Published photos of the modernized uaz patriot

Опубликованы фото модернизированного УАЗа Патриота

Official presentation restyled UAZ Patriot will happen in August of this year. Fans of domestic "crossover" left to wait a couple of months with little, but photos updated salon Patriot already published on the web. The pictures of the UAZ Patriot were obtained in a completely legal way by journalists from the well-known automobile portal The photo shows that the domestic SUV has finally grown to a three-spoke steering wheel, and not just a simple one, but a multifunctional one, just like older foreign brothers in the all-road segment of cars. From the same place upgraded salon Patriot Some of the other attributes of the modern car that have long been typical have brought: a new climate system and a weather control unit, a more advanced multimedia device with a touchscreen, it all settled, albeit not entirely ergonomically, on the new center console, but overall it became better. Who has forgotten, can look, but not believe in the word. Опубликованы фото модернизированного УАЗа Патриота It was previously reported that UAZ Patriot will receive in its arsenal a pair of front airbags, motion stabilization systems and cruise control. Journalists were not allowed to remove the appearance of the updated Russian SUV, as well as talking about it in public. Therefore, how it will look restyled Patriot, we will not be especially guessing. But, since such a binge with an internal upgrade has gone, then, probably, the developers won't do without new bumpers, radiator grilles and LED optics. This is in the tradition of the genre restyling. Maybe the thresholds will still be modified, and maybe ... Maybe the body from Kruzak will be adapted to it, and finally the Russian all-tracker will look, as befits an SUV: bold, aggressive and solid at the same time. But something hard to believe. It’s only for Avtovaz that’s disrupting the Soviet designer’s personal image from the car, and only because foreigners are in charge, and their aesthetic culture will be higher.

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Опубликованы фото модернизированного УАЗа Патриота

Series ready restyled UAZ Patriot are going to show the interested public during the Moscow Motor Show, which is scheduled for the end of August. And immediately after this official presentation, by the middle of September, the updated Patriot will be released in mass circulation.

And today UAZ Patriot in the dealer network of Ulyanovsk automakers is sold with two power units. The first is a 2.7-liter and at the same time only a 135-horsepower gasoline aspirated. The second is the same wasteful 2.2-liter diesel for 113 horses. The all-wheel drive version of the UAZ Patriot is sold at prices with a starting mark of 780 kilorubles. This is without special offers and all kinds of promotions. They can make up to hundreds of thousands cheaper.

Опубликованы фото модернизированного УАЗа Патриота

For comparison, the interior dorestaylingovogo Patriot

And of course, restyling restyling, and "patriotolubov" are looking forward to a completely new Uaz crossover, which is promised by 2020. Its code name is "UAZ 3170"This will be a direct competitor to the American Ford Kuga and the German Volkswagen Tiguan. Competition will not be a technological advantage, God forbid, to approach at least the capabilities of these models, but, as promised, a more attractive price.