How to choose a car leather covers

Abroad, the use of autocovers is considered the prerogative of tuning fans, while in Russia they are exclusively business-oriented. About 80 percent of car owners at least once used covers, which is why today we will talk about how to choose leather covers for cars. Proper uniforms salon looks not only beautiful, but also practical. Automobile covers protect the upholstery from wear, as well as correct the posture. In addition, autocovers can be changed either from wear or simply by mood.

Leatherные чехлы на авто

Interior Style Covers

Before purchasing seat covers, it is worth considering what they are for. In addition to the protective properties, they must be washed and dry quickly. If there are children, it is necessary to take into account the presence of pockets, as well as to take into account the hypoallergenic material of which the protective elements are made. It is necessary to take into account that the cabin environment is unstable, the temperature drops and increases. The durability of the material should be at a height. The most durable ones are triplicated, they consist of several layers, which increases their wear resistance.


  • 1 Types of car covers
  • 2 Assignment of autocovers
  • 3 Car Seat Covers Material
  • 4 What should be car leather covers
  • 5 We decide on the choice of drawing and color

Types of car covers

The accessories market offers us the following three types:

  1. Universal. Sold as a set, they are designed for a vehicle with a spacious configuration of seats. This type belongs to the budget category, because it is sewn from cheap material and does not have a diverse range. However, this does not mean that they are of poor quality. Universal covers perfectly fit the seat, fully providing the required functionality.
  2. Model. This type is made according to the patterns of a specific machine model. It has a meager color range. Plus the fact that model autocovers in case of an accident allow airbags that are installed in the seats to freely fly out.
  3. Custom Made for a particular brand of car. A car enthusiast can order an individual autocover. He can choose absolutely any material, colors and shapes. Such products always sit perfectly on the seat. The only disadvantage is the high price.

    Leatherные чехлы на сиденье автомобиля

    Original custom covers

Assignment of autocovers

Argued that covers are needed only to protect the upholstery. But, there are some more useful properties:

  • keep the feeling of novelty in the cabin for a long time;
  • keep the surface from impacts;
  • transform the interior color tones;
  • show the sense of taste of the owner, give the budget room a solid look;
  • mask defects supported cars.

Car Seat Covers Material

During the selection of car covers, you need to consider the materials from which they are made. Today, the following materials are distinguished:

  • alcantara;
  • velours;
  • leatherette;
  • synthetics;
  • natural;
  • skin.

We will not describe the advantages of each of them, today attention is paid to the eco-leather and the skin. If you want to add respectability to the salon, then choose leather goods.

Car leather covers

Eco-Leather Cases

Eco-leather - looks rich, has an acceptable price. It is made simply, they take a dense fabric as a base and cover it with a polyurethane coating - an environmentally friendly product is obtained. It is famous for its resistance to temperature changes, ultraviolet and washing. The main advantage of eco-leather is micropores, through which air flows, therefore there is no smell and “greenhouse effect”. Such a breathable function is indispensable in the summer. In comparison with other materials, it is less demanding on the regularity of care.

In appearance, eco-leather is indistinguishable from genuine leather, but if the material is torn, the inside of the substitute, which cannot be hidden, will be noticeable.

Leather - treated animal skin. The material usually contains errors and irregularities. Processing takes place in several stages. First, the skin is soaked, and then cleaned of hair and dirt. At the end there is tanning, dyeing and coating with protective substances. If you want to add respectability to the salon, then choose leather cases. This soft material looks expensive and stylish.

How to start the choice of covers?

  1. Before buying leather covers for car seats, you must measure their seats. Measure back, total seat width, bottom cushion length. Please note that many manufacturers indicate on the packaging dimensions of the product.
  2. When everything is clear with the parameters, it remains to determine the texture, color and style of autocovers.
  3. Looking for a place. It is possible to buy products both in the auto shops assigned for this purpose and through the Internet.
Leatherные чехлы на авто

Replacement covers

What should be car leather covers

When choosing leather covers should take into account their functional qualities. Remember the useful options:

  • check that the product has adequate airbag clearances;
  • You should also pay attention to the presence of holes for the armrests and head restraints. If they are not there, then you will need to cut it yourself;
  • for a comfortable seat, you need to choose covers with foam lining. In addition to comfort, the covers will not crawl, and collect the folds;
  • must have pockets;
  • lumbar and lateral supports. This will not get tired on long trips. If the covers are made to order, then you can focus on the features of the figure;
  • Pay attention to how the covers are put on. There should be a lot of fastenings so that later you do not have any problems with the draw. Mounts are divided into four types: hooks, loops, velcro, rollers;
  • the presence of edges for long service covers and neat appearance;
  • if you have back problems, anatomical auto covers would be ideal.

We decide on the choice of drawing and color

The color of the product depends only on your preferences and interior design. It is necessary to take covers in accordance with the style and color. Do not take a very bright tone - it affects eye fatigue. Light tones, such as white and beige, quickly get dirty. To set the mood, there are covers with interesting pictures, remember that they should not conflict with the overall color of the cabin. The traditional options are black and gray.