Bmw m5 f10 will soon cease to produce

This is the fifth generation M5, which is produced from 2011 to the present day. Around the year 2018, a new, 6th generation BMW M5 will appear; this will already be the G-series. In 2011, the M5 F10 replaced the E60 body. F10 is available exclusively in the sedan and only with rear wheel drive. But somewhere in Germany there is a car with all-wheel drive, on which engineers worked out the xDrive system for the future generation BMW M5 G-series.


Now we find the main differences between the BMW M5 and the usual BMW of the 5th series. Immediately the rear bumper gets on the eyes, but the bumper itself is the same as on the usual 5-ke BMW in the M package. Differences only in the lower diffuser. For those who want to install a bifurcated exhaust on an ordinary 5-k in the M-package, it is enough to install a bifurcated exhaust and order a diffuser from the M5, you will also need to order a pair of bottom linings, they are exclusive to the M5. The whole procedure of remaking the rear part, so that it is completely like the M5, will cost 12,000 rubles.

Further, the M5 from the usual 5-ki distinguishes its exhaust. There are options with 4 pipes of the usual F10, but the sound will be different. There is also a brand M5 badge, it can be on the original M5 or on the usual 5-ke. Especially in Russia, many in their 520 set the icon M5, it pleases the soul of some, but does not add power.

A spoiler is installed on the trunk lid, which increases the downforce of the car at high speed. If the M5 E39 has its own unique body, then in the F10 the situation is completely different - the body is exactly the same as the usual 5-ki F10. In the side of the main difference in the mirrors, here they are individually designed for the M5. There is also a side gill with M5 nameplate.

The wheels are designed specifically for the M5 - here are 20-inch forged wheels, 343 style, they are considered ideal for the M5, they are completely black or standard steel gray. These wheels are optional, in the base went 19 345 style, they look pretty good, but the 343rd style looks cooler.

The brake system on the M5 significantly upgraded. There are perforated steel discs with a diameter of 400 mm., 6-piston calipers. On the rear wheels are wheels diameters of 396 mm. Everyone who tested this brake system noticed its high performance. But for those who want the car to brake even better - you can put carbon ceramics, although these brakes are worth an option - 750,000 rubles.

For this money, you can buy a whole car brand BMW, only older. Such a brake system, of course, is much better, the construction is lighter, it almost does not heat up and behaves better in wet weather. But there is no special need for this system in the M5, because it is not a super car, and even on the track on the M5 it will not be possible to show good results even with carbon-ceramics. But it is still fast and is included in the top 100 cars at the Nurburgring.

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But the front bumper on the M5 is unique and different from the usual 5-k in the M-package. This bumper gives the car a more sporty appearance. Also there is no protivotumanok, because instead of them there are 2 air intakes and one large air intake in the middle. This is done to ensure that the machine is better cooled.


M5 F10 - the first M5 with a turbocharged engine, before that there were only aspirated. Therefore, the S63 tu, which stands in the new M5, received an ambiguous reaction from BMW fans. In the predecessor of the M5 E60 was an atmospheric high-speed motor V10 S85. It was difficult to make something more powerful, so the engineers removed 2 cylinders and added 2 turbines. This is not to say that S63 tu is better than S85 and vice versa. Because each of these engines has its advantages.

The first advantage of the new engine is that it has a huge torque at low revs. At 1500 rpm, 680 Nm of torque is available. The predecessor at the same speed was available only 300 Nm of torque. And most importantly, the new engine shows a huge torque over the entire rev range - from 1500 to 5750 rpm.

In addition, the M5 F10 is suitable for more people, because there is a friendly gearbox here, it is not necessary to use sports oil, it is easier to use this car in winter. And most importantly, this car is much faster and on the line and on the track than the M5 in the back of the E60.


The predecessor is a more evil machine, you get bright emotions on it only when you drive in an aggressive style, and when you drive around the city every day, it does not give those emotions, but all because there is a SMG3 box. Therefore, the ideology of these cars is different. In the body of the F10, you can drive safely through the city, without haste, but as soon as there is a desire to give heat, you can safely press the gas pedal to the floor and the car will behave quite differently.

