Pinout socket car trailer

For transportation of relatively small oversized cargo, many motorists use car trailers. This method is quite convenient, as it requires the installation of a tow bar on the car and the removal of electrical contacts for the trailer. You need to know that the wiring diagram of the trailer (pinout sockets of the tow bar) often causes difficulties during installation, so she has to pay special attention.

Without a working electrical part, it will not be possible to fully use the tow, as it will not be safe for others. Road users will not be aware of the driver’s upcoming maneuvers (turn signals and stops will not work) and the braking system will be incapable on the auxiliary vehicle.


  • 1 How to connect a trailer to a car
  • 2 Pinout of the socket of the trailer car
  • 3 Using the standard method
  • 4 Using the standard technique

How to connect a trailer to a car

To connect the tow bar with motor transport, it is recommended to perform the following step-by-step algorithm:

  1. It is customary to install the machine on a viewing pit or on an overpass for further convenient work with the equipment. To eliminate possible short circuit, it is necessary to tilt the battery.
  2. All things are removed from the trunk, including the spare tire, some tools. From the floor, unfastened from the clip upholstery, and removed all the rubber mats.
  3. We bring hitch to the installation area. We fix it in this zone using convenient methods, noting the places used for the subsequent installation of fasteners.
  4. We ream the marked area, precover the corresponding points or use the prepared jig.
  5. The resulting holes must be treated with protective anti-corrosion materials (primer and paint). This will significantly increase the operational resource of this area.
  6. With the use of bolts and washers fix the hitch in its place. It is recommended to carry out tightening with a torque wrench, and the thread can be locked.
  7. Next, drill two more holes in the bottom of the trunk and the bottom of the spar. For this operation it is worth using reinforcing plates. Such an operation will provide an opportunity not only to tighten the metal connection, but also distribute the load on the body.
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what is the wiring diagram of the trailer to the car

At the final stage, bolts are threaded and lining is fixed. After that, you can engage in the installation of electrical parts, where you will need a wiring diagram for the towing socket Motorists choose one of the convenient methods that are appropriate to a particular car. The electrical connection of the trailer to the passenger car is well described in the video.

Распиновка розетки прицепа легкового автомобиля

Traditionally used pads for 13 or 7 connectors connectors. Which of them in real conditions is more comfortable for a motorist to use, it is worth deciding on current conditions. Both are workers and are found in action.

For garage conditions, choose the standard or universal scheme. More relevant is the standard pinout of the trailer connector. According to the technology, it uses 7 or 13 connected wires. The number usually depends on the brand of car.

The principle of operation is to form a quick-disconnect outlet, where the input wires from the car will be connected to the wiring on the trailer. At the same time, during the execution from the salon of corresponding actions with light devices, operations will be duplicated on the back of the trailer.

Using the standard method

Old cars of domestic production do not provide for the presence of a managing autonomous unit for management. Wizards independently withdraw contacts to the outlet for 7/13 contacts, using third-party wiring. In most cases, no branching is used. In fact, the motorist's task comes down to ensuring the correct operation of the light optics.

how to connect a trailer to a car

A convenient outlet for 7/13 contacts is purchased in advance. It is connected so as to provide a connection to the harness suitable for the rear optics of the car. During the diagnostic work, a technological window is used. Some models have a special connector for pinout.

It is important to know that the cable leads from the cable harness installed in the car can be used with special connecting clips, and stripping to the copper wire and subsequent soldering of the new cable for removal is allowed.

The solder knot is important to insulate qualitatively in the future. To reduce errors to a minimum and speed up the work, it is necessary to stock up in advance with the instruction, which specifies the wiring in the auto electricians. It is based on the connection scheme of the tow bar.

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Using the standard technique

This method is relevant for owners of modern cars. This is due to the fact that such a transport has a much more complex layout. In such a situation it is unlikely to be able to do without a matching block. He plays a responsible role in the process, as he constantly monitors the state of the rear optics. If the node determines that the current consumption is exceeded, then it will be able to send the appropriate warning signal to the driver.

what trailer connection scheme pinout sockets tow bar

The installation of the matching unit is in demand when it is necessary to carry out the correct adjustment of the transmission of control signals using multiplexed buses. The installation process in this case is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Block matching is set to the layout of the car. For this, a circuit with connectors is used. It greatly facilitates the work with him.
  2. Activate the work unit. After switching on will receive the appropriate signals to the rear optics. Such actions will allow leveling the recognition of a connected device for the unit. This will provide the ability to quickly connect the electrics to the tow bar.
  3. In some models, auto trailer and block connector may not fit one to one. They will be visually different. This is often associated with the use by manufacturers of trailers of various technologies for connecting electricity.
  4. Those motorists who have little experience with electrical appliances should not independently disassemble non-interlocking modules. This work is desirable to entrust experts.
  5. Otherwise, you will have to ring each element separately, looking for contacts to connect.

Without a properly connected outlet, you cannot drive on public roads. This is fraught with fines and other administrative penalties.