The most reliable engines in the world can easily run a

Which engine is the best? This question can be called eternal. Automobile owners and experts constantly argue: some point to the German quality, for others there is nothing better than the works of the Japanese car industry, others say that the most reliable engines in the world - the prerogative of the United States. To get closer to solving this dilemma, we decided to make a rating of the most reliable and durable engines.

reliable motor m50

Make a list most reliable car engines it was not easy - in recent years, the industry has developed so much that so many worthy rating engines were created. Therefore, we have chosen the top ten most popular and frequently occurring million-plus engines.

Diesel units

Diesel engines have always been considered the most reliable. Such motors are preferred by drivers, most of whose life is spent on the road. After all, these engines work in all conditions, and their simple design has excellent strength.

Mercedes-Benz OM602

mercedes-benz OM602

The family of diesel five-cylinder engines OM602 deservedly holds the first position in mileage, durability and the number of cars left with them on the go. These diesel million-plus engines They were produced for about twenty years - from 1985 to the beginning of the 21st century. Such engines are not too powerful - only 90-130 liters. with., but at the same time, they earned fame reliable and economical engines.


You can meet OM602 in Mercedes cars in the back of W124 and W201, on G-class off-road vehicles, on the T1 and Sprinter. The mileage of many representatives exceeds 0.5 million kilometers, and the record breakers have seen two million kilometers on their way.

BMW Clever

The engines of the Bavarian manufacturer are in no way inferior to the Stuttgart counterparts and are also considered the most reliable engines. Шестицилиндровые дизели от БМВ впечатляют своей надежностью и отличаются бойким нравом. Именно эти дизели изменили мнение многих о дизельном типе мотора. Автомобиль, оснащенный Clever, больше, чем просто машина.


Мощность такого мотора в различных вариантах варьируется от 201 до 286 лошадиных сил. Выпускались моторы на протяжении десяти лет - до 2008 года все лучшие баварские модели были оснащены именно Clever. На некоторых Range Rover тоже были дизеля Clever.

bmw e60

Предком легендарного Clever был не менее мощный, но не такой известный M51. Он выпускался с 1991 года до начала 21-го века. Механики сходятся во мнении, что такие моторы очень сильны и надежны, ведь за исключением мелких поломок, они бесперебойно работают около 500 тысяч километров.

Line petrol "fours"

Gasoline engines are more familiar to us. They are arranged much easier, that is, they can be repaired in "home" conditions, and are more loyal to the weather. Therefore, in our rating there are even relatively small classic motors.

Touta CS-FI

Among the gasoline engines, the Palm got the Toyta 3S-FE. This typical representative of a series S is considered one of the most reliable and simple to use units. 3S-FE has a volume of 2 liters, it has 16 valves and four cylinders. Agree, specifications are quite typical. But 3S-FE did the trick. The power of this motor was 128-140 liters. with. This engine became a successful prototype for its followers and for many years was installed on various Toyota models.

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According to the mechanics, this unit has an amazing property to withstand high loads and unsightly service, its repair is very convenient, and the design as a whole is thought out perfectly. If this engine is well maintained, its resource will be enough for 500 thousand kilometers, and over the course of this time overhaul will not be needed. Even minor damage in this engine - a rarity.

of the SS-FI

Mitsubushi 4G63

This two-liter unit runs on gasoline and is a prominent representative of the famous Japanese family. Its first version was published in 1982, and analogues continue to be released even now. Initially, these engines were made with a single camshaft and had three valves per cylinder. However, in 1987 they released an improved version with two camshafts.

Mitsubushi 4G63

The newest versions of 4G63 until 2006 put on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Recently, this famous motor is not only the prerogative of Mitsubishi, it can be found under the hood of Kia, Huyndai and even Brilliance.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

Over a long period of production, the engine has been upgraded many times, its newest versions are equipped with the timing adjustment system, as well as with more complex pressurization and power supply systems. This slightly reduced the reliability of the engine, but it became much more convenient to repair it. If such an engine does not overcome the milestone of 1,000,000 kilometers, it will still give odds to competitors.

Honda D-series

Honda D-series

The next family of "unkillable" engines - the Japanese D series from Honda, includes more than ten different units for 1.2-1.7 liters. They were issued for more than twenty years. The most durable model was the D15, but the rest of the family is very tenacious. The power of the representatives of the D series reaches 131 horsepower.

honda agreement

Working turns up to 7000. Such motors were installed on HR-V, Civic, Stream, Acura and Accord. It was possible not to worry about the overhaul of such an engine for at least 350 thousand kilometers, and even 500 thousand with careful handling.

Opel 20ne

The list of the most successful "fours" closes the representative of the European engine-building grandeur - Opele x20se. He, as a bright representative of the family GM Family II, has proved itself to be a longer service life than the cars on which it was installed. The secret of its performance in a simple design and a primitive system of distributed injection.


Like the successful creations of Japanese manufacturers, the volume of the x20se is two liters. Power of various variations makes 114-130 horsepower. Produced such motors since 1987, and stopped their production in 1999, the year. Usually such motors were the faithful satellites of Kadett, Astra, Vectra, Frontera, Omega, Calibra, Australian Holden, as well as Buick and Oldsmobile from the USA.

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opel omega 20ne

Sixteen-valve model - C20XE - a couple of years ago stood on the Lada and Chevrolet cars in the WTCC racing championship, and its turbocharged version C20LET - took part in the rally. Careful attitude to the engine will allow it to overcome a million kilometers, and if you load the engine, it will still be enough for a record six hundred thousand. Sixteen-valve varieties are not as long-playing, but still do not force their owner to often repair.

V-shaped "eight"

V8 engines can not be called "eternal", but their resource is quite long, so that cars are usually equipped with just such motors. The reliability of the V-shaped units is manifested in the fact that they do not annoy the owners even with minor malfunctions, and can also step over a half-million-kilometer threshold without much pressure.



Bavarian motors again in our ranking. The first passenger V8 was a success for the manufacturer: a nickel coating for cylinders, a strong two-row chain, and a good power reserve. This engine was called resource, because every part of it was made conscientiously. The use of nickel-silicon coating for cylinders has made such a motor almost indestructible. Half a million mileage for such a workhorse is a trifling matter, and after such a test in the engine you don’t even have to replace the piston rings.

bmw 7 M60 1998

A simple design, a high level of power, an excellent margin of safety makes it possible for a car owner not to think about repairs. Later models of motors, for example, M62, have a more complex design, but are more durable.

Petrol inline "six"

This may seem surprising, but, nevertheless, this is true - some six-cylinder engines are able to overcome the millionth barrier. The relatively simple design, the absence of vibration and good power made such motors very reliable.

Toyota 1JZ-GE and 2JZ-GE

Creations of the Japanese car industry have a volume of 2.5 and three liters, respectively. Long-term use of such engines has made them true legends. The formula for success is an excellent resource and a quick mood. They released 1JZ-GE and 2JZ-GE from 1990 to 2007. During this time, even turbocharged models - 1JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GTE were designed. In our country, such motors have spread mainly in the Far East.


Most often, 1JZ and 2JZ were installed on Toyota Mark II, Supra, Soarer, Chaser, Crown, as well as American cars Lexus Is 300 and GS300, which are not very popular in our region.

lexus 2JZ-GE

Atmospheric variants of such motors can overcome a million kilometers, and only then they will need repair. These engines are made very high quality, and high working capacity is achieved through a simple design.


And again in our ranking is the brainchild of BMW. Without the Bavarian "six" list of the best would not be complete. The history of such a popular engine M30 dates back to 1968. The long-liver among the motors, this unit with small modifications was produced until 1994!

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The working volume of 2.5-3.4 liters and the power of 150-220 horsepower with a completely simple design made this engine one of the most popular. M88 sports units were equipped with a "head" with 24 valves.

Like any reliable engine, the M30 has a turbocharged counterpart. Turbocharging, as you know, affects the rate of engine wear. But if the design has a margin of safety, designers usually tend to completely exhaust it. The M102B34 is an M30 with a power of 252 horsepower.

bmw 7

Motors from the M30 family were installed on cars of the 5th, 6th and 7th series in several generations. The maximum possible mileage of the Bavarian engine is unknown, but one thing is clear: half a million for the M30 is a children's test. At a time when the engines of the M30 just appeared, the cars fell into disrepair before the engine wore out.


Engines from the M50 series have become worthy followers of the famous German traditions. The working volume of these engines is from 2 to 2.5 liters, and the power is 150-192 horsepower. As before, the cylinder block was made of cast iron, and the cylinder head had only four valves per cylinder. Later versions of such engines were equipped with a cunning gas distribution system called VANOS.


Such engines can easily repeat the achievements of their ancestors and easily overcome half a million kilometers without serious damage. The new generation, which includes the M52, has a more complex structure. Despite the fact that they also proved to be good, the number of breakdowns they have become noticeably higher, but the resource has decreased.

bmw 5 series e34

Summing up

It is no secret that the mileage of the engine is directly dependent on how carefully it is operated. Suppose if a car works in a taxi mode, driving every day, the engine he has is driving a huge mileage in a relatively short period of time. However, the operating conditions in this case are very mild, so it makes no sense to consider this a feat.

Another thing, if the machine is used in a harsh climate. For example, where the air temperature is constantly below zero, every day you have to stand in traffic jams for a long time, often driving at top speed. Then the resource will be greatly reduced. That is why in our ranking there are no newer engines, the resource of which allows you to gain half a million kilometers in a few years. Because this fact is not connected in any way with the reliability index of the sparing operating mode.

And then the video, which shows how you can quickly assemble a million-plus engine: