What will the czechs offer us in 2017?

Что нам предложат чехи в 2017 году? For the Russian car market there is news from the Czechoslovak automaker Škoda. Liftback Sorry rapid and parquet floor It's a pity Yeti from the new year, more precisely, from the current one, the appearance and technical equipment will change. For liftback it will be restyled, and for the Yeti SUV, a generation change, already the second in a row. Skoda is already working with Rapid liftback, more precisely with its restyled version. Information about this can be found on the Motor1 website. You do not need to be a wizard to guess that as a result of regular modernization Rapid damage change the front part - headlights, grille. The Skoda designers most likely will not experiment on this score. Since traditions cannot be broken: classics, they are classics. Octavia, out, changed, and it did not greatly affect its merchantability. Therefore, a reasonable approach, no more. From the same sources, it became known that the Czech masters would change the appearance of the model, and add electronic assistants to the plan. By the way, just recently ended рестайлинг Rapid damagedesigned for india. And, probably, the modernization of the European version of Rapid will not differ much from the Indian one. Что нам предложат чехи в 2017 году? The second generation Skoda Yeti just around the corner. Czechs are going to present the updated SUV in September 2017. The case will be at the Frankfurt Avtosalone. The machine will be based on the modular Volkswagen platform MQB, the cabin space will be more, and in general it became known that the new product will be very similar to the German Volkswagen Kodiak. And with the preservation of their corporate identity. How this Czechs will achieve, we will see in the near future.

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In addition, this year we will have another premiere from the Czech auto brand. This is a sports modification. damage to Kodiak. It will be that still cool car: with a brutal appearance, steep disks, of course, additional horsepower under the hood, and the suspension rebuilt for this reason.

Well and on hot, Skoda will offer new modifications Octavia RS. After finalizing the two-liter TSI, the sports version of the car will give out 230 horsepower against the previous 220. And the Czechs are going to flash this motor to 245 horsepower.