Ford mondeo with mileage: what could be the problem?

What is afraid of Ford Mondeo after several years of operation? What is most annoying to its owners and what is it worth fearing those who buy such a car with a serious mileage?

Ford Mondeo with a break

Misfortune never comes alone

The thunderstorm of most cars - corrosion is not so scary. Although this model has several obvious weaknesses. A roof that the manufacturer did not protect with a zinc coating may rust. Of course, this is not a BMW triple for you, for which problems with corrosion of body parts are completely excluded. Chips appear near the edge of the windshield. If the car is released before 2010, the trunk lid can walk so that the paint on the rear bumper knocks down, and the rear mud flaps seriously sag.

Ford Mondeo rearview photo

Floor mats and spacers for them can hardly be called durable. Because on the models 2011-2012 material changed. Also at this point, problems were noticed with the chairs. They from stationary seats, for a couple of years of operation, could easily turn into rocking chairs.

It becomes even more “funnier” to the owner when he tries to simultaneously close the front and rear doors on the same side. On many samples of Mondeo, it can easily touch. That, in turn, will lead to chipping paint on the edge of the rear door. Of course, sometimes this is solved by ordinary measures, such as adjustment. But, in fact, after such a blow and the need to paint the site.

Ford Mondeo headlamp cracks

In winter, door seals freeze and lag behind the threshold. And even worse when the lock cable is wedged and the hood simply does not open. The problem is typical for all cars, except for models released after 2010, where the cable was modified.

Another problem, characteristic even for the “Focus” is the chafing of wires that go to the trunk lid. As a result, the fuel tank flap stops opening. And even more headache occurs when the heating threads going to the windshield, burn out. Before restyling, parking sensors also often broke down. Then the manufacturers reviewed some of the design elements. In particular, reworked skirt rear bumper. The wiring ceased to suffer so much from dirt.

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Oh yes. Another “surprise”, familiar to the owners of the “Focus” - in Mondeo, after hundreds of thousands, a fuel pump in the tank can easily be covered. And it costs an average of 450 euros. And that's not it. There may still be overheating, because the temperature sensors, or a fan for 400 euros, suddenly decided to take a vacation. Also, overheating can cause the cells of the radiator cooling and air conditioner condenser, which are located nearby and forever clogged.

Diesel engine Ford Mondeo with run

Used Ford Mondeo engines

On the engines, too, there are problems. And least of them with unpopular Duratec 1.6, which were put on 14% of cars. They were designed back in the distant nineties. It was a joint project with Yamaha. There were small problems there, like an unreliable camshaft clutch. It cost around 90 euros.

With Duratec 2.0 and 2.3, which were developed by Mazda and were labeled MZR, there were also problems. The latter - almost 40% of all cars. They can cover the coil, ignition wires, or a valve in the intake manifold. Yes, and the throttle can also easily fail.

Further more. About to 100 thousand starts tapping the dual-mass flywheel. Its failure threatens serious expenses. If you pay attention on time, the repair will result in 500 euros. By the way, on Dyuratek 2.3 oil consumption for waste can be very large. Watch out for the level. Otherwise, anything can happen, even a break in the connecting rod.

Engine Ford Mondeo with mileage

About 2% of the cars were equipped with Voltov turbo engines 2.5 liters. In the crankcase ventilation system, an oil separator can easily become overgrown with deposits. A little train in this condition, and you will find a surprise in the form of extruded glands. If it's cold outside, the chances are even higher. But for ignition coils the worst enemy is heat. And still very "happy" thermostat, which can easily wedge closed. As a result, antifreeze goes past the radiator.

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Even more unforeseen situations arise with the turbocharged Eco Boost 2.0. Although it appeared after restyling, it has quite a few weak points. And most importantly - fastidiousness to the quality of fuel. Filled filth once - that's all. You turn on the “check engine” signal and the car is not going anywhere. And the pistons may crack at all after the detonation.

And there are "glitches" that the engine does not even pull on decent fuel. These are problems with the bypass valve of the turbocharger.

No better deal with the Duratorq 2 and 2.2 liters. They were developed together with the French from Peugeot-Citroen. And for a long time they could not get rid of problems with fuel injectors and fuel injection pumps from Bosch. The first cost up to 400 euros, the pump - up to 1000. After these parts were reworked, they began to withstand up to 200 thousand km.

Engine used Ford Mondeo

On diesel engines, already 70 thousand km can easily fly valve in the exhaust gas recirculation system. As a result, the engine can easily stall. How do you like this prospect?

But even the owners of the most reliable and simple Duratek 1.6 got a lot of problems. Not with the engine, but with a mechanical box, which was placed not only on the Mondeo, but also on the Fiesta and Tricks. Her wear is very fast.

Headache caused and large-scale problems. For example, if the satellite axis in the differential did not withstand the loads. The result of such an incident is that oil enters the crankcase, and you will have to pay an average of 2,000 euros for repairs. If the primary shaft bearing makes an unpleasant howling sound, it is better to go to the service immediately. Otherwise, you still have a couple of thousand.

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Ford Mondeo gearbox

Box and other

The five-speed MTX75 from GTF (Germany) was placed on gasoline two-seaters and 1.8-liter diesel engines. She was more reliable, but the seals, too, could bring a lot of trouble. Pleased only clutch. It changed somewhere in the 120 thousand. Cost of spare parts within 400 euros.

Perhaps the most reliable box, this is automatic equipment from Aisin Warner released 15 years ago. This is a real titanium and stoic that can withstand 250 thousand km without replacement. Is that oil change to 60 thousand. But on the newer Getrag 6DCT450, the oil will have to be changed earlier - somewhere at 45,000 km.

Suspension Ford Mondeo with mileage

Go ahead. The power steering pump, which costs 700 euros, can be not changed, if you pay attention to the noise and change the filter tank in time. Suspension is quite reliable, although active systems for 520 euros may fail.

In general, the reliability and durability of the Mondeo is inferior to such machines as the Toyota Camry, but here is some Nissan Teana, or even the Passat, Fords easily bypass. And at the same time, the restyled model will also be cheaper than the above competitors. You can easily get a great option for 800 thousand rubles. It will mazdovsky 2.3 engine with a Japanese automatic transmission.

This time we are sharing with you a review, respectively, of a used Ford Mondeo. Do not miss a single detail, it is very important: