Restyled "chetyrehdverka" citroen c4 will come to us in

Restyled Survived modernization Citroen C4 sedan will appear in car dealerships of the French auto brand in a month and a half. The developers tried to adapt the car to the Russian conditions as much as possible: the heating received all the glass, including the windshield, and over the entire surface, and not just in the parking places of the janitors. The Russian version of the updated sedan received a more capacious battery and the starter is more powerful than it was before restyling. But the main changes, as it happens when restyling, affected the appearance of the car. Modernized Lemon С4 Received the latest LED head optics. Car bumpers also received a new form. Clearance developers have increased to 176 mm, in the factory assembly is available steel "corset" for the crankcase and a more durable suspension. Restyled In the cabin обновленного Citroen S4 sedan A new multimedia device with a seven-inch touchscreen and navigation system has appeared, the process of synchronization of the multimedia system with the driver’s smartphone has been simplified and accelerated. When buying a car, the rear-view camera, parking sensors front sensors, a system that monitors dead zones, etc. got into the list of additional options.

The French do not report anything about changes in the engine range. Most likely, under the hood рестайлингового Lemon С4 everything remained as it was. We are talking about the petrol 1.6-liter aspirated 115 and 120 "horses", and the same amount of a 1.5-hour turbocharged unit. Рестайлинговый Lemon С4designed for our car market will be assembled at the Kaluga Russian-French car factory. About the price of a sedan, the developers have not yet reported anything. Perhaps, it will not significantly exceed the price for the dorestayling variant, which can be bought today at prices from 970 thousand rubles. Restyled By the way, a bit earlier than our version, in April 2016 an updated version was presented at the Beijing Auto Show Citroen S4 sedan for the Chinese market. Outwardly between the Russian version рестайлингового Lemon С4 and the Chinese are no differences. New engines there, too, did not appear.

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Localization of production Lemon С4 in the near future (by 2018), the Russian representative office of Citroen is going to increase to fifty percent.