Two in one - throughput and speed - the new subaru

The success in the automotive market of the Japanese car with the unusual name Forester was guaranteed from the very beginning. In 1997, the first universal vehicle combining high throughput, large internal volume and excellent speed was first introduced. Already in those years prudent Japanese engineers laid the foundations of a concept that has been tested by time and continues to delight motorists in the 2017 Subaru Forester.

2018 subaru forester super crossover

The presentation of the restyled version was held at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Show. There is an interesting trend with Forester when ordinary connoisseurs of quality who use cars in the harsh conditions of the Far East, the Australian continent and the North American continent, as well as professional car gurus are not eager to see the new generation, afraid to give up on it.

They are in no hurry to carry out a cardinal upgrade of the fourth generation in a row and engineers of the Fuji Heavy Industries concern, knowing full well that the time has not yet come. Therefore, they are content with modifications.

The best, of course, ahead

The exhibition in Los Angeles plunged Subaru lovers into confusion and slight euphoria. The reason for this was, presented to the judges of connoisseurs, the giant of more than 5 meters, which is called Viziv. In addition to the exterior, the manufacturers do not provide any more information, but this was enough to understand that the novelty will be the largest and most innovative in the entire Subaru model range. It is planned to be produced specifically for the United States.

subaru forester 2018 new generation

You can see some similarities between the presented cars and earlier models, which had to face the 2018 new generation Subaru Forester. Traditionally the grid has been changed. The amount of chromium on it was less, but the brand name remained in its place and retained its size. Changed the lower part of the front and rear body kit. Lining a special form appeared on the thresholds. These elements added style and underlined the sportiness of the novelty.

In contrast to the 2017 Subaru Outback, the Forester Super Crossover definitely added solidity, which cannot be said of the Outback. The wheels of the latter were changed to a smaller size, and now 17 inches in the basic configuration. Somewhere gone rain sensors and electric front seat mats. From the faded Harman / Kardon audio system with twelve speakers, it became a little sadder to listen to cheerful music. Compensating for the undersupply, they began to install the ERA-GLONASS system on all cars delivered to Russia. However, let us return to the restyled version of Forester 2017.

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Dimensions are traditional, they remained unchanged. You can choose between 17 or 18 inch wheels. Also remained the same and the number of seats - their 5. Individual praise should be awarded to lighting. With the same forms, it began to look luxurious.

subaru 2017

DRLs have LED diodes installed, and the taillights have an unusual U-shape. Manages this farm computer. During the approach of oncoming cars, the intensity of the headlights decreases, this also occurs when passing over the passing vehicle.


Under the hood, Japanese cars are always hidden all the most interesting. The opposed engine with horizontal cylinder placement is a traditional unit. Everyone knows the benefits of these power plants. In this version, the engineers changed only the oil pump, improving the efficiency of lubricant supply, which affected the increase in the service life.

There were also modified 2 and 2.5 liter engine 150 and 170 hp with a torque of 200 and 240 Nm, respectively. There are in the line and the engine with a turbine of 2.5 liters capacity of 180 hp with a torque of 350 Nm. The cylinder block and the head are cooled in separate circuits. The third-generation Lineatronic CVT variator is installed with all motors.

subaru forester 2017

Engines with which the Forester is completed, traditionally have high quality. The most unpretentious two-liter unit. It requires constant monitoring of the amount of oil (which is traditional for the turbo version). Maintenance and quality of consumables are the main conditions for the operation of power units, under which a maximum resource of 200,000 km or more will be provided before repairs.

Off-road changes

The all-wheel drive operates under the start of the Symmеtrical АWD transmission and the intelligent X-mode system. A ground clearance of 22 cm, an exit angle of 26 and a rise of 25 degrees makes it possible not to worry about permeability, although at first glance these figures seem to be insufficient. Test drive Subaru Forester 2017 disproves these assumptions. X-mode adequately compensates for them.

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The system turns on independently depending on the angle of rise (exit). It is set to work at an SUV speed of up to 40 km / h. Each wheel brakes separately. Therefore, a slippery surface, mud and snow for the Subaru 2017 is not a problem.

subaru forester 2017 test drive

The restyled chassis has been upgraded as well as the steering gear. The passage of the suppressed relief has become much more comfortable, and the management is more confident. On the off-road qualities of the 2017 Subaru Forester - a super crossover, because all-wheel drive is always on.

Electronics and Security

Not boasting for the sake of, but for the benefit of objective information, it should be recalled that the Virginia-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which assesses the safety of cars since 1959, honored the 2018 Subaru Forester Super Crossover with the highest rating. Protection of the driver and passengers in the cabin, with a frontal impact, rear and side was the most effective.

news subaru forester 2017-2018

Since the beginning of the research conducted by the IIHS, the fourth-generation Subaru Forester is among the twenty best cars in the world for this indicator. But the closest competitors - Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Kia Sportage, Jeep Patriot could not boast of the same outstanding result. Toyota RAV4 completely refused to pass the test.

Constantly monitored for the road. Sensors monitor the road markings, and the distance to the front of the car going. 9 airbag units are installed in the cabin. Electronics greatly increases safety. As well as the frame design, in the manufacture of which innovative engineering solutions and composite materials are used.

Interior and new items

Having kept the advantages of the previous model, nevertheless, certain changes were made to the interior decoration by the designers. Better materials were used in the interior decoration.

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subaru forester 2017 super crossover

Due to the special technology used in the manufacture of translucent elements, the insulation of the cabin has increased significantly. Harmur Kardon multimedia control system is located in the center and is a 7-inch informative monitor. In the basic configuration installed only 4 speakers.

Added tracking system of blind zones of rear-view mirrors. The cruise control is installed, and the all-seeing eye, the EyeSight, will observe all events occurring outside the car. In case of danger, a car without a driver’s command will reduce speed to a safe one.

In the Subaru Forester 2018 installed satellite navigation of the latest generation. There is also the possibility of connecting with iРod via Bluetooth. The dashboard has an updated look. Rear view cameras are installed, the interior is equipped with full power. There is a memory in the driver's seat in three positions.

subaru forester 2018

One of the great news about Subaru Forester 2017 2018 - the price. It will remain at the same level (in the basic configuration) and, as usual, will depend on the configuration.

Subaru Forester 2017 cannot improve without competitors who traditionally offer lower cost, high Japanese quality and reliability. Toyota RAV4 is the first in the list, immediately behind it is the Honda CR-V. Both SUVs are an alternative, but when choosing you should be aware that, when operating in the urban cycle, RAV4 should be preferred.

If you expect frequent travel to rough terrain - it is better to choose CR-V. If you wish, you can combine both, but the best option would be Forester 2018.