In the M5 F10 is the S63tu engine, 8-cylinder V-shaped, the turbines are in the collapse of the unit. Gives this motor 560 l. with. and 680 Nm of torque. Up to a hundred, the car accelerates in 4.4 seconds. There is a version of Competition, it is more powerful - 575 l. with. and the first hundred dials in 4.2 seconds. This motor first appeared in 2009 at the H5M and H6M. In these cars, he was simply called S63. Many people think that S63 is not very different from S63tu, but in fact, it is not so and the differences are really significant. At S63tu, engineers installed a third-generation valvetronic system, also replaced the engine control unit, changed the exhaust system and intake system, seriously improved the engine cooling system, installed other pistons and another crankshaft — forged. Also put the other camshafts, the same as on the N63tu. In addition, the pressurization system was increased from 1.2 bar to 1.5 bar. The motor cut-off shifted, at s63 it could be caught at 6800 rpm, at S63tu - the cut-off occurs at 7250 rpm. So, this motor is significantly improved, although, at first glance, the difference is only in two letters tu.

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In addition, engineers have applied many interesting technical solutions: turbines are installed in the collapse of the unit, this is done in order to interact with a unique exhaust manifold, twin turbines, that is, each turbine has 2 pockets for exhaust flow, there are 2 impellers.

The uniqueness of this exhaust manifold is that the exhaust gases enter the turbine as quickly as possible due to the fact that our collector pipes are rather short, so there is no pressure loss during the movement of these gases through the pipes. And yet this collector feeds each turbine not with one row of cylinders, but with certain cylinders of different rows. This allows for maximum performance from the turbines. Also, the engineers correctly placed the intercoolers with water cooling, the function of which is to cool the hot air from the turbines, they were specially placed close to the motor in order to reduce the pressure loss again during the movement of air.


Motor technically turned out to be very difficult, so its reliability leaves much to be desired, but in general it is reliable, and with each new upgrade, this engine becomes even more reliable. Even on service, the S63tu motors drive in much less frequently than the S63, and all because there are not so many M5 F10 cars.

When buying such a car, special attention should be paid to diagnostics: make computer diagnostics, view the unit so that there is no scoring. Up to 80,000 km. mileage this motor will not require any investment with proper care. Such a small resource, because it is a sports motor, and as you know, sports motors do not live long.

This engine is even easier to tune than the engine on the E60, because each additional horsepower for the F10 will be cheaper, and if you do chip-tining and improve the inlet, the car will drive much faster. Motor S63tu is installed on the M5 F10, on the M6 ​​F-series and the latest generation of the H5M and H6M (F86 and F85).

On the M5 F10, you can put 2 different types of gearboxes: in most cases there is a 7-speed DKT robotic box with 2 clutches. It is not as aggressive as SMG on the E60. Moreover, the DKT switches faster, it is more reliable and requires less investment. The clutch should be changed less often than on the E60. There are still options with a manual transmission, but in Russia you can hardly find one like that, and in America you can find it.

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In the future, manual transmissions on the 5th and 6th series will not be installed, BMW has officially declared that they refuse from manual transmissions. Mechanics will be installed only on M2, M3 and M4. Robotic boxes switch much faster, and the mechanics are good for fans, and more drive can be obtained in M3 or M4 with a mechanical box.

On the M5 there is an active M-differential with electric adjustment; it can vary the blocking time from 0 to 100%. In terms of fuel consumption, the M5 F10 turned out to be 30% more economical than the E60. This is certainly nice, although one of the owners of the M5 will think about fuel consumption. But technical progress on the face - torque increased by 30%, power increased by 10%, and consumption decreased by 30% - this is nice.

bmw-m5-f10 saloon

In 2014, it turned 30 years old models M5. Therefore, BMW has released a commemorative version of the M5 F10, which was called the M5 for 30 years. The main feature of this machine lies in the technical characteristics - it gives 600 liters. with. power and 700 Nm of torque, this car accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds. Although it is worth only rear-wheel drive.

On the M5 are sport seats, M-wheel, after restyling, he became the 3-spoke. It is worth its own instrument panel, analog, because the digital is not necessary for the M5. It looks modern, with red arrows, speed markings up to 330 km / h and 8000 rpm. The maximum speed here is 305 km / h, but it is necessary to remove the limiter, with the limiter the maximum speed is 250 km / h. At E60, the limiter was at 275 km / h, which gives some advantage.

By car there is a steering rack with servotronic, in the M-subdivision whose settings have been finalized. He needed to change the effort on the steering wheel, in the parking lot it takes less effort to turn the wheel, and when the car starts to go, the wheel becomes heavier. You can also change the settings by pressing the mode change button. For example, in Sport + the wheel becomes noticeably heavier. The stiffness of shock absorbers and engine settings change the same.

The aggressiveness of the gearbox can also be customized. A number is displayed on the dashboard - the gear that is currently on. There are a lot of things that came from motor racing, despite the fact that it is a business sedan. But the sound of the engine is a bit sham, it is duplicated from the speakers.

And then the video on which you can see what kind of emotions this car gives the driver: