Compact sports car toyota s-fr will receive the "heart" of

Compact sports car Toyota S-FR will receive

A couple of weeks ago, the Japanese presented to the world public Toyota S-FR conceptual modelrepresenting a "hot" coupe a la rodster Mazda MX-5. At the time of the presentation, talks about the serial production of the model assembled from this prototype were conducted as purely hypothetical. But today it has already become known that, before serial production, it turns out to be just a stone’s throw away, since the specification for a car intended for the native Japanese market has already been published. Compact sports car Toyota S-FR will receive Frankly, this news was completely unexpected, because in the current global automotive industry practice from concept to production model usually takes at least six months. And here they did not have time to show the concept, as they had already swung to the series.

The new compact sport-coupe Toyota S-FR under the hood, they will “prescribe” a 1.5-liter engine, which usually completes one of the modifications of the Toyota Corolla. The power of this engine is 130 "horses." If it seems to someone that such a power will not be enough for a sports car, then let him first study the materiel, in which the weight of this car is indicated. And the heaviness with which he presses on the asphalt is not at all sportcar - about one ton. To bullet such a "lightweight" on the highway, one hundred and thirty horses will be more than enough. Four cylinder Toyota S-FR gasoline engine will work with a mechanical six-speed. Compact sports car Toyota S-FR will receive The Japanese, by the way, mentioned the indicative price for this compact sports car. The sum of 12,500 US dollars was announced, which is about 766 kilorubles according to our exchange rate today. This price is very competitive, say, with at the price of Mazda MX-5 Miatawhich costs twice as much today. But it is precisely this model that is positioned as the main rival for Toyota S-FR in this market segment. Compact sports car Toyota S-FR will receive Published Information Toyota S-FR not necessarily exactly those for the model intended for the implementation abroad of the Land of the Rising Sun. After all, the Japanese have indicated them in relation to their car market. For the same America, the package bundle will definitely be different. It is possible that for the export versions the Japanese will install on Toyota S-FR and another engine, and automatic transmission.

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Mazda MX-5 Roadster

In size  Toyota S-FR and Mazda MX-5 Miata almost the same but  wheelbase Toyota S-FR 17 centimeters longer, and this circumstance gave the designers the opportunity to push back two more passenger seats. Miata is made in the traditions of the genre - a full two-seat coupe. Japanese version Mazda MX-5 Miata It has a 131-strong liter SkyActiv under the hood. He works with both mechanics and automatic.

Two weeks at the Tokyo Motor Show Toyota S-FR will be presented in the serial version. There, the Japanese are going to show the world the hydrogen FCV Plus and other futuristic models.