Tomorrow come into force new amendments to the traffic rules

Завтра вступают в силу новые поправки в ПДД

Traffic regulations are constantly updated with new amendments aimed at ensuring the highest possible safety on our roads. And, probably, toughening the responsibility for offenses on the road is still the only effective remedy for traffic lawlessness. From July 1, 2015, that is, tomorrow, those unreasonable citizens who repeatedly got caught driving while intoxicated will be punished more severely. It will not be an administrative offense, as before, but a criminal offense. The driver, deliberately sitting behind the wheel drunk, becomes a potential killer. As a measure of punishment for such citizens will be applied three years of deprivation of a driver's license. Provided and landing in places not so remote for up to two years. To get the full, enough to get drunk behind the wheel twice in one year.

Завтра вступают в силу новые поправки в ПДД Besides penal penalties for drunk drivers, The traffic regulations were supplemented with several more amendments, which, in particular, concern pedestrians. Very often, at night, with suicidal calm, these citizens, dressed in black clothes, go on the highways in any direction and, which is not at all surprising, can be shot down, including death. The new amendment obliges fans to roam at night on busy roads. use reflective elements on their clothes to indicate their presence for unsuspecting drivers. A citizen stopped by gaytsy who does not have such elements will be fined 500 rubles. Starting tomorrow, it will also be impossible to transport children in buses that are more than ten years old from the moment they were released from the assembly hall. In addition, the bus for transporting children now must be equipped with a tachograph and GLONASS.

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Завтра вступают в силу новые поправки в ПДД

If a minor accident occurred and none of its participants was injured, drivers will now be required to issue this accident on their own, rather than wait for the road inspector to arrive. Drivers, of course, will have to dial the police number and state the circumstances of the incident, after which they will be given recommendations on how to act in this particular situation more correctly. According to the new amendments, if, after an accident, the injured cars interfere with the passage of other vehicles, drivers are obliged to record, by video and photography, the place of the accident, and to clear the road for other road users. Moreover, these are not recommendations, but duties, for the non-fulfillment of which an administrative penalty is also imposed. Gaytsy promise in the near future on the official website of his office to publish all possible step by step instructions in case of minor accidents.