon is a good car for family trips over long distances. Manufacturers have worried about optimal comfort in the cabin for all passengers. In addition, special attention was paid to safety. Lacetti equipped with two airbags, central magnetic lock and headlight adjustment system. Particular attention was paid to the automatic transmission, it stands out well against the background of "automata" of other brands. Plus will be the availability of spare parts, and a fairly inexpensive repair. The low ground clearance and not very high-quality sound insulation worsen the impression.Chevrolet Lacetti
  2. Ford Focus 3 station wagon. This car has a good build quality and service availability. Owners of cars say the efficiency of this model and a large cargo capacity. Very roomy trunk allows you to carry a fairly bulky cargo. The car looks pretty solid and has halogen optics. The materials used in the interior trim are not very expensive, but they look very good. Manufacturers offer a fairly rich set of options from the security system to the leather steering wheel, seat heating, climate control system. The control of almost all electronics is carried out through a system located on the steering wheel. When choosing this model, it is worth considering the fact that this car has been present on our market for quite a long time, which means it will be quite easy to find spare parts and make repairs.Ford Focus 3 Estate


This car is well suited for people looking for something in between a passenger car and an SUV. They always have all-wheel drive, which helps a lot on our roads, especially in winter.

  1. Chery Tiggo. This is one of the most inexpensive crossovers found on our roads. This Chinese car is well known to our car enthusiasts. It can only be found in one configuration - a two-liter engine, mechanics, 2 airbags, power steering, heated seats and air conditioning, fog lights, central locking and audio. As can be seen from all of the above, the equipment is very good. Owners note the spacious cabin and roomy trunk. But this crossover has some obvious drawbacks - uneconomical fuel consumption, low noise insulation and quite often poor-quality assembly.Chery Tiggo
  2. Nissan Juke. This is perhaps the most compact crossover. He draws attention with his appearance, which was appreciated by young people. In it there is a certain sports orientation. The beetle is available with only one type of engine 1.6 l., But in several trim levels. You can find a car with the "mechanics", and with the "CVT". Completion of such cars includes all the "buns" that are available in the Chery Tiggo. Difficulties with the repair and regular maintenance of the owners almost does not arise. The disadvantages of this car include a harsh suspension and a small trunk, which can be increased by folding the rear seat backrest. Nissan Juke


We considered the most acceptable options for cars in the category of up to 450,000 rubles, but you decide which car to buy. Do not rush to make a purchase, the choice you have is quite extensive. Decide what exactly you want, sit behind the wheel of different cars and spend at least a small test drive. If you treat the choice responsibly, then the purchased car will give you a lot of positive emotions.