Tuning vaz 2113 (with your own hands you can make the car

Many owners of a new generation of VAZ model range from 2110 to 2115 have probably wondered more than once about tuning their cars. In our article we will take a closer look at tuning the VAZ 2113, what can be improved in it and, most importantly, how to do it right with your own hands. By the way, the VAZ 2113 is very similar to the nine, so the tuning of the VAZ 2109 is also not very different from the tuning of the thirteenth model.

Tuning VAZ 2113

The basic elements of cars that can be pumped: 1. Engine and gearbox; 2. Suspension; 3. Brakes; 4. Coupling; 5. Optics and exhaust system; 6. Car body; 7. Salon.

Motor and transmission for VAZ 2113

Will start from the very heart of the car - the engine. The native 8-valve engine develops a power of only 74 horsepower, while the new generation of VAZs has already completely switched to 16V. Due to this, it was possible to achieve an increase in power, improved acceleration of the car, as well as reduced consumption.

Tuning the engine VAZ 2113 is not the easiest job, and that is why it is better to entrust it to true professionals. In fact, everything turns out to be much simpler, almost the same as during tuning of the VAZ 2114. Ignorance of many nuances can only harm your engine during the tuning process. If serious improvements are not planned for the motor, then all the work can be done within a few days.

Vaz 2113 engine tuning

But if you decide to pump your engine seriously, then you will need to assemble the motor from virtually nothing. You can squander the cylinder head, install the crankshaft under the 16-valve system with a steel pulley, pistons with rings, bushings and pins, connecting rods.

Such difficult and responsible work takes from 7 to 15 days to professionals, depending on the level of improvements. But the result will not disappoint you, in the end you will get a torquey and powerful engine that will work like a clock.

As for the transmission, here it is necessary to build on the changes made. You can change the course of gear, make, for example, their longer or shorter depending on the preferred driving style of the driver. Also note that the need to replace candles for special for 16V. Not superfluous and good synthetic oil with antifreeze.

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Tuning optics and exhaust system VAZ 2113

VAZ 2113 tuning photos, which can be found on the Internet, demonstrate improved optics, xenon headlights and other improvements. Optics is considered one of the simplest elements of a car that can be easily and quickly replaced with your own hands. By the way, it is especially important to change the optics and when tuning the VAZ 2106, because in the six native lights look not aesthetically pleasing.

Tuning of the VAZ 2114 2113

To do this, you must order the same size new reflectors with xenon headlights and install in place of regular headlights. For the rear optics on sale are available LED lights, which not only look very impressive and help protect your car in conditions of insufficient visibility.

The exhaust system can also be completely refined or only install chrome lining on the exhaust section. Sports silencers are presented in large quantities, which are ideally installed in place of the factory system exhaust gases. Chrome lining emphasizes the individual style and sporty character of your car.

Tuning suspension VAZ 2113

Tuning VAZ 2114-2113, namely, tuning the chassis is best done on the basis of their preferences. You can put reinforced gas-oil shock absorbers and stiffer springs, then the car will not sway and roll in corners, but comfort will also suffer. If you prefer to drive with comfort, and rarely load a full car, then it is best to use oil shock absorbers and soft springs.

Tuning VAZ 2113 do it yourself

But keep in mind that in this case, abrupt maneuvers are contraindicated, as the machine will sway and roll strongly. If you prefer to combine fast and comfortable driving, then in this case it is better to use Eibach brand springs (for example) and adjustable shock absorbers of the Koni Sport series. This approach will allow the owner, if necessary, to adjust the suspension of the car under certain conditions.

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Brake system at VAZ 2113

In the 2113th, you can optionally install a pair of brake discs on the rear wheels. Many craftsmen modify the brake master cylinder, slightly increasing the pressure in it, due to which the brakes work faster and sharper. Disc brakes for the VAZ 2113 can be found on sale or used with similar models of cars, but in this case it is necessary to check all the dimensions that should correspond to the regular ones.

Tuning exterior VAZ 2113

As for the body, here everything depends on the capabilities of the owner and his imagination. To date, it has become a popular 3D carbon film, which looks very impressive and reliably protects the car paintwork.

You can use a carbon film of any color, both on the whole body and on its individual elements. For example, the hood and the roof of a car trimmed with such a film would look great.

Vaz 2113 tuning photo

You can also use a variety of plastic body kits, which will give 2113 a sporty look like a modern coupe. Many car owners additionally cut out the sunroof, which is especially effective in the summer hot weather.

Tuning the VAZ 2113 do-it-yourself body does not require special skills from you, as is the case with the engine or suspension. You can use various elements of tuning in the form of air intakes, rear-view mirrors, spoilers, which will give your car individuality and sporty character.

Interior tuning VAZ 2113

VAZ 2113 interior tuning is considered the most pleasant and useful refinement. Each car owner will be able to improve the interior according to their preferences and financial capabilities. Alternatively, you can start with the installation of foreign seats with improved lateral support, adjustment and heating. This is usually done during tuning VAZ 2109, after which the salon nines seriously converted.

Then smoothly go to the upholstery and door cards. In this case, you can even mix up, for example, glue the doors with high-quality carbon film under the skin, and cover the torpedo with genuine leather. If finances allow, you can tighten the entire salon quality leather.

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VAZ 2113 interior tuning

In this case, the salon will look like in an expensive foreign car, and the owner will be pleased to be in it. VAZ 2113 interior tuning photo ready cars can be viewed on the Internet. So you can visualize the future salon of your car, or vice versa to remake something to fit your style.

Also, do not, and forget about the dashboard. On the car market you can find any modern instrument panels, sports style with LED lighting, etc. But if you do not want to spend money, then you can print on a color printer a new scale of the device and stick it on a regular one.

But here you need to be extremely careful and check that all the distance of the scales correspond to the standard. The backlight can also be replaced with a full-time one, with an LED of any color.

Tuning VAZ 2113 is a great opportunity to make your car unique, most comfortable for yourself, and at least slightly similar to a car from Germany.

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