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Российский рынок моторных масел имеет широкий ассортимент. На прилавках автомагазинов можно обнаружить продукцию отечественных, европейских, североамериканских и азиатских производителей. Выбор доступен для кошелька любой толщины. При этом у автовладельцев не всегда есть возможность разобраться самостоятельно в таком разнообразии. Для таких случаев удобным оказывается motor oil rating, составленный на основе практического опыта пользователей и физико-химических характеристик продукции.


  • 1 Manufacturer Brand Preference
  • 2 Top Synthetic Oils
    • 2.1 Motul Specific DEXOS2 5w 30
    • 2.2 Shell Helix НХ8 5W/30
    • 2.3 Lukoil Lux 5W / 40 SN / CF
  • 3 Semi-synthetics
    • 3.1 ULTRA 10W-40 cars
    • 3.2 ELV Evotias 700 STI 10W-40
    • 3.3 Shell Helix HX7 10W-40
  • 4 TOP mineral oils for cars
    • 4.1 LIQUI MOLY MoS2 Leichtlauf 15W-40

Manufacturer Brand Preference

Необходимо учитывать, что мотор является самым дорогим узлом в конструкции легкового транспортного средства. Это вынуждает использовать the best motor oil, чтобы обеспечить силовой установке длительную бесперебойную эксплуатацию даже в экстремальных условиях. В противном случае можно получить нежелательный дорогостоящий ремонт.

It is important to consider that each model of ICE corresponds to an individual type of oil, which has a characteristic set of chemical components. In practice, three types of such hydrocarbons are in demand:

  • mineral;
  • synthetic;
  • semi-synthetics.

You should not give preference to products, relying solely on a low price tag. Quality in such a situation should be prioritized. However, even the most expensive motor oil may not be suitable for the characteristics of your particular car brand. The choice of the second most important fluid in a car must be based on several criteria, the main ones are:

  • seasonality, since the physical characteristics of the substance change with changes in ambient temperature;
  • degree of viscosity, its value is indicated by the manufacturer on the package;
  • The type of engine and the fuel it consumes also influences choice.

As a result, a well-chosen engine oil will provide such protective functions as:

  • a thin film of the substance will reduce the degree of wear of the rubbing elements;
  • the composition of a viscous liquid helps to protect metal surfaces from corrosion;
  • the presence of hydrocarbons ensures the removal of heat from the heated surfaces;
  • due to the presence of additives in the composition of the soot or carbon deposits;
  • wear products are eliminated.

Top Synthetic Oils

The basis for this technical fluid is crude oil or hydrocarbon gas. The process of distillation and adding all sorts of improving additives.

Motul Specific DEXOS2 5w 30

This brand is suitable for cars equipped with gasoline, diesel and gas power plants. Originally it was created for the products of the concern General Motors. Not only chemists but also engineers of the company took part in its development. Such an effective tandem allowed the product to get into the TOP oils for cars.

the best motor oil

Positive feedback from users contributed to the fact that Motul Specific has excellent lubricating and energy-saving qualities. The fluid takes into account the surrounding operational environment, which allows it to be universal as a result. Through the use of high-tech processes during manufacture, the substance appears to be resistant to high temperature conditions.

It is important to know that synthetic oils do not become significantly viscous with a significant decrease in ambient temperature. Like most products of this brand, the brand DEXOS2 5w 30 protects the engine from premature production. The liquid does not lose its characteristics even after a run of several thousand kilometers.


  • stable performance with significant temperature differences;
  • excellent shows his work in the auto group GM;
  • combined with power plants operating with different types of fuel;
  • sufficient viscosity provides excellent lubricating properties.


  • not designed to work with products of the Asian car industry.
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The cost of a liter capacity in 2017 is 840 rubles.

Shell Helix НХ8 5W/30

This product has been developed for servicing injection systems that operate at low temperatures. In such conditions there is no significant increase in viscosity due to the introduction of a special production technology. This brand has distinctive operational properties:

  • due to the special formula, manufacturers of motor oils of this type have provided the possibility of self-cleaning of the liquid from light pollution;
  • reduced accumulation of pollutants in the total mass;
  • soot is derived from additives.

This offer is quite unique in the domestic market. It is important to note that a reduced level of viscosity provides an economical expense when servicing a car. Also, according to expert reviews, its reduced consumption is noted, which is manifested in a more rare topping.

the best motor oil for cars

Most driver feedback is positive. Physico-chemical characteristics ensure reliable operation under extreme loads.


  • there is a self-cleaning effect from light mechanical impurities;
  • affordable price per liter;
  • lower viscosity saves fuel;
  • the product will suit all car brands without a specific binding.


  • as the brand is rarely found at gas stations, it is necessary to carry a tank with you to top up;
  • the quality of products spilled in Europe is higher than domestic bottling.

For a four-liter canister will need to pay 1770 rubles.

Lukoil Lux 5W / 40 SN / CF

Rating automotive oils can hardly do without the domestic brand Lukoil. Its product is the most balanced in price and quality. It is important to know that even abroad a trademark has its own fans, who pour this liquid even into elite sports cars like Porsche.

what is the rating of automotive oils

In the Russian context, Lukoil Lux is appropriate for gasoline vehicles, turbo-charged diesel powerplants and sports car engines. The recognition of users lies in the high sales volumes. This oil can be poured into the engines of popular car brands such as Volkswagen, BMW or Renault.


  • a large number of positive user reviews;
  • There are official recommendations from popular car brands that allow the use of the product;
  • affordable price tag and wide distribution at gas stations;
  • resistance to a wide range of temperatures;
  • it is allowed to work with the car in extreme conditions.


  • a sharp decrease in performance with the passage of more than 9-10 thousand km, which indicates the development of additives.

Four-liter capacity will cost an average of 1240 rubles.


A significant number of users use semi-synthetic oils in cars. It has excellent performance and at the same time more affordable than "synthetics".

ULTRA 10W-40 car

In the list of inexpensive, but sufficient quality oil, Mobil ULTRA takes its place. Hydrocarbon mixture shows excellent performance in winter and summer. Thanks to high-quality additives, the product takes care of the durability of the motor. Even after a few thousand kilometers, the engine runs smoothly.

what are the manufacturers of motor oils

Manufacturers claim that the liquid is suitable for gasoline, diesel and gas engines. There are no specific brands in the recommendations, as the product is universal.


  • the degree of viscosity allows to reduce wear, with high-quality lubrication of parts;
  • copes with the removal of soot;
  • satisfactory value for money;
  • works in a wide temperature range.


  • excessively low temperature conditions can degrade product performance over time.

Capacity of 4 liters will cost 940 rubles.

ELV Evotias 700 STI 10W-40

This fluid will be relevant for owners who are accustomed to intensive use of cars, as well as for owners of commercial vehicles. For lovers of long journeys, we recommend that you add this particular brand to the engine. There will be no reason to worry about the motor after that.

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If the car is often on the road 10-12 hours a day, ELF Evolution provides care for all the technical components of the power plant. This is facilitated by enhanced cleaning fluid characteristics. Due to them, carbon and soot are quickly removed from the surfaces. A relatively small viscosity helps to reduce the load on the motor, and the presence of certain additives makes it possible to operate the car in all weather conditions.

- the most expensive motor oil

Without fear of diesel, gasoline engines and cars equipped with direct fuel injection can consume this semi-synthetics. The best adaptation at oil to region with a temperate climate. In the northern conditions, this oil will be of little relevance.


  • the presence of excellent detergent properties that remove carbon deposits;
  • designed for intensively operating commercial vehicles;
  • helps to reduce the coefficient of friction in the nodes of the motor in the winter.


  • price tag is significantly above average;
  • not adapted for the big frost.

The average cost per canister of 4 liters in most stores, excluding delivery, is 1020 rubles.

Shell Helix HX7 10W-40

The product is relevant for the conditions of urban operation of a car, when you have to move for short distances and the driver is often forced to turn off and start the engine. Such a regime leads to the rapid development of details, if not to take care of timely support in advance.

TOP oils for cars

The chemical composition takes care of the engine, creating a comfortable and safe conditions for its operation. The main orientation of the product is modern cars, however, this does not prevent it from demonstrating excellent parameters for cars with 5 or 10 years of experience. The structure contains all the nuances that provide resistance to oxidation and shear loads. Remarkably combined with diesel and petrol units.


  • occurs often at most gas stations;
  • has an affordable price;
  • removes soot and soot without additives;
  • due to reduced viscosity it provides minimal friction coefficient.


  • users prefer to use products manufactured by French companies rather than Russian ones, which makes it difficult to find this brand.

The price tag of the volume of capacity in 4 liters varies about 1019 rubles.

TOP mineral oils for cars

Less popular for modern cars are mineral oils. They are slightly inferior in their characteristics to synthetic-based fluids. In fact, they are a product of petroleum that has undergone a thorough treatment.

This product shows its demand for machines with high mileage. Increased viscosity helps to reduce the consumption of mineral water. Do not pour it into a high-speed cars.

LIQUI MOLY MoS2 Leichtlauf 15W-40

The brand is designed for cars that are operated for more than 5-7 years. Also, it is suitable for vans and trucks of domestic production. Due to the high viscosity in the topping liquid practically does not need. Manufacturers strongly discourage the use of LIQUI MOLY MoS2 Leichtlauf 15W-40 with other oils.

motor oil rating

When replacing a fluid, it is necessary to strictly follow the algorithm:

  • full discharge of mineral mining;
  • thorough flushing of the engine from residues;
  • Gulf of new oil.

If you do not comply with the process, the power plant with a high degree of probability will work intermittently. You need to know that according to the majority of user reviews LIQUI MOLY is the best mineral product for the car.


  • high degree of protection of the old engine from wear;
  • does not lose efficiency at different values ​​of ambient air temperature;
  • perfectly cleans the motor units;
  • available at almost all gas stations at an affordable price.


  • not suitable for power plants with high speeds;
  • not compatible with other brands of oils.

The cost of a canister of 4 liters on average 1796 rubles.