Which rear view camera will ensure the safety of trips and


Talented developers have come up with an excellent device for comfortable operation of the car. Rear view camera for cars allows you to control the space behind the car better than mirrors.

In which cases we cannot do without this device, and which models are considered the most successful, we will now analyze it together.

Rear view camera on the car body

Rear view camera on the car body

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What is the rear view camera for?

On the one hand, everything is clear from the name itself. On the other hand, when we take a closer look at its purpose, it will become clear how indispensable this device is.

The official definition says: car rear view cameras are designed to capture the image and transfer it to the monitor screen installed in the cabin. What are its advantages in comparison with rear-view mirrors?

No matter how good and comfortable the mirrors are, it is difficult to argue against the facts - they distort the environment. As a result, many drivers find it difficult to drive back and park, there is a high probability of entering a tree or other obstacle.

With a rearview mirror, many drivers have difficulty parking and driving backwards.

With a rearview mirror, many drivers have difficulty parking and driving backwards.

Analysis of the capabilities of rear-view camera models

We will present you the devices of various companies and help you understand their features. This ensures the correct choice of a reliable device.

"NOTICE 277" - Rear view camera, which provides a clear image. This device is designed for different car models and is offered as a full-fledged standard camera. The device is adapted for weather conditions in Russia. What does it mean? Usually a camera that takes an image is installed in the rear license plate area in the center of the car. As a result, it falls under the direct influence of all the natural elements: extreme heat, rain, severe frosts, icing.

Unlike some options, AVIS car rear view cameras work fine in all weather conditions. The only obstacle is only fog. The price of the device is quite acceptable.

The “Expert” series includes cameras with an analog integrated circuit with silicon-based photosensitive photodiodes. Their features:

  • Provide clear colors and images.
  • Work quietly enough.
  • Perfectly perform their functions in the dark and provide high quality images in low light conditions using the “Starry night” or “Moonlight night” modes.

    Image from the rear view camera

    Image from the rear view camera

Note the specifics of these models. They are created for certain brands of cars, which greatly simplifies installation, since the device is perfectly combined with the electrical and electronic systems of a particular car. Installing the camera does not cause trouble, because some options are integrated with the emblem of the car or combined with the trunk handle.

As a result - the device is unnoticeable, but at the same time has a large viewing angle.

"NOTICE 33" it is intended for cars in which the regular camera is not provided and it is simply not possible to order its installation at the factory. This model is universal and can be used in any cars. Thanks to her, you can:

  • Avoid running into open sewers or waterways.
  • In time to see the curb.
  • Do not approach at a critical distance to the bumper or the body of another car.
  • See people or animals.

    Complete rear view camera

    Complete rear view camera

Most modern devices of this model have an infrared illumination, this allows you to have a good image even with an illumination of 0.1 lux.

If the previous version wins full compliance with a certain car brand, then the models of this series are suitable for any car and have a rather attractive price. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru .

In addition, the connection will not have problems, because the developers have taken into account the many nuances of the electrical systems of various brands of cars. The connection is made using the CVBS “tulip” connector. Without exception, the rear view camera on the car of this manufacturer does not allow moisture and dust, which greatly increases the life.

Video on how to connect a rearview camera:

The mount is not only universal, but also reliable, so you will not lose the device even on a very bad road. Also, the manufacturer offers an interesting and inconspicuous version, mounted in a special license plate frame. You can choose a model that is mounted on the roof of the car - a great option, guaranteeing a good overview.

Rear view camera "AVIS" for large cars. We should also mention the new models for trucks of various sizes, buses and minibuses. These devices have the same high performance as devices for passenger cars. A distinctive feature here is a metal case. The advantages of the device cannot be overestimated. The movement backwards of any vehicle is always associated with difficulties, since the mirrors do not provide a full view, and only thanks to such a camera can you fully control the situation.

For long trucks offered camera "NOTICE AVS405CPR" with an additional function - a built-in microphone, which allows the driver not only to see, but also to hear what is happening behind the body, including the comments of the forwarder.

You can always choose a rear view camera according to your preferences.

You can always choose a rear view camera according to your preferences.

The model range of this manufacturer is represented by expensive and budget options, so there is a range to choose from.

Alpine cameras also have their advantages:

  • Provide a wide viewing angle: vertical - 144 °, horizontal - 186 °.
  • Device «HCE-C210RD» It can show the image in several modes, depending on the method of movement of the vehicle (rear, when turning, etc.).

«Pioneer ND-BC6» - not bad, and relatively inexpensive option. Sensitive lenses give a good overview - 138 °. The camera has a high resolution (330,000 pixels), as a result - the image is clear and precise. The big advantage is a small, but important feature of it - when exposed to direct sunlight, the device removes glare and streaks, and the image is not distorted.

«Pleervox» - an acceptable and versatile option. Overview - 170 °, large temperature range: can operate at temperatures from +65 to –30, which is more than acceptable for our latitudes. Works in low light conditions - 0.2 lux.

Native rearview camera in the logo

Native rearview camera in the logo

«Incar VDC-004» - An interesting version of the universal camera, which crashes and securely fastens directly into the car body. This has its advantages: it can not be simply removed and stolen, but more importantly, this model is equipped with a swivel head, which allows you to choose a convenient viewing angle.

The device has a good resolution. A special feature is the rather nice function of turning off the mirror image when the frontal image is displayed on the monitor.

«Incar VDC-006S» - we have already talked about cameras mounted into license plates. Let's take a closer look at them using this example. The first thing I want to say is their size: the frames are produced under the standard dimensions of 550 x 140. This has its advantages: on the one hand, the camera is invisible, on the other - the license plate fits perfectly into the new frame.

Камера имеет поворотный механизм, а значит, подходит для автомобилей как с низким, так и с высоким клиренсом. Оторвать ее очень сложно, разбить тоже. Device оснащен кабелем для подключения к главному устройству.

The camera was developed taking into account operation in extreme conditions: at different temperatures, in the rain and on dusty roads. Therefore, optics have dust and moisture protection.

The image from the rear view camera can be transmitted to the mirror with a monitor

The image from the rear view camera can be transmitted to the mirror with a monitor

«Incar VDC-005» - Such rear view cameras on the car are universal. This model is considered a budget option.


Such a device is simply indispensable for inexperienced drivers and owners of large cars. As a rule, in the first case, the “young” motorist finds it difficult to navigate through the mirrors, in the second case, there are frequent cases when a problem occurs when a person or an obstacle falls into the so-called “dead zone”.

When choosing, consider small tips:

  • The viewing angle of the device should not be less than 110 °, a more acceptable figure - 150 °, ideally - 170 °.
  • The camera should transfer to the monitor a mirror image, it's easier to navigate.
  • Universal is a device with infrared illumination.

Currently, motorists are offered a variety of different electronic devices, which greatly facilitate travel. In our dynamic time, it helps to minimize stressful situations. This is exactly what the rear view camera for the car was designed for. Agree, it is much easier to move in reverse, if at the same time you are sure that neither your car nor someone else’s car will suffer, and even more so the pedestrian who suddenly appeared.

We reviewed various models of well-known manufacturers and learned about their features. Having studied in detail their capabilities, you can make your choice and provide your favorite car with an additional protection device.