Comparison of lada priora and kalina


A million and one complaints will be found in literally every local car enthusiast for the domestic auto industry. And nevertheless, it is VAZs that have been on the list of the best-selling cars in the post-Soviet space for already a year. In this popularity there is no special secret. Affordable price compared to foreign cars is the trump card of the Russian automotive industry. Our cars cannot boast of exquisite design and expensive salon, but at the cost of almost any competitor will be laid on the shoulder blades. Local designers work on the principle: "Simple and affordable." And it brings fruit. It is traditionally considered that the two stars of the Russian car industry are Lada Priora and LADA Kalina. These cars are not similar to each other, but are in the close price range, and therefore equally attract the attention of motorists. A reasonable question arises: Priora or Kalina - which is better? We will try to find the answer to it in this review.

Lada Priora and Lada Kalina - the pride of the domestic auto industry

Lada Priora and Lada Kalina - the pride of the domestic auto industry

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Priora - the old-timers of the market. The first models were "born" in the eighties. She changed the famous "ten". Now most often we are dealing with a version of a new generation released in 2007. Lada Priora - car "B" class, which is available in four body versions. In the price you will see a hatchback, coupe, sedan and wagon.

A thousand changes

By the way, Priora took on many qualities from her ancestor "dozens" and was originally very similar to her. In the "extreme" Priora developers have made about a thousand changes in comparison with previous versions of cars.

So, it became more powerful engine. Now the Priore set the engine to 1.6 liters, capable of issuing about 100 "horses." Upgraded suspension. More transformed bumper, wheels, optics. The interior has updated upholstery, door panels, central control panel. The machine is equipped with a climate system with air conditioning. Interesting that Priora - the first Russian car, equipped with a safety cushion.

The last update of the car Lada Priora pleased motorists with many useful changes

The last update of the car Lada Priora pleased motorists with many useful changes

Score for power and appearance

Priora or Kalina - which of them is more powerful, more appeasable and faster? Plus for power in the money box Priory. It is harder due to what behaves on the road more confidently. But the Priory clearance is lower than that of Kalina, so she wins and in terms of speed, but loses in terms of patency.

As car enthusiasts say on thematic forums, Priora is more fashionable and brighter in appearance. Maybe even so, choosing Lada Priora or Lada Kalina, Priora is called a more youth car.

Costs more, breaks down more often

At the same time, car owners who have experience of riding both on the Priore and Kalina, almost unanimously say that Priora breaks down more often. Perhaps due to the fact that this machine has more electronics. The reason may be that the quality of assembly Kalina better.

Caring for the safety of consumers, manufacturers for the first time provided Lada Priora with an airbag

Caring for the safety of consumers, manufacturers for the first time provided Lada Priora with an airbag

As for the price ... Priora is one of the most expensive VAZ cars. A car in a good configuration can cost more than 400 thousand rubles. But you need to expect that you will have to invest in the car, because most often drivers want to install additional gadgets such as noise insulation or motor protection.

My ladybird

LADA Kalina - one of the relatively fresh ideas of VAZ, car class "B". But the idea was born long enough. Back in the early nineties, the AvtoVAZ units set about developing a new model. The idea was improved, modified, refined. And only in 1999 Kalina was presented to the public.

With others do not compare

Today it is available in three body styles: sedan, station wagon and hatchback. Interestingly, the body itself can not be compared with any of the previously released vazovskih models, because here it is completely different.

Development of the car Lada Kalina was a bold step for AvtoVAZ

Development of the car Lada Kalina was a bold step for AvtoVAZ

Airbags, air conditioning, radio, on-board computer Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, electric power steering, heated mirrors and seats, a new engine (a choice of 1.4 and 1, 6 liters), 5 speed manual transmissions and a 4-speed automatic transmission - all this is in modern Kalina.

Despite the fact that apparently Kalina car seems very compact, it is much more capacious than the same Priory.

Car for mature drivers

When you solve the “Kalina or Priora?” Dilemma, it is important to take into account a few fundamental points. Remember that Kalina, unlike Priory, has the image of a mature car. It is considered a car for people of age.

Equipment Lada Kalina proves the desire of Russian designers to keep up with the times

Equipment Lada Kalina proves the desire of Russian designers to keep up with the times

It must be admitted that Kalina is not so nimble, with a strong acceleration, she “staggers” on the road. At the same time due to the good height clearance Kalina is better suited for traveling out of town.

As already mentioned, Kalina rarely needs maintenance. This, by the way, is evidenced by the statistics of calls to dealers. What else of the benefits? More affordable price. Start a good basic version - from 350 thousand rubles.

Complete with wonder

The task to compare Kalina and Priora will not be solved, if you do not analyze the configuration, which are going to these cars. Both cars have wonders in this regard. Priora can be found with a coupe. True, you will meet such a machine infrequently, since the circulation is limited. But in Kalina there is a modification "Sport"but it is also not put on stream.

As for the basic configuration options, they are divided into the following types in both machines: Standard, Norma, Suite What advantages is ready to put Lada Kalina against Priory? Let's figure it out.

Car model:LADA KalinaLada Priora
Producing country:RussiaRussia
Body Type:sedansedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cc:16001597
Power, l. c./about min .:81/560098/4000
Maximum speed, km / h:163183
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:13,711,5
Type of drive:frontfront
Fuel type:gasolinegasoline
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​10.4; highway 5.9city ​​9.6; highway 5.6
Length, mm:40404350
Width, mm:17001680
Height, mm:15001420
Clearance, mm:180165
Tire size:175/70 R13175/65 RAF 14
Curb weight, kg:10801185
Full weight, kg:15501578
Fuel tank capacity:5043

Kalina «Standart»

There is such a machine about 280 thousand rubles. There are no excesses - only the most necessary. The engine in this car is 1.6 liters and produces 81 liters. with. In the “standard” Kalina there is a central locking with remote control, front electric windows and an anti-theft system. That's all "frills".

Kalina "Norma"

For the "Norm" manufacturer asks for almost 330 thousand rubles. What is in it? For the version with a 1.4-liter engine (89 “horses”) - climate system, anti-lock, electric power steering, large-sized stamped discs.

Kalina "Lux"

Such a model can be purchased at a price of 360 thousand rubles. Why is it more expensive than previous versions? Here, the airbag is not only the driver, but the passenger, the interior is sheathed with velor, head restraints are mounted into the rear sofa, there is an option for electric drive and heated mirrors. Also heated front seats, there is fog, alloy wheels and electric windows. The engine in this model 1.6 liters, power 98 "horses."

Test drive car Lada Kalina:

Priora "Standard"

The cost of such a machine starts from 320 thousand rubles. Even in this “minimal” version of the Priory, there is already a driver airbag. Also included is the option of remote control of the trunk, anti-theft alarm, central locking, power windows (front). Even this poor set in comparison with Kalina looks more solid. True, the engine in this modification does not differ in power - 1.6 liters and 90 forces.

Priora "Norma"

A good "Norm" in this case can be taken for 360-370 thousand rubles. The “normal” 1.6-liter engine produces 98 “horses.” In this configuration you will receive: electric drive and heated mirrors, salon with velor trim, power steering, anti-lock device. By the way, in the “Norm” category, seven options are presented at once. In the most expensive of them are built-in modern audio and climate systems, navigation.

Test drive car Lada Priora:

Priora "Lux"

"Luxury" Priors are staffed pretty well. There is the option of heating the front seats, power windows, indication of not fastened a belt, anti-block system, parking sensors and even a rain sensor. Such cars cost from 390 thousand rubles. In the most expensive versions of the "Suite" (over 400 thousand rubles) built-in navigation and audio.

There is also a grant

What to choose - Kalina or Priora? If you are still in such thoughts, then you definitely need to know that a new Kalina has just come out. Так, Калину sedan подменила Калина Гранта. Это новейшая версия. Now it can be found in the Standard and Norma variants. Its average cost is 300 thousand rubles. In the "normal" set Grants include alarm, trip computer, central locking, electric power steering and power windows for the front windows.

Summary. Whose took?

Kalina and Priora - the comparison allowed us to make the following summary. If image and drive are important for you, then buy Priora. And if you are one of those who are a supporter of practicality and are looking for a car for a quiet ride and country travel - your choice is Kalina. At the same time, it cannot be denied that Modern Kalina is still one step ahead: it is better equipped and wins in terms of build quality. Well, of course, the price. Anyway, Kalina is cheaper.