No spark vaz 2109 (carburetor) and other problems with

The purpose of this article is not at all to settle in the minds of readers a stereotype that the VAZ is a bad car. Like any representative of the automotive industry, "Nine" has both advantages and disadvantages. And believe me, even the latest model Lamborghini can break. Therefore, we just want to help all those who are faced with one or another problem during the operation of the vehicle.

The CIS for any car, even if it is a tank, is a country of extreme conditions. Here the roads, the weather, the humidity - everything acts as obstacles. Therefore, when there is no spark in the car VAZ 2109 (carburetor), you need not to scold the domestic manufacturer, but to figure out what is the cause of such a malfunction.

lost spark on the VAZ 2109 carburetor

We will discuss such a question as setting the ignition VAZ 2109 (carburetor)

In general, the repair of the carburetor VAZ 2109 is more like some kind of quest "find fault". Because the reasons for the absence of a spark can be many.

Among the main ones are the following:

  • Faulty switch.
  • Problems with the Hall sensor.
  • Coil replacement required. Or oxidized wires going to her. They need to clear and re-check the spark.
  • Sometimes the cause may be a faulty ignition lock. To test it, use the simplest method. The usual automobile bulb undertakes. One contact throws on the "B +" on the coil, the second - to the ground. Now you can turn on the ignition. If the light bulb does not light up - the fault of the castle. If lit, check the coil.

The Hall sensor is checked by a voltmeter, or the same ordinary light bulb. Turning the distributor, we should get the following result - the light bulb should light up brightly, then go out, or it should burn very weakly.

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So, if the spark on the VAZ 2109 (carburetor) disappeared, you need to check all these options ...

Black soot on candles VAZ 2109 (carburetor)

Among other problems associated with ignition:

Black soot on candles VAZ 2109 (carburetor). Quite a common and extremely unpleasant problem. After that, fuel consumption often increases greatly. The reasons can also be many. This is a clogged air filter, and not fully closing the air damper and many other options.

The recommendations of experts are as follows: it is necessary to check the compression, then adjust the valves. The fuel filter needs to be purged, and if it does not help, replace it with a new one. Next - adjust the carburetor VAZ 2109.

If fills candles VAZ 2109, the carburetor should be cleaned for preventive purposes. You can also check the oil level for prophylaxis.

How to set the ignition on the VAZ 2109 carburetor without a stroboscope?

First, loosen the mount of the distributor. It should turn freely, but not hang out. After that, you need to start the engine and unleash it at idle up to the maximum possible speed. Now you can turn one division to "minus", stop the engine, fix timer.

how to set the ignition on the VAZ 2109 carburetor without a stroboscope

Next, work with the carburetor. It is necessary to tighten the “quality” bolt to the end, then unscrew by a third of a turn and adjust the idle speed to 800-850.

This is all, of course, approximately and if possible, contact the workshop. If anything, there are candles on the VAZ 2109 (carburetor) you can replace with new ones.