Mazda cx-3 - compact crossover with excellent handling

Today, the automobile market already has so many compact crossovers, they just flooded city roads, their characteristic differences are small, they have a relatively high ground clearance. It would seem, why create all new and new compact crossovers, but since there is a great demand for them, then it must be done, continue to create compact crossovers. It is precisely this idea that car manufacturers adhere to, if there is a demand, then it is necessary to create an offer.

mazda cx 3 photos

Japanese manufacturers are not far behind the current trends, so Mazda created a new Mazda CX-3This is a SUV class crossover, which was introduced quite recently - in November 2014 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

It took a long 2 years to create this compact crossover, but the result was worth the effort, it turned out a car that is ready to create serious competition for such cars that have already occupied quite serious positions in the crossover market: Nissan Juke, Suzuki SX4, Peugeot 2008, Chevrolet Tracker, Ford EcoSport other. Interestingly, the Mazda CX-3 was created based on the Mazda 2 hatchback, which is considered a small car.

On sale, the Mazda CX-3 will appear only in March 2016, but according to the manufacturer, their brainchild will take its place of honor in the top three leaders in the crossover segment in terms of sales, not only in the Russian market, but also in the major markets of Europe and the USA . The plans of the Japanese, of course, are Napoleon’s, but their confidence comes from the fact that the CX-3 is a really high-quality compact crossover, and the test drive also demonstrates this.

mazda cx3 photo

Mazda CX3 (photo above) - this is a more compact version of the Mazda CX-5, quite popular on the Russian market, which is known to everyone for its excellent driving characteristics and beautiful exterior design; not all of these competitors have these qualities. The CX-3 crossover was created for an energetic ride, it quickly reacts to all the driver's actions, the car turned out to be frisky, while it is stable, there are almost no banks even when turning at a considerable speed.

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When you drive a Mazda CX-3, you feel pleasant sensations even from the steering wheel, which is very light at low speeds, and as the speed increases, the steering wheel becomes heavier - quite harmonious sensations. As for the suspension, in the Mazda CX-3 it is moderately tough, but comfortable, swallows minor bumps in the road, so they become invisible to the driver and passengers.

Under the hood Mazda CX-3 (photo further) there will be several variants of engines: 2-liter gasoline atmospheric engines of various capacities, and a diesel engine with a volume of 1.5 liters. The petrol engine has a capacity of 148 liters. with. and torque of 192 Nm, and a diesel engine with a capacity of 105 liters. with. and 270 Nm of torque. As for fuel consumption, the petrol version consumes only 6.5 liters per 100 km of run, and the diesel engine consumes about 5 liters of diesel. In both cases, it is a mixed cycle.

Mazda CX-3

The transmission for both petrol and diesel engines is a 6-speed automatic, which ensures smooth and even gear shifting. In addition, the petrol version will also be available sports mode, which will switch gears at high speeds, but at the same time, will not exceed the permissible rate.

Will and all-wheel drive and monoprivodnaya version of the Mazda CX-3. In this case, the monoprivial version will be equipped with front-wheel drive, here all the torque is transmitted to the front axle. The weight of the front-wheel drive version will be slightly less, so when cornering this car will seem lightweight.

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mazda cx 3 price

As for the all-wheel drive version, it is more manageable, behaves well on the road, controls the movement when turning, and even less puts on a slippery road. Four-wheel drive is an integral part of a full-fledged crossover, and even more so an SUV. There is also the option of not permanent all-wheel drive, but connected, this is the case when the driver notices that the front wheels are stalled, that is, it makes sense to connect the rear axle, after which the car will always drive normally. All wheel drive is the same as on the CX-5.

When driving on light off-road, on gravel or sand, the stability control system starts to work, there are also other systems, such as ABS. In general, the Mazda CX-3’s driving experience is very pleasant, the only thing that alerted is not very good insulation, if you accelerate properly, the cabin becomes quite noisy, you can hear the road, engine noise, etc. But there is an assumption that this flaw remained only in the prototypes provided for the test drive, in the serial versions of these errors will not be.

Interior Design

Inside the crossover, the design of the famous Mazda 2 is felt, although the seats are softer, and they have special support for the back, the seats are comfortably adjustable. The configuration will be different, in the more expensive there will be a display of 7 inches, with which you can control the multimedia system and other functions of the car. Also, the more expensive the equipment, the better the trim will be using more expensive materials.

Mazda CX-3 Salon

The dimensions of the Mazda CX-3 really fit the compact crossover, so do not be surprised that the rear seats do not have too much free space. Mazda CX-3 dimensions are:

  • length - 4275 mm .;
  • width - 1765 mm .;
  • height - 1550 mm.
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Even the width of the car is too narrow, which is, of course, very good when driving around the city, but only 4 people can fit in the car, of course, if desired, you can land a fifth person, but then there can be no talk of comfort. Therefore, if you go a long distance on this crossover, then it is better to go four.

Mazda CX-3 2016

The trunk is also not distinguished by its capacity, its volume - only 264 liters, this figure is not considered the best when compared with competitors. Accurate Mazda CX-3 It is not yet known, but according to experts, it will be around $ 16,000 for the basic front-wheel drive version with a gasoline engine.

The strong point of this car is its stylish design, compactness and driving performance. If the company Mazda will make the right decision about the price, this model will be able to get a good popularity in the SUV segment.

Next, a video test drive of the new Mazda CX-3 in a red body: