Retirement for land rover defender postponed for a couple of

Exit to There are classic things that will always be in great demand, regardless of how the preferences of trendsetters change over time. Lend Rover Defender just one of these cars, its design has changed little since 1948, when it first rolled out on the roads of the planet in mass circulation. But technological excellence and fantastic permeability, passed down from generation to generation, have become a legend, from which no motorists want to refuse. Guide automaker Jaguar Land Rover It was going to do away with the production of this, probably the most famous SUV in the world, and to develop something new, but after analyzing the situation with the demand for this model, it instantly changed its mind: the demand was so great that the conveyor, as planned earlier, did not will stop he will release defender at least until the beginning of February 2016. Exit to According to reputable online publications, pipeline for the release of Land Rover Defender in the British town of Solihale will have to work as much as two shifts to meet the needs of all motorists who left the order for this model of an SUV.

Only for the past, 2014 sales of Land Rover Defender amounted to 17,781 cars, and statistics for the first half of 2015 claim growth in global demand (ie worldwide) for Defender by as much as twenty-nine percent. In European countries, from January to July 2015, they bought forty percent more Defenders than last year. In the same country of origin Land Rover Defender sold twenty-five percent more of these cars than a year ago. Exit to

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Insofar as demand for Land Rover Defender SUVs Suddenly pushing the mountain, Jaguar developers have released several specialized versions of this model. Some of them will come to our country. For example, Defender 90 Heritage will be sold at us with a price tag of two million seven hundred seven thousand rubles. And the top modification Defender 110 TD SW Adventure Edition will cost anyone who wants to buy it in the amount of about three and a half million.

Recently Jaguar Land Rover released from the conveyor of two million Defender. However, do not think that high demand will force manufacturers to stamp Defenders endlessly. The plans of the corporation are already waiting in the wings for several models of the new generation of Defender, designed not only for conquering off-road, but also for high-speed autobahns.