New car gazelle will replace the old

The obsolete Gazelles of emergency medical care have been replaced by cars based on Gazel-Business. These cars are the most popular specialized ambulances.

Gazelle car

During the time of emergency medical service, Gazelle cars repeatedly passed all sorts of tests. These cars are multifunctional first-aid posts on wheels. Their functions include helping patients in all sorts of conditions, transporting the patient to the hospital and his support.

Emergency medical vehicles, which are based on the new Gazel-Business, were repeatedly tested by time, they experienced a change of 20 knots. For example, in the new Gezeli there is a galvanized body, the same as on some tuned sixes.

Gazelle car

The basis of work on the improvement of the new Gazelle car, was the focus on cooperation with leading manufacturers of automotive components of the West. Chassis received the most improvements. To replace the standard brake master cylinder, together with a vacuum booster, a node appeared that is supplied by Bosch (it successfully works on many cars from Germany).

The steering gear has also undergone a significant upgrade. Now its supplier is ZF. With the help of Sachs specialists, the suspensions were actually re-tuned, they developed new shock absorbers. As a result, the control and smoothness of the movement have become much better.

The gearbox now has Hoerbiger synchronizers developed in Germany. Also, the bearings have changed to SKF and an improved gear lever. As a result, when shifting gears, it now takes 40% less effort.

Также Gazelle car стал гораздо безопаснее и удобнее, но при этом он остался все таким же доступным в использовании. При осуществлении индивидуального заказа автомобили могут также получить дополнительное оборудование. Еще Газели отличаются от других автомобилей способностью проходить даже в самые труднодоступные места.

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Gazelle Machine

A particularly prominent example was the tragedy of the Nevsky Express, which occurred several years earlier in Russia. Only due to the fact that our doctors had ambulances GAZ, they were able to timely get to the victims and help them. Only the Gazelles were able at high speed to get to the site of the tragedy, despite the terrible dirt and swamp. By the way, the Range Rover Sport 2014 also has the same good off-road qualities.

They are able to pass even on the road in the most inclement weather. These machines are of low cost, convenient and reliable for doctors and their patients. These cars have all the necessary equipment, both for transportation and resuscitation.

All cars of medical aid of the GAZ brand, which are in Ukraine, correspond to GOST DSTU 7032: 2009 both for supplies and for the availability of special medical equipment. Cars urgent honey. Gazelle Business has a simple and very reliable design. They can also work effectively in our conditions and their cost is one of the most affordable in all their form.

Salon Gazelle

During the development of the ambulance, the opinions of physicians were taken into account, so this car perfectly combines functionality and comfort. The cabin has thermal and noise insulation, a heater that operates from an engine cooling system, etc. Very much everything is similar to tuning the cabin VAZ 2109.

So, Russian cars are also developing, albeit slowly but surely. And for those who do not want to wait for Russian cars such as the VAZ 2109 to develop, it is possible to tune the nines, which will significantly improve the technical characteristics of the car, as well as its exterior and interior.

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These ambulances have the most modern equipment, produced in Russia and abroad. Fog lights, a good ventilation system, a device for negotiations between the driver’s seat and the medical booth are built into the car, there is also a washbasin and air conditioning. So, the new Gazelles have become slightly similar to some American car brands.