In the uaz pickup integrate mersedesovsky engine

В УАЗовский пикап интегрируют мерседесовский движок

This news concerns not only the production of Ulyanovsk pickups, but only those that the American is experimenting on. Avtovele Devolro. The owner of this organization is Russian. And it is precisely this that can explain his interest in UAZ off-road models. New option UAZ Pickup performed by I return the Mercedes engine will get under the hood, the suspension will be completely redone, and the interior will receive an unattainable level of comfort. The design of the pickup will be enhanced by the so-called "power iron", the clearance will increase significantly, and the LED "chandelier" will be installed on the front. Основатель I return, E.Orlov, posted on Facebook the first photos of the new pickup and spread about exactly what changes will be made to it.

В УАЗовский пикап интегрируют мерседесовский движок

Polymer coating on the body

The truck will be finished next year. Under the hood, he will prescribe a 3.5-liter Mercedes-Benz six, coupled with a six-band automatic. Manual transmission will be saved as an alternative to automatic. Transmission wheel drive will be radically altered to the requirements of the power unit. On the bridges will install cross-axle lock. The suspension will rise another fifteen centimeters, as a result, 35- 37-inch "rollers" can be installed on the truck. I return Developers are going to finally get rid of the noise and vibrations in the cabin of the new pickup.

В УАЗовский пикап интегрируют мерседесовский движок

Stock UAZ pickup

The disease of the bodywork of the UAZ is non-resistant to corrosion. Many owners of UAZs complain that already after the entire half a year of use, the bottom of the UAZ is covered with mushrooms. I return собирается это исправить. Для этого оно будет закупать у УАЗа металл высшего качества, а уж на своих мощностях будет обрабатывать его и прокрашивать. Понятно, что все эти операции повлекут за собой астрономическую прибавку в ценниках новой модели. Но это не будет серийная модель. Она будет выпускаться только ограниченным тиражом, и в основном для россиян, живущих в забугорье и испытывающих ностальгические чувства к уазовским ТС. Кузов, обработанный полимерами, получит от I return гарантию на весь срок службы автомобиля, то есть - пожизненно. На него можно будет установить как переднюю, так и заднюю лебедки. Но это уже опции.

В УАЗовский пикап интегрируют мерседесовский движок

Hunted before

The concept of a new pickup truck will be assembled in America, but they are going to produce it in Russia, at one of the domestic car plants. It is not excluded that even on the UAZ, in parallel with the production of conventional pickups.

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I return, кстати, уже занималось ранее Tuning Patriot and Hunter. In addition to these models, the company intends to develop a fire, ambulance and special vehicles for the Ministry of Emergency Situations, accordingly ottyuningovav UAZ Cargo.