The updated uaz patriot failed strength tests, and

Updated UAZ Patriot провалил тесты на прочность, а производители возмущены

Updated UAZ Patriot failed the tests of strength, which recently organized an authoritative publication "Autoreview" on the Dmitrovskaya crash site near Moscow, the results were captured on video and published on youtube. In addition, relevant articles appeared in thematic print and online media. When representatives of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant learned about the results of crash tests, they, of course, were outraged and found violations in conducting the tests themselves, which, in their opinion, nullifies the experimentally demonstrated anti-strength indicators of the updated Russian SUV. The management of the UAZ demanded retesting, observing all the intricacies required by the standards of such operations, and such crush test will be held after the New Year holidays and the recovery period after them. It will happen in mid-January 2017.

Recall the story line. As a result of crash tests with the updated Russian SUV, it turned out that the mannequins, fixed at the driver and front passenger, during the impact and testing of the front airbags received a “fracture” of the cervical vertebrae, which in a real situation with living people would have threatened the victim with either instant death or paralysis and lifelong stay in a state of a vegetable.

Updated UAZ Patriot провалил тесты на прочность, а производители возмущены

What is interesting, the body Patriot during the blow, it did not tear off the frame (as during previous tests under the same conditions), the frontal was covered with cracks, but did not fly out of the rubber frame, and one of the front wheels (left) received such an impulse that broke through the floor of the cabin, deforming the knot with the pedals so that they can not be used, the steering column due to this deformation went up a few centimeters. The speed at which the collision occurred new UAZ Patriot with the test support, it was only 65 km per hour. Yes, the pillows were fired, but the necks of the dummies turned out to be coiled. Either the blow rolled them up, or the pillows were put so tightly over the heads of the dummies, or all together, but the fact remains that living people would hardly survive if they were in the dummy scene. Updated UAZ Patriot провалил тесты на прочность, а производители возмущены UAZovtsy noticed that such damage was inflicted to the car only because the test technology was violated: the support plate, to which the barrier crushed when struck, is attached, goes too far beyond the upper edge of this barrier, and according to the technical regulations this projection should be no more than seven and a half centimeters. This is understandable, yes, from a formal point of view, it is possible that the managers of the UAZ are right. But where in the real world of accidents on the roads of the country are any technical regulations? Is it possible to calculate at what angle you knock and with what speed and strength? Not. Then why find fault with minor violations in crash test? Да потому что Патриот реально слабоват на прочность кузова, а руководство не хочет с этим согласиться. И водитель Patriot и пассажиры рискуют гораздо больше тех, кто едет на том же крузаке. Это печальная правда, которую не нужно прятать, а с которой нужно бороться и исправить уже наконец.

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The size and position of the base plate in the next January test, of course, will bring all the necessary requirements. But will this make the construction stronger and safer? обновленного Patriot? The question so far sounds rhetorical